Miami Heat

Wrestlemania is almost impossible to put into words. There is so much to take in. The spectacle, the matches, the crowd, the atmosphere. Ultimately, it is WWE hitting the reset button and initiating a new year of programming.

Wrestlemania 27 was not nearly as good as it was made out to be. There were a lot of fans feeling let down after last years event. It all felt so half-assed, thrown together and poorly executed minus the Triple H vs Undertaker Match.

Wrestlemania 28 was a thousand percent better.

This isn’t to say that Wrestlemania 28 didn’t have its down times. Many people are upset about Daniel Bryan and Sheamus. Despite my sincerest efforts, I simply cannot muster up and explanation. Hopefully, desperately hopefully, WWE has something in mind and this wasn’t just Vince McMahon giving a giant middle finger to the IWC.

However, I would say, Wrestlemania 28 had greater peaks than it had darker valleys. Jericho and Punk definitely put on a show. This match was not the five star classic some had come to expect, but their performance was by no means a letdown. It was entertaining, back and forth and the closing five minutes of reversals and tapout teases was extraordinarily executed. I’d have gone with a different finish, had Punk lose and then have him walk into his hometown of Chicago as the challenger next month.

Triple H, Undertaker and Shawn Michaels reminded us that wrestling can be one hell of thing when it is done correctly. A nearly flawless match that absolutely lived up to whatever hype was drummed up in the past few weeks. That match has a series of moments (Triple H jumping back when Undertaker sat up, Shawn Michaels pleading with both men, the Superkick / Pedigree combination, blood, spit and eats) that should, and will, live on in the legacy of Wrestlemania. What this match did leave us with though, is three important questions: Was this the Undertakers last match? Is Triple H down for good? Was this the last gasp of the attitude era?

There were so many questions, doubts, backstage rumors, on screen bombs and chaotic experiences leading up to John Cena vs the Rock. Did this match payoff? Absolutely. Understandably there are some upset John Cena fans, but as someone who dislikes John Cena (his character, not the Make-A-Wish champion) I think this is the absolute best thing that could happen to him. This will force Cena to go to new places, assuming that he sells this loss and doesn’t come out giggling tonight like he often does after a big loss. If this is handled properly, John Cena could come out of this shinning. Also, no one should associate the Rock winning to the Rock not giving John Cena some amazing shine and Legendary rub.

The Rock proved he could still go. John Cena proved he could hold his own against the greatest superstar of all time. This is absolutely a win win situation that WWE can make into something even more amazing. Remember, folks, there’s always the possibility that this is a best of three series. I certainly hope not, I’d rather this was a one time thing.

Wrestlemania 28 was definitely a great show worth watching and paying attention to. The challenge for WWE coming out of this, which could be a fantastic thing, is to build new stars so that next years roster is full of young talent rather than returning names and old stalwarts. It’s time for a changing of the guard, but don’t be surprised if they wait until Wrestlemania 30 to make the switch. Next year they may want to cash in on that New Jersey, New York attitude with some old names. We know the Rock will be there, speculation points to Brock Lesnar and don’t forget a beer drinking, ass kicking, mudhole stomping guy from Texas with some gas left in the tank who might want to make a last impression.

Wrestlemania 28, as a whole, did what it was supposed to do. It reinvigorated, and for the most part, it paid off what it has been hyping. I rate the event an eight out of a possible ten. The eighteen second world title match kept this away from being a nine. Oh, and did I forget to mention, Good ol’ Jim Ross showed why he is, was , and always will be, the best announcer in the business.

Monday Night Raw has all the potential to be absolutely amazing tonight. Maybe WWE will show us that they don’t just pull out all of the stops for Wrestlemania.

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SummerSlam Reaction

Last night the epic clash of SummerSlam took place live on PPV.  We entered this show with many questions swirling around out there in the ether.  Would we witness the return of the WWE Divas title to a woman who has the skill to carry it?  Would Christian’s surprise insurance policy help or hinder his no holds barred title match against Randy Orton?  When dual WWE Champions clash in the ring for the first time in WWE history who would walk out as the undisputed Champion and would the special referee play a pivotal role in that finish?  All of these questions were answered but in at least one circumstance we find ourselves with new questions we’d not even considered prior to the show.Mysterio, Morrison & Kofi vs Miz, R-Truth and Del Rio:

The non-title matches here were entertaining if somewhat less than stellar.  The show opened with an unnanounced six man tag match with the team of Rey Mysterio, John Morrison and Kofi Kingston squaring off against The Miz, R-Truth and Alberto Del Rio.  The basic drive of this match was to put some known names into the show (names that should have been there in the first place) and to kick things off with an exciting, crowd pleasing match.  Nothing special here, team Mysterio takes the victory.Sheamus vs Mark Henry:
The Celtic Warrior Sheamus next clashed with Mark Henry.  This match could have been a total disaster but turned out to be pretty decent, perhaps thanks to an excellent spot which saw Mark Henry driving Sheamus through the ringside barricade.  Ultimately Sheamus could not make it to the ring in order to beat the ten count and Henry won via countout.  I’m not personally a massive fan of countouts in wrestling but this one was done right and provided a finish to the match which damaged neither competitor.  Mark Henry is still a human wrecking ball who has yet to be stopped and Sheamus continues down the path of his face turn by showing his fighting spirit and gaining the sympathy and respect of the crowd as he desperately tried to make it back to the ring but was unable to do so.  I do not think we’ve seen the last of Mark Henry and Sheamus coming together but hopefully we won’t be subjected to anything resembling a long bout between the two.

Daniel Bryan vs Wade Barrett:
Daniel Brian was up against Wade Barrett in what could only be described as a grudge match.  It is interesting to recall that at last years SummerSlam it was Bryan who returned to assist team WWE in a losing effort against the invading team Nexus.  In a turn which I don’t think most people expected, Barrett who was a major heel at this time last year has fallen down the ladder several rungs to the point that it is now Daniel Bryan who holds the Money in the Bank briefcase.  If asked at this time last year I think more people would have put their money on Barrett being the man with a gaurenteed title shot.  Either way these two put on an excellent, though short, match against one another.
I had predicted this match to go to Bryan and have to admit some level of surprise to see Barrett go over.  Bryan should be being built toward his briefcase cash in at Wrestlemania next year, not buried by someone who is, at best, currently trapped within the mid-card.  I also don’t feel that they played up the angle of these two having a colored past together and frankly the only interest I had in this match was my interest in seeing Bryan wrestle.  Either way I don’t think the outcome of this match means much of anything in the grand scheme of things and perhaps now that we’re over the SummerSlam hump we’ll see Bryan start getting built up.
Beth Phoenix vs Kelly Kelly (Divas Title):

When I imagined this Divas title match I thought of several things.  First of all I thought of the massive weight on the shoulders of Beth Phoenix to carry this match and make it something worth watching.  Secondly I feared seeing someone with the poor abilities of Kelly Kelly attempting to look like she could successfully deliver offense and thirdly I hoped beyond hope to see Beth Phoenix capture the divas title and restore credibility to a division which is floundering at best.  Kelly surprised me in the sense that she performed more than her typical three or four moves, Beth sold for her in a mostly believable way although watching a stick figure battle an athletically sculpted woman always tests ones ability to accept it.  In the end, Beth took over and absolutely dominated and while setting Kelly up for the Glam Slam found herself caught in a roll-up which led to Kelly winning and retaining the title

Yes it was a good match, and yes I absolutely believe their will be a rematch in which Beth is going to take the title off of Kelly but I think the storyline could have worked better with Beth as the champion defending on the next PPV.  Perhaps they wanted to give us a feel good moment and stretch this feud out, and if handled properly they can avoid doing any damage to the credibility of the Glamazon.  Also, just as an added note, the idea was that Beth and Natalya are saying that the days of the pretty model-looking divas are over so perhaps someone can answer for me why Beth came out in what appeared to be a cocktail dress?  She looked gorgeous, as did Natalya at ringside, but I think her other ring gear probably would have worked a little better.  Especially considering that Kelly Kelly came out dressed as a candycane.  Either way, K2 is still your Divas Champion.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see the title change hands sooner than the next PPV, however.

 Randy Orton vs Christian – No Holds Barred (WHC Title):

The World Heavyweight Championship match between Randy Orton and champion Christian was to be no holds barred.  A lot of times when it comes to matches like this there is a certain level of groaning that can be heard worldwide when they announce a stipulation like that in what is known as the PG era.  Not helping the matter was that this was yet another Orton / Christian match which we’ve been experiencing a whole hell of a lot lately.  Christian had an insurance policy, which everyone knew was going to be Edge, but surprisingly Edge turned on Christian before the match and cut an excellent promo on him leaving Christian screaming in anger moments before Orton made his entrance with a big grin.
I had supreme confidence in these two to pull off an excellent match and, that being said, they exceeded my expectations.  This was a masterfully planned, excellently executed (sorry Bret) match which did exactly what it needed to do:  it delivered.  Christian was in command in the early part with Orton fighting back here and there only to capture control towards the end.  We got to see some spots involving the Spanish announce table, kendo sticks, trash cans and two tables (including a superplex onto a table which was not set up but laying flat on the mat.)  Ultimately the final spot was Randy Orton catching Christian, who was leaping from the top rope, in an RKO on a the steel steps for the win.
This was a great match, and definitely in the top two that have taken place between these two guys.  The final spot involving the flying RKO on the steps not only looked amazing but painful.  Orton held the back of his head following that move for a few moments before making the cover and hopefully didn’t give himself another concussion.  That was one hell of a spot and definitely got the crowd to pop.  The RKO is a fun move to watch because you never know where it is coming from and though we’ve seen it done reversing top rope manuevers before we had not seen that in conjunction with the steps.  I saw a lot of angry twittering following this match as people wanted Christian to win but I really don’t know what there is to complain about.  Orton was winning this match, it was inevitable.  Smackdown is built around him and this feud needed to end, and when it did the title had to be on the guy who is going to carry the show.  Orton will now move on to feud with, probably, Mark Henry while Christian will remain the top heel of Smackdown and will work to build others, Sheamus for instance.  Keep your eyes open for the possibility of a Sheamus and Randy Orton vs Henry and Christian tag match in the future. John Cena vs CM Punk w/ Triple H (WWE Title):

Finally we’ve come to it, the match that SummerSlam had been almost entirely built around.  Triple H as the guest referee while WWE Champion CM Punk butted heads with WWE Champion John Cena.  This match was fun to watch though it was a notch below their previous clash at Money in the Bank but that is hard to live up to either way.  It was good back and forth, reversals, submissions and some great spots.  I can’t say there was ever a point at which one guy was completely in control for more than a minute or two.  The crowd began as somewhat divided, lots of booing for Cena when he entered followed by the battling “Let’s go Cena / Cena Sucks” chants.  However, the longer the match progressed, the more it seemed the crowd was getting firmly behind CM Punk.  At one point, Punk performed Randy Savage’s flying elbow which resulted in a large “Randy Savage” chant.  The divide of the match occurred when Punk landed a suicide dive outside the ring and both he and Cena lay in danger of a countout.  Triple H threw both men back into the ring where Cena landed an AA, Punk kicked out.  Cena got the STF on, Punk made it to the ropes and following a succession of GTS hits, Punk finally got the cover and the win.  This, however, is where the controversy began.

First of all, John Cena had his foot on the bottom rope.  Triple H either chose to ignore this or did not see it which immediately taints Punks title win and ignores the idea that we’d have an “undisputed” champion.  Following the match, Punk shook hands with Triple H who then headed up the ramp only to turn and witness Kevin Nash flying through the crowd, entering the ring and laying Punk flat on his back with the jacknife powerbomb.  Triple H looked shocked and made his way to the barricade to see where Nash was going while simultaneously Alberto Del Rio ran out with a referee, cashed in, delivered one kick to Punk’s head and won the WWE title in less than ten seconds.  Oddly they seemed to ignore their usual stipulation of making sure the defending champion is actually on his feet before the bell is rung.  So Del Rio leaves as Champion while Triple H is arguing with the referee.  So did this answer questions?  I suppose but now we have to wonder:  Was Triple H in on this?  Did he purposefully screw Cena and allow Punk to get crushed?  Who is Kevin Nash working for?  Who has a rematch clause?  I dread the possibility of a three way title match at next months PPV involving Punk, Cena and Del Rio.  No matter what, though, WWE successfully delivered an exciting, surprising and buzzworthy PPV which will have a lot of eyeballs focusing in on RAW tonight to see just what the hell is going on here.

In conclusion, SummerSlam was a worth while PPV to purchase and definitely paid out better than it charged.  The Punk / Cena / Triple H / ADR / Kevin Nash finale was done tastefully and leaves an opportunity for a really strong storyline to develop.  I think Kevin Nash, if used properly, can be a major asset here.  I can’t imagine being let down by this PPV and most of the negative talk I’ve personally witnessed has been as a result of fanboys or girls who don’t understand the concepts that were laid out for us tonight and just wanted to see their favorites win.  Hopefully they’ll be rewarded tonight on Raw and Friday on Smackdown.  I give this PPV a big thumbs up and highly recommend catching a replay.

SummerSlam 2011 Notes:  Jim Ross, though advertised, was in fact not on commentary and was replaced by Booker T who did an absolutely dreadful job.  Stephanie McMahon made her on screen return last night, seen talking to CM Punk as well as exiting Cena’s lockeroom and talking to her husband, Triple H.  Whether or not this is permanent or just a one shot deal remains to be seen.  The Anonymous GM podium was set up at ringside though never acknolwedged.  Mouth of the South Jimmy Hart took part in a funny promo with R-Truth.  Edge returned to cut a promo before walking back out, the crowd seemed happy to see him there.  Kevin Nash made his first on screen appearance for the WWE since his entry into the Royal Rumble seven months ago.  

SummerSlam or Bust

The Summer of Punk is going by quickly and with SummerSlam looming on the horizon the time is not long for the so-called “Battle of Champions.”  CM Punk continues to light the world on fire with his hard hitting, cutting to the bone shoot style promos as of lately.  Triple H has managed to insert himself into the main event stirring up familiar conversation about his ego and John Cena remains in the main event picture trying to maintain a feud with CM Punk while simultaneously attempting to continue revving the hype machine surrounding his upcoming Wrestlemania match against The Rock.  Of course the SummerSlam main event clash of champion vs champion has been billed as one of, if not the most important matches in the history of WWE.  Somehow, though, this match doesn’t feel as epic as it should considering the implications surrounding it, the fantastic aura surrounding CM Punk as of recently and the involvement of Triple H as a special guest referee.

Perhaps it comes from the rush.  CM Punk won the title at Money in the Bank, left WWE for a week and then returned the same night that John Cena was crowned the new WWE champion despite the fact that he was not involved in the title tournament and no one seems to mind the fact that he won the title from Rey Mysterio who had already wrestled earlier in the evening against the Miz.  Also, the old story remains in place that CM Punk never lost the title and therefore is considered to be the undisputed champion.  Cena doesn’t come across as someone concerned with the fact that he won the title without challenging the true champion, in a match against an already tired Rey Mysterio.  Two weeks earlier at Money in the Bank he knocked out John Laurenitis for attempting to interfere in his match against Punk because he has integrity and does not want to retain the title that way yet he has no problem obtaining the title by essentially bypassing Punk and defeating someone in a match an hour after they’d already had one.

There does seem to be a little bit of hypocrisy here and it can easily be credited to the fact that the build to SummerSlam had to be pushed into hyperdrive.  It appeared as though WWE was going to keep CM Punk off the air for a while an allow him to be the renegade running around with the title and eventually build this to a return Champion vs Champion match but somewhere along the way they decided that SummerSlam was the best place to do this and so the machine had to be sped up quite possibly at the cost of building this match into something that would feel much more special than it currently does.

There is still intrigue, however.  CM Punk continues to show why he absolutely deserves to be involved in the main event and it is hard to imagine what the main event of SummerSlam would have been if Punk had not skyrocketed to the top with his now infamous shoot promo several weeks ago.  The wild card involved in this match that no one seems to be talking about, however, is Alberto Del Rio and his Money in the Bank briefcase.  I’ve lost count of how many times it has been speculated that he was going to win the WWE title only for plans to change at the last moment.  Could this finally be the moment in which he captures that illusive title?  The question also remains about Triple H and where he will ultimately stand in this match.  If there were going to be some sort of clean finish it wouldn’t make sense to have him involved in the first place.  So does Triple H stand with John Cena and assist in a screwjob of CM Punk or vice versa?  Or perhaps will Trips perform a double screwjob by calling the match down the middle only to ambush the winner so that Alberto Del Rio can cash in?  It is really anybody’s guess but the one bright spot about this situation is exactly that:  almost anything could happen here and when you’ve got a strong heel against John Cena for a title that is a rare circumstance indeed.
Another key aspect to be considered here is elevation.  John Cena’s match against CM Punk at Money in the Bank was considered by many to be one of Cena’s best matches and whether the credit was assigned to Cena for upping his game or to Punk for drawing it out of him it is hard to imagine them topping their previous performance.  Obviously it is possible but it seems improbable and if they aren’t going to be able to raise the bar once more it is going to leave many fans feeling shortchanged.  The ratings for Raw haven’t exactly been breaking records lately which could speak volumes about the true impact of this storyline and if the SummerSlam buyrate doesn’t show interest we could quickly be seeing a change in direction here.  There has been some rumored speculation regarding CM Punk and Steve Austin clashing at Wrestlemania 28 but that seems unlikely and the more likely scenario appears to be Triple H stepping in against the Straight Edge Superstar.  SummerSlam will be an important launching point for the rest of this year and will set the stage for the storylines we’re going to be involved in for the next several months.

So at the end of the day the question you have to ask yourself is how involved are you with this show?  Aside from the main event there are only three other matches advertised.  Christian and Randy Orton are clashing yet again, Sheamus is involved in a battle with Mark Henry and Beth Phoenix is challenging Kelly Kelly for the Divas title.  The Divas storyline has lead to some interest, what with Phoenix and Natalya essentially turning heel (or face depending upon your opinion of Kelly Kelly) though considering the limitations of Kelly as an in ring performer this match doesn’t exactly scream of excitement.  It seems highly probable we’ll get a couple of surprise matches out of this show and among the many who could be involved the Miz has been making some claims that he will in fact be involved at SummerSlam and that his part in it will be unforgetable.  It does seem incredibly ridiculous that the main who main evented Wrestlemania with Cena does not have an advertised match on this card.  Look for Miz and R-Truth to get involved with something here.

SummerSlam has seen some of the greatest matches in WWE history.  It has always been the second most important show, next to Wrestlemania.  The build for it is typically long, well thought out and exciting.  The payoff, minus a few hit or miss shows, has been excellent for the most part.  The question looms now whether or not 2011 will be the year in which SummerSlam matches up to the legend of it’s past or falls short of that brass ring.  There is a lot riding on John Cena and CM Punk this Sunday and win, lose or draw the outcome of their match could be defining your Monday Night for the next four months.  Will the Summer of Punk lead to a Winter of Punk, will Cena bring the title back to his side or could perhaps the time of Alberto Del Rio be upon us?  There is only one way to find out.

Monday Night Raw – July 18

Tonight RAW is LIVE from Green Bay, Wisconsin
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The show opens with a shot of the live crowd and then Vince McMahon’s music hits.  He comes out with John Laurenitis.  Vince is wearing an ugly, pink suit jacket.  Michael Cole informs us that the WWE title is not here following last night’s Money in the Bank PPV.  Vince enters the ring and grabs the microphone, they show a large section of the Raw roster watching on the monitors backstage.  The crowd chants “CM Punk, CM Punk”

Vince says we will never, ever again hear him say the name “CM Punk.”  He tells the fans they are chanting the name of the biggest ingrate in WWE history, the name of a man who turned his back on everyone.  He says Punk is an “egotistical, selfish turd.”  Vince says there is no man bigger than WWE, not Hogan, not Bret Hart, not the Rock and not Austin.  He says WWE cannot be stopped so tonight he is going to crown a new WWE champion.  The crowd responds to this with a chorus of boos.  He says eight superstars will compete in a tournament.  Rey Mysterio will face Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger will face R-Truth, Kofi Kingston will face Alberto Del Rio and Alex Riley will face The Miz.  Vince says you may have noticed that John Cena is not in that tournament, and when the crowd boos he says he’ll boo him too because he let him down.  He reminds us that if Punk left Money in the Bank with the title he said that he would fire Cena.  McMahon says there will be severe consequences here tonight.  He tells us tonight will be historic, and it will be a night we will always remember.  He says to enjoy the show and his music hits once again.

Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole discuss what will be the severe consequences for Cena.  They then discuss the “big news” about how they will crown a new champion tonight on Raw.  The Miz’s music hits and he comes striding out, he has a little limp as he sells last night’s injury.

[Commercial break 1]

Match 1:  The Miz vs Alex Riley (WWE Title Tournament): [4 minutes and 58 seconds]
The match begins with Riley going after the Miz’s injured leg while the Miz does what he can to keep him away from it.  There is a roll up but an immediate kickout.  Riley gets the Miz in the corner and Miz punches his way out until Riley lands a kick to his knee.  Riley begins working on the knee with kicks and elbows.  Riley gets Miz into a single leg Boston crab but Miz rolls out of it and kicks Riley out of the ring.  Miz limps over to the ropes and Riley kicks him in the head then slides in for a two count.  Riley charges at Miz in the corner, Miz moves and Riley hits the ring post.  Miz covers for a two count.  Miz sits on Riley and begins punching him until the referee pulls him off.  Riley begins fighting back, slamming Miz’s head into his knee.  Looks pretty vicious and stiff.  Riley begins throwing clotheslines and then lands a spinebuster.  Miz kicks out at two.  Riley goes for a headlock, Miz revereses into a full nelson, Riley pushes Miz into the corner but Miz catches him with a boot.  Miz goes for a move from the top but misses and Riley locks in the texas cloverleaf on Miz who climbs over and grabs the bottom rope for the break.  Miz rolls out, Riley chases him and he rolls back in but Riley takes him down and begins throwing punches.  The referee gets in the way which gives the Miz the opportunity to hit the skull crushing finale for the pin at 4:58.

They show us the tournament bracket, Miz will face the winner of Kofi vs Alberto Del Rio in the next round.  We see R-Truth walking around backstage.  His match is next.

[Commercial break 2]

We return from commercial and they air a promo about John Morrison showing many of his match highlights.  Michael Cole says he is battling his way back from injury.  R-Truth begins making his way to the ring, and Cole points out that it was in fact R-Truth who knocked John Morrison out of action.

Match 2:  R-Truth vs Jack Swagger (WWE Title Tournament): [4 minutes and 18 seconds]
The match begins with both men locking up, Swagger however gets a headlock on Truth and then knocks him down with a shoulder block.  Swagger puts him in a headlock once again but Truth punches his way out then lands a kick to Swagger’s face.  A quick roll up but Swagger kicks out at two.  Swagger throws a forearm into Truth’s back and then chokes him on the middle rope followed by a belly to back suplex.  Truth throws a punch but Swagger counters with a knee to the jaw and then a barrage of punches and stomps against the ropes.  Swagger whips Truth into the turnbuckle and then lands the Swagger bomb for a two count.  Truth begins fighting back against Swagger, the crowd is chanting “Little Jimmy.”  Truth lands an ax kick but only gets a two count.  He slaps Swagger but misses a second ax kick.  Swagger goes for the ankle lock and Truth reverses it into a roll up for the pin at 4:18.

The bracket shows that Truth will face the winner of the Rey Mysterio / Dolph Ziggler match.  Kofi vs Del Rio is up next.

[Commercial break 3]

We return from commercial to see Alberto Del Rio driving into Raw with his briefcase in hand.  Whatever happened to his personal ring announcer?  Anyway, Del Rio gets into the ring and takes the microphone.  Cole says WWE is trending on twitter, not sure how that is possible since it’s down.  Del Rio says his name is “Mister Money in the Bank” but you already know that.  He says he tried to cash in last night but CM Punk ran like a chicken.  He says all of this happened because John Cena couldn’t get the job done.  Del Rio says he hopes that Cena gets fired because the WWE needs a new, better, stronger leader.  He says it is his destiny to be WWE Champion.  His music hits again and Ricardo Rodriguez comes out to introduce Alberto Del Rio for a second time.

[Commercial break 4]

Match 3:  Alberto Del Rio vs Kofi Kingston (WWE Title Tournament): [5 minutes and 7 seconds]
The match begins with Del Rio kicking Kofi in the corner and then landing a drop kick to the back of his head.  Kofi fires back with a few punches and a dropkick of his own.  Del Rio throws a knee into Kofi’s midsection and then knocks him to the mat.  Del Rio gets caught by a flying elbow and Kofi covers for a two count.  Kofi jumps on Del Rio in the corner and begins throwing punches, knocking Del Rio down with a european uppercut.  Del Rio throws Kofi into the ropes, and then lands outside where Kofi squashes him with a suicide dive.  Kofi throws Del Rio back into the ring, but Alberto lands a kick to the back of Kofi’s head for a two count.  Del Rio begins throwing knees to the back of Kofi’s head and then puts him in a headlock.  Kofi punches his way out but Del Rio slams his head into the mat and throws another kick, covers and gets a two count.  Del Rio puts him in a chinlock and Kofi begins to fight out but Del Rio throws a few headbutts.  He charges Kofi in the corner but gets caught with an elbow.  Kofi goes after Del Rio’s legs but he fights it off and lands a tiltawhirl back breaker but only gets a two count.  He straddles Kofi and throws a few punches.  Del Rio goes for the cross arm breaker but Kofi rolls him up for the victory at 5:07.

Once again they show us the brackets, Kofi will face the Miz in the semi-final round of the WWE title tournament.  We see Rey Mysterio walking backstage.

[Commercial break 5]

After the commercial they show us a quick recap of Bret Hart vs The British Bulldog at Summer Slam 1992.
They show us a recap of Kofi Kingston defeating Alberto Del Rio.  They interview Kofi backstage.  Kofi says he came up short last night but tonight is a new opportunity.  He says Kofi Kingston is taking the first step towards becoming the new WWE Champion.  “One down, two to go” he says to end the interview.  Back in the arena, Rey Mysterio’s music hits.

Match 4:  Rey Mysterio vs Dolph Ziggler (WWE Title Tournament): [4 minutes and 55 seconds]
Ziggler comes out firing and begins beating down Rey.  He whips Rey into the corner but Rey brings his boots up and then throws Ziggler.  He ducks a clothesline, but Ziggler kicks him and throws him out of the ring.  Ziggler misses a baseball slide but succeeds in dropping Mysterio on his face on the outside.  Michael Cole then tells us you can only win these matches by Pinfall or Submission.  I guess a count out or DQ would result in both competitors being eliminated?  He doesn’t really explain.  Meanwhile, Ziggler has Mysterio down in the ring but Rey rolls up him for a two count.  Rey throws a few kicks but Ziggler throws him on his face again and gets a two count.  Ziggler jumps at Rey in the corner but misses.  Mysterio throws a kick and covers for a two count.  Mysterio goes to the top role and lands a seated senton but Ziggler kicks him down afterward.  Ziggler goes for the sleeper but Rey throws him head first into the turnbuckle.  Rey goes for a hurricanrana and then misses the 619.  Ziggler slams Mysterio and gets another two count.  Ziggler stomps Rey a few times but Rey flips him into the ropes and this time he does land the 619 followed by a splash off the top for the three count in 4:55.

Rey moves on to face R-Truth in the semi-finals of the tournament.  Vickie Guerrero is yelling at Ziggler.  We see Vince McMahon talking to Johnny Ace backstage.

[Commercial break 6]

We come back to see Kelly Kelly, Gail Kim, AJ, Eve Torres, Beth Phoenix, Natalya and Katlyn coming out to the ring.  Their opponents in this match will be Melina, Maryse, Rosa Mendes, Alicia Fox, Tamina and the Bella Twins.

Match 5:  Seven on Seven Divas Match: [59 seconds]
Phoenix starts off against Tamina.  Phoenix lands a nice suplex and goes for the cover.  The Bellas interupt and then all the divas begin fighting outside of the ring.  Meanwhile, inside, Tamina and Phoenix go at it.  Phoenix lands the Glamslam for the pin at 59 seconds.

@TheUnratedEXP: The Heel Diva’s > Face Diva
@DivaDirt: We couldn’t get a #1 Contender’s battle royal instead? #WWE #Raw 
@FlawlessEvE1: I called that one from a mile away. 30 seconds, for fucks sake…
@Vixentye: it’s about time Rosa gets fired… she botches EVERY move, she is a pointless object in the WWE, she can take Kelly it her 

[Commercial break 7]

We return from commercial.  Lawler says he thinks Kofi will beat the Miz.  Kofi begins making his entrance.

Match 6:  Kofi Kingston vs The Miz (WWE Title Tournament Semi-Final): [3 minutes and 49 seconds]
The match begins with Kofi going after the Miz’s leg.  He gets a quick rollup but only a one count.  Kofi slams the Miz down hard and then goes after his knee again and then stomps hard on his face.  He gets a two count.  Miz takes control and slaps a headlock on Kofi.  Kofi begins to fight out of it with a few punches to the gut and then lands a big kick to the Miz’s injured knee.  Kingston makes a series of covers on the Miz, all resulting in two counts.  He misses a splash in the corner but then kicks Miz in the face.  He lands a crossbody off the top rope, Miz reverses but only gets a two count.  Kofi hits the Miz’s knee again and then sets up for Trouble in Paradise.  Miz rolls outside the ring.  Kofi grabs Miz who snaps Kofi’s neck on the top rope.  He goes for the skull crushing finale but Kofi rolls him up for a two count.  Miz drops Kofi on the top turnbuckle and lands the skull crushing finale for the pin at 3:49.

@AprilAnn_: AWEESOME. this guy needs to be champ again!
@TheRealXPac: How about waiting for the guy to make contact before u start to bump
@ThatDariaChick: Doesn’t matter who wins the tournament: Del Rio will be the Champion soon enough 🙂
@TrueMaryseFan: Miz wins again! 😀 *crosses fingers he gets the title*

The Miz advances to the finals and will face the winner of the Rey Mysterio / R-Truth match.  Backstage they interview R-Truth.  Truth says a conspiracy kept him away from Money in the Bank but won’t keep him away from beating up little “Rey Rey” because the title is “gon’ get got”

[Commercial break 8]

We return from commercial and we see a small promo showing Tough Enough winner Andy Leavine.
Rey Mysterio’s music hits and he begins making his way to the ring.

Match 7:  Rey Mysterio vs R-Truth (WWE Title Tournament Semi Final): [12 minutes and 47 seconds]
The match begins with Truth hammering Rey in the corner then whipping him into the opposite corner, covering he gets a two count.  Truth suplexes Mysterio, another two count.  Truth gets Mysterio down on the mat in a reverse chin lock, Mysterio throws a few punches to get out but Truth nails him with a knee to the midsection.  He gets down and locks Mysterio in a leg scissor but Mysterio elbows his way out of it.  Truth throws Mysterio off the ropes but Mysterio lands the boots and then flings Truth out of the ring and then squashes him with a suicide dive.

[Commercial break 9]

Back from commercial and Truth has Mysterio in a headlock in the middle of the ring.  Truth kicks Mysterio in the face and gets a two count.  The crowd boos as he makes the belt gesture at his waist.  He straddles Mysterio and begins punching him in the face, again he covers and gets a two count.  Truth lands a big, spinning elbow on Mysterio but again only gets a two count.  Truth begins choking Mysterio on the middle rope.  Mysterio fights back, going for the 619 but Truth lays him out and gets another two count.  Truth slams Mysterio down hard, another nearfall here.  Truth charges Mysterio in the corner but Rey moves out of the way.  Rey and Truth exchange a few punches and kicks, Rey bouncing off the ropes with a crossbody for a two count.  Truth kicks Rey in the gut, misses and ax kick and then catches a drop kick from Rey.  Two count.  Truth lands a sick jawbreaker but Rey has his hand on the ropes.  Truth tries to pull him off, so he stomps him a few times.  The crowd chants “Little Jimmy” and Rey snaps Truth’s neck on the top rope, throws a shoulder to the gut and then sets Truth up for the 619.  He lands it and then a splash from the top for the pin at 12:47.

@feelingventi: Lil jimmy show me on the doll where r-truth touched u
@TheRealXPac: Rey wins & Del Rio cashes in MITB seems predictable.
@WWFRAWISWAR: John Cena will be forced to watch TNA. Those are the severe concequences.

Rey advances to the finals and begins celebrating in the ring.   Mysterio will face the Miz for the title NEXT.

[Commercial break 10]

Back from commercial and Vince McMahon begins making his way out to the ring.  He climbs in and grabs a mic.  He says he has to postpone the finales until next week.  He says we’re out of time and he has something else he needs to do.  He tells Rey not to be selfish and that this is “bigger than you.”  Vince says Cena isn’t bigger than the WWE, he can make a new John Cena.  The crowd chants “CM Punk.”  Vince says he can’t deny the contributions of John to the WWE.  He says he isn’t doing this for ego but for the good of the business.  You can’t understand right now but in time you will and you’ll thank him for this.  He says “Lets get this over with.”  John Cena’s music hits and he comes out.

Cena gets in the ring and Vince takes a deep breath.  Cena grabs the microphone from him and tells him to relax.  He says he is ok with what he’s about to do.  He won’t go through what Shawn Michaels had to go through, he says Vince made him bend over backwards.  All they ever said about Shawn was that “he screwed Bret” and he had to take it with him his entire career.  Cena says if he was in his shoes he would not want to be the guy who screwed Bret, or CM Punk.  Cena says it was all about Vince, how he doesn’t want anyone to embarass him but Cena says he refuses to be his patsy.  Cena congratulates Punk on “one hell of a match.”  Cena tells Vince he doesn’t do business this way.  Cena says it’s ok to make an example of him but that leaves him eight months to find a new opponent for The Rock.

Cena says he belongs in the WWE and if Vince is about to tell him he doesn’t belong there, and if he makes him walk tonight he’ll walk onto someone elses TV show and keep doing this “Brother.”  Cena says the one thing he will not do is kiss Vince’s ass.  Vince says he will not be denied the satisfaction of what he is about to do.  He says “John..” and then Triple H’s music hits.  Triple H comes to the ring wearing a suit.  He begins whispering in Vince’s ear, Vince gets another microphone for Triple H.

Triple H says there was a board of director’s meeting this morning, Vince looks shocked.  Triple H says the board asked him to come to Raw to talk to him because they’re concerned about the current situation.  He says the board is concerned about Vince.  They understand that he has built a global empire, everything we have is because of him, but at the same time the board is concerned about Vince’s extremely questionable decisions as of lately.  Triple H says the board has filed an injunction against Vince, and the family agrees.  On top of that, the board has appointed someone to take over the day to day operations of the WWE.  He can’t even say he’s going to say it but it’s him, Triple H is now in charge of WWE.  He says they’re not going to fire John Cena, and Vince won’t be doing anything.  He says Vince taught him that no one is bigger than this business and that includes Vince.  He says this is just business, and with all due respect, he is here to inform Vince that he is relieved of his duties.  Vince begins crying.. not bad acting I must say.  The crowd begins chanting “Na na na na, hey hey hey, goodbye.”

Triple H asks Vince to please understand he didn’t want to do this, he just needs to do what is right for the business.  He says “I love you, pop, and I’m sorry.”  He drops the microphone and slides out of the ring.  Vince is left standing in the center, crying.  The crowd begins clapping and Vince mouths “Thank you.”  The show goes off the air with the crowd chanting “Thank you Vince.”

@ImAMelFo: There was no swerve last night, so surely there has to be a swerve tonight right?
@GlamHartDelRio: Really Mr. MacMahon??? Really???
@TheUnratedExp: I hope this is a really big announcement.
@ILoVeTheCORRE: The FUCK! I wanted DEL RIO to cash in! What the fuck!
@EmSkie247: Between cenas shirt and vinces jacket I feel like I need to adjust the contrast on the TV
@Rarleo: It’s THE GAME #HHH in a suit and tie… could this finally be the Raw GM reveal???
@BreakingKayfabe: That transformed from depressing into oddly endearing rather quickly. 

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