Extreme Boredom

People have been wondering where I’ve been. I’ve been getting emails, tweets and messages on Facebook asking me what I’ve thought about the post-Wrestlemania / Brock Lesnar era taking place on WWE television these days.

I haven’t been answering. I haven’t been saying much. I haven’t been too interested in what’s going on. Frankly, I’ve been finding it hard to watch anything WWE lately. I haven’t been caring.

I’m well aware that Brock Lesnar has come back, and yes I’ve tuned in enough to see him F5ing Cena, cutting his pretaped promo and doing that awful contract signing segment. I saw Edge return to tell Cena that he needs to be the Cena he used to be (which I’m fairly certain is the same Cena we’re still watching.) Ultimately, I haven’t been pulled in.

There is some argument that could be made saying I’ve fallen victim to the infamous Wrestlemania hangover. I can’t argue against that, but to say I think that is only a small fraction of why I am not enthralled by current WWE programming.

I consider it more logical to chalc it up to several factors. After watching WWE for years, and seeing the past few where it has been, debatably, bouncing from good to dreadful, it can be difficult to replenish that interest which caused me to tune in in the first place.

Sure, I like Brock Lesnar and I popped just as loud as most people did when he arrived and wiped the floor with John Cena. Internally, I can’t help but wonder if this is half because of my interest in Lesnar and half because of my hatred for Cena. I watched Jericho smash a bottle of Punk’s head with as much interest as the next guy, and laughed just as hard when Jericho slipped in the fake liquor. Still, something is missing here for me as well.

So, what’s the problem? I’ll tell you. First and foremost, I just sat through an entire year of John Cena being the main event focus while not in the title chase and I’m simply not interested in watching it happen again. I don’t care how many times he makes his boo-boo face and puts a ridiculous looking chain around his neck. I’m tired of Cena and I thought, I hoped, I wished, I pleaded, that after Wrestlemania we’d get to see just a little less of this guy. Well, we’re seeing more. I can’t take it. I can’t take this guy.

I love the Rock, but wasn’t too into the angle because it involved Cena. I think Brock is awesome, but I’d rather watch him feud with Santino than John Cena. Cena has the magical ability to disrupt any sense of realism (I know, it’s fake, but you want suspended disbelief) that could exist without his BS. I can’t torture myself to watch this guy.

The Jericho / Punk thing was certainly interesting. I thought it was a little unnecessary to involve family members, but I did think it was funny because Jericho is a promo master and he sold it like gold. I thought Jericho breaking the bottle over Punk’s head was great. Then they had to do that angle with Punk coming out of the Pub which I found to be stupid. I thought they couldn’t get much stupider until I saw the retarded sobriety test angle. I changed channels back to the NHL Playoffs faster than it became clear Punk was only pretending.

These are two talented wrestlers, great promo men and interesting personalities who are trying to sell a match by acting like total goofball morons. It’s a sad state of affairs when the best way to sell what could be a fantastic match is to have them acting like children. Jericho comes off like he’s too stupid to see what’s happening, which is fine if you do it after the buildup, and Punk looks like a fool for playing along with it. Remember when he was all about pipebombs?

The rest of it, I’ll just run through quickly. If a Bella is Diva’s champion than Kharma better be coming back.. oh it didn’t matter, WWE could care less about the title so why should I? Orton vs Kane.. again.. really.. don’t do this to me. The Miz is challenging for the US title against the great champion of…. Santino. Right. Usually Santino is telling jokes, but here the joke is on us. I could go on, but why bother?

So, I’m trying WWE. I am. I’m trying to watch and I’m trying to care and I’m trying to fight through this, but they’re certainly not making it easy on me. Maybe I’m alone, and maybe you guys are loving this right now. I’m glad for you if you are, but I’m certainly struggling to keep my television tuned in. Maybe it will get better.


Night of Champions Predictions

Night of Champions is here!  Aren’t you incredibly excited for this show and more than willing to throw down the $55 to get it in in HD?  If you answered “no” to both of these questions than we are on the same page.  The build up to Night of Champions has been remarkably poor, minus a few bright spots.  Just to clarify, CM Punk vs Triple H is not one of the bright spots.  I remember a time when a WWE PPV was a must-see situation.  These days it just feels like another day and another attempt to pull some money out of my pocket.  I’m going to take a look at the matches and give some of my thoughts and ultimately my predictions.  Feel free to comment with your own predictions, would love to know what you think.  Keep in mind I’m calling these matches as I think they should be, not necessarily how the backward booking of WWE will play them out.

United States Championship – Fatal Fourway:
Dolph Ziggler vs John Morrison vs Jack Swagger vs Alex Riley

WWE has actually done somewhat of a good job with the build up for this match. Somewhat.  The tension between Ziggler and Swagger has been apparent for a few weeks now.  Since Swagger came under the wing of Vickie Guerrero we’ve gotten to see some disharmony between these stable-mates.  This past Monday, Ziggler left Swagger to get pinned in their tag match.  These two are the key people to watch in this match.  Morrison has been on this march to nowhere lately, everytime WWE gives him the slightest hint of a push they seem to change their mind and everything reverts back to normal.  Riley was getting a lot of airplay in recent weeks but it seems to have fizzled out a little bit.  This would be typical of WWE getting ADD about their pushes and in the middle of making Riley stand out they suddenly saw something shiney and ran off to check it out.

This is likely going to be one of the most fun matches to watch, although I’d prefer for it to have been a one on one match.  Since it is a Fatal Fourway I can’t help but believe Ziggler will lose his US Title in a way which protects his push.  I could easily see a finish where Ziggler goes to hit someone with the belt and “accidentally” clocks Swagger, however Morrison or Riley knocks Ziggler down and gets the pin and becomes the new United States Champion.  This could lead to a feud between Ziggler and Swagger.  I’d rather see Ziggler keep his title but let’s go out on a limb here.

Winner and New United States Champion:  John Morrison.

Divas Championship
Kelly Kelly vs Beth Phoenix

What a cataclysmic clusterf*** this entire Divas situation has become.  First of all, whether you love her or hate her, Kelly Kelly is an absolute joke of a Divas champion.  This speaks volumes of the way WWE feels about this title.  It becomes clear that athletic ability, believable matches and possession of charisma and a personality means nothing.  For anyone who heard Kelly on commentary two weeks ago your ears are probably still bleeding.  Listening to her arguing with Natalya was just dreadful.  On the other hand, Beth is an incredibly competitor, an imposing figure and would make a tremendous divas champion.  She would be able to return credibility to that belt, something that it is severely lacking.

Beth and Natalya, the Divas of Doom have declared their own personal war against the blonde barbies of the WWE.  Though, not without contradiction, as soon as they declared this war they began showing up on television all dolled up like supermodels.  As a red blooded man I have no issues with this but as someone attempting to compute the credibility of this storyline I can’t help but ask what exactly is going on here?  It was my feeling that Beth should have won the title at their last clash and if she doesn’t win this time I’m just giving up on the Divas division all together, much like it seems Vince McMahon did years ago.

Winner and New Divas Champion:  Beth Phoenix

Tag Team Championship
Kofi Kingston & Evan Bourne vs The Miz & R-Truth

Speaking of divisions WWE doesn’t care much about… the tag team titles have been a joke for years now.  Once, long ago, the Tag Team Titles actually meant something.  You got to see amazing matches and fantastic tag teams fighting at every PPV.  We had great teams like the Hart Foundation, Demolition, The Rockers, New Age Outlaws and Quebeccers.  Ok, maybe not the Quebeccers.  In the past decade we’ve seen these titles become almost completely meaningless; however, under the leadership of Triple H, we’ve been told that they’re going to mean something again.  This may be a step in the right direction.  Two up and comers vs two former main event contenders (and one who was a WWE Champion.)

Despite the fact that “Air Boom” is one of the most ridiculous team names in WWE history, I am looking forward to this.  Miz and Truth have great chemistry and can definitely make this match look good.  Both Miz and Truth have a more grounded style while Kofi and Bourne are the high flyers.  Look for this one to be surprisingly entertaining but ultimately, if they are truly hoping to make the titles matter again, they have to stop being a set of hot potatoes.

Winners and Still Tag Team Champions:  Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne.

Intercontinental Championship
Cody Rhodes vs Ted DiBiase

It’s interesting to see these two going head to head.  They both rose to prominence as part of Legacy with Randy Orton.  Rhodes has obviously been more successful, partly due to his ability in the ring and partly due the development of his personality.  DiBiase looks like what you’d want, on paper, but there seems to be something missing in person.  He lacks that “X-Factor.”  Whether this is actually his fault or WWE failing to give him worthwhile material is debatable.  Both Rhodes and DiBiase had matches with Orton lately.  DiBiase fell to the World Heavyweight Champion while Rhodes won, though he used his face mask to steal the victory while the referee was distracted.

Rhodes is on a mission to restore prestige to the Interconinental Title, which means a lot to me personally as I grew up in a time when the IC title was the title most people held before becoming World champion.  I grew up in the Mr. Perfect, Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, Diesel era of IC champions.  I’m hoping they’re able to give this title back the treatment it deserves and that.  Rhodes has been a dependable Champion, and he is clearly being groomed to move into the main event.  However, for now, he needs to continue down his current path a little longer.  DiBiase is either going to sink or swim as a result of this match, if the match doesn’t bypass expectation than it could be curtains for him.

Winner and Still Intercontinental Champion:  Cody Rhodes

World Heavyweight Championship
Randy Orton vs Mark Henry

WWE has gone out of its way over the past few months to make Mark Henry into a big, bad, unstoppable juggernaut of a monster.  He took out Kane and Big Show.  He smashed Sheamus through the ringside barricade.  He put Big Show through the side of the cage.  He’s been inducting people into what he calls his “Hall of Pain.”  The fact of the matter is he is absolutely, without a doubt, the number one heel on Smackdown.  Not only is he the number one heel, he is a tough heel which is rare in WWE these days.  He doesn’t run away and he doesn’t back down.  He doesn’t need to.  He is an ass kicking machine.  Orton has been in his sights for a while now and Henry has laid Orton out several times.

Orton is the champion coming out of a seemingly endless feud with Christian.  Though the fans seem to like him, Orton is suffering a little bit from the superhero booking he’s gotten.  Watching Orton drop twelve guys with the RKO isn’t as exciting as watching Austin drop one with the stunner, no matter how hard WWE tries to convince me that it is.  I like Orton, a lot, but I think he is one of those guys who is better when he is chasing the belt.  If Orton wins tonight he essentially destroys Mark Henry’s current storyline and I just don’t see them doing that right now.  The only way I see Orton winning is if we get the return of either Kane, Big Show or both, and they take Henry out.  This would protect Henry and allow Orton to keep the belt.

Winner and New World Heavyweight Champion:  Mark Henry

WWE Championship
Alberto Del Rio vs John Cena

It is somewhat sad that the flagship title of the company is a backburner match.  Del Rio has been doing pretty good, he’s changed my opinion somewhat.  I think as a heel he is great.  He pisses me off, he makes me want to see him get his ass kicked.  Though, I could say the same thing about John Cena but I don’t think that is what WWE wants.  Then again, what they want seems to be getting more and more difficult to figure out.  Cena has been coming out for a few weeks now, attacking Del Rio verbally for renting cars which seems counterproductive.  You’re trying to sell this guy as a rich, aristocratic heel so what is the point of telling us that is all fake?  That would be like Del Rio coming out and saying that Cena isn’t actually a nice guy, he doesn’t wear jean shorts in private and he actually hates rap.

I don’t see the sense here, I know everyone wants to be CM Punk shooting but there’s enough problems with that, do we really need to screw this up too?  Either way, Cena and Del Rio is only just beginning and I think they want to have Cena and Rock teaming up against Del Rio and some of his people at Survivor Series.  If that is the case then I find it hard to believe that Cena will walk out of Night of Champions with the title.  Maybe that’s why they haven’t played this match up all that much:  superman is going down.

Winner and Still WWE Champion:  Alberto Del Rio

No Disqualification – COO On the Line
Triple H vs CM Punk

So this is what it is all about, right?  This is the storyline which is supposed to electrify the WWE fans and make us incapable of changing the channel every Monday Night.  Honestly, with the way things had been going, I half-expected this to be a rap battle style promo match.  All these two have done is talk and talk and talk until I wanted to smash my head through my television screen.  The magic that Punk had back in June is essentially dead now.  Not all of that is his fault.  How long can you hotshot shoot promos until you eventually have to reign it back in?  When you finally do calm it all down it begins to feel so much more tame than it would have otherwise.  Nash texted Nash which makes about as much sense to me as Bret screwed Bret.  Triple H fires Nash, who leaves with Johnny Ace, and we’re not supposed to expect to see Nash make an appearance tonight?  Of course Nash will be there.  The only piece of information we might get out of this match is who is Nash working for?  Will it turn out Triple H was in on it all along?  Will Johnny Ace be the mastermind behind it?  Is Stephanie involved?  Or, is it possible, that CM Punk has been working with Nash all along?  Who knows, and frankly, who cares?   There is a reason ratings have been in the toilet lately:  WWE hasn’t made you care about any of this.

I could watch two guys arguing at work and it would be more entertaining than watching these two go at each other.  I like Punk a lot but there are only so many times he can say Triple H is a pussy, or call him Paul, and still get me wanting to see more.  This storyline either needs to die or something shocking needs to happen to reinvigorate it.  If Trips loses, he is no longer COO.  I can’t believe they’d have him drop that title already but it would give them a chance to bring in someone else who could maybe turn things around.  Hell, maybe we’d finally find out who the Anonymous RAW GM is?  The key to this match is that it is No DQ.  There are going to be some shenaningans here to protect the loser, which is why I imagine Triple H is going to lose.  Not cleanly, mind you.  If he lost clean to Punk I’d be very, very surprised.

Winner:  CM Punk

So there it is, your Night of Champions lineup.  There is so much more to say, but this PPV is indicitive of what WWE’s problem is right now:  it doesn’t feel special and it doesn’t feel must-see.  WWE is failing to make us care, they’re failing to provide that big match atmosphere that they usually go out of their way to deliver.  I’ve got one final prediction for you which we won’t find out for a few months, but I’ll go with it anyway:  Night of Champions PPV buyrate will be one of the worst of the year.  It’s do or die time, WWE better have an ace of their sleeve with this one.

SummerSlam or Bust

The Summer of Punk is going by quickly and with SummerSlam looming on the horizon the time is not long for the so-called “Battle of Champions.”  CM Punk continues to light the world on fire with his hard hitting, cutting to the bone shoot style promos as of lately.  Triple H has managed to insert himself into the main event stirring up familiar conversation about his ego and John Cena remains in the main event picture trying to maintain a feud with CM Punk while simultaneously attempting to continue revving the hype machine surrounding his upcoming Wrestlemania match against The Rock.  Of course the SummerSlam main event clash of champion vs champion has been billed as one of, if not the most important matches in the history of WWE.  Somehow, though, this match doesn’t feel as epic as it should considering the implications surrounding it, the fantastic aura surrounding CM Punk as of recently and the involvement of Triple H as a special guest referee.

Perhaps it comes from the rush.  CM Punk won the title at Money in the Bank, left WWE for a week and then returned the same night that John Cena was crowned the new WWE champion despite the fact that he was not involved in the title tournament and no one seems to mind the fact that he won the title from Rey Mysterio who had already wrestled earlier in the evening against the Miz.  Also, the old story remains in place that CM Punk never lost the title and therefore is considered to be the undisputed champion.  Cena doesn’t come across as someone concerned with the fact that he won the title without challenging the true champion, in a match against an already tired Rey Mysterio.  Two weeks earlier at Money in the Bank he knocked out John Laurenitis for attempting to interfere in his match against Punk because he has integrity and does not want to retain the title that way yet he has no problem obtaining the title by essentially bypassing Punk and defeating someone in a match an hour after they’d already had one.

There does seem to be a little bit of hypocrisy here and it can easily be credited to the fact that the build to SummerSlam had to be pushed into hyperdrive.  It appeared as though WWE was going to keep CM Punk off the air for a while an allow him to be the renegade running around with the title and eventually build this to a return Champion vs Champion match but somewhere along the way they decided that SummerSlam was the best place to do this and so the machine had to be sped up quite possibly at the cost of building this match into something that would feel much more special than it currently does.

There is still intrigue, however.  CM Punk continues to show why he absolutely deserves to be involved in the main event and it is hard to imagine what the main event of SummerSlam would have been if Punk had not skyrocketed to the top with his now infamous shoot promo several weeks ago.  The wild card involved in this match that no one seems to be talking about, however, is Alberto Del Rio and his Money in the Bank briefcase.  I’ve lost count of how many times it has been speculated that he was going to win the WWE title only for plans to change at the last moment.  Could this finally be the moment in which he captures that illusive title?  The question also remains about Triple H and where he will ultimately stand in this match.  If there were going to be some sort of clean finish it wouldn’t make sense to have him involved in the first place.  So does Triple H stand with John Cena and assist in a screwjob of CM Punk or vice versa?  Or perhaps will Trips perform a double screwjob by calling the match down the middle only to ambush the winner so that Alberto Del Rio can cash in?  It is really anybody’s guess but the one bright spot about this situation is exactly that:  almost anything could happen here and when you’ve got a strong heel against John Cena for a title that is a rare circumstance indeed.
Another key aspect to be considered here is elevation.  John Cena’s match against CM Punk at Money in the Bank was considered by many to be one of Cena’s best matches and whether the credit was assigned to Cena for upping his game or to Punk for drawing it out of him it is hard to imagine them topping their previous performance.  Obviously it is possible but it seems improbable and if they aren’t going to be able to raise the bar once more it is going to leave many fans feeling shortchanged.  The ratings for Raw haven’t exactly been breaking records lately which could speak volumes about the true impact of this storyline and if the SummerSlam buyrate doesn’t show interest we could quickly be seeing a change in direction here.  There has been some rumored speculation regarding CM Punk and Steve Austin clashing at Wrestlemania 28 but that seems unlikely and the more likely scenario appears to be Triple H stepping in against the Straight Edge Superstar.  SummerSlam will be an important launching point for the rest of this year and will set the stage for the storylines we’re going to be involved in for the next several months.

So at the end of the day the question you have to ask yourself is how involved are you with this show?  Aside from the main event there are only three other matches advertised.  Christian and Randy Orton are clashing yet again, Sheamus is involved in a battle with Mark Henry and Beth Phoenix is challenging Kelly Kelly for the Divas title.  The Divas storyline has lead to some interest, what with Phoenix and Natalya essentially turning heel (or face depending upon your opinion of Kelly Kelly) though considering the limitations of Kelly as an in ring performer this match doesn’t exactly scream of excitement.  It seems highly probable we’ll get a couple of surprise matches out of this show and among the many who could be involved the Miz has been making some claims that he will in fact be involved at SummerSlam and that his part in it will be unforgetable.  It does seem incredibly ridiculous that the main who main evented Wrestlemania with Cena does not have an advertised match on this card.  Look for Miz and R-Truth to get involved with something here.

SummerSlam has seen some of the greatest matches in WWE history.  It has always been the second most important show, next to Wrestlemania.  The build for it is typically long, well thought out and exciting.  The payoff, minus a few hit or miss shows, has been excellent for the most part.  The question looms now whether or not 2011 will be the year in which SummerSlam matches up to the legend of it’s past or falls short of that brass ring.  There is a lot riding on John Cena and CM Punk this Sunday and win, lose or draw the outcome of their match could be defining your Monday Night for the next four months.  Will the Summer of Punk lead to a Winter of Punk, will Cena bring the title back to his side or could perhaps the time of Alberto Del Rio be upon us?  There is only one way to find out.

Monday Night Raw – August 1

Tonight RAW is LIVE from Indianapolis

The show opens with a recap of the events surrounding CM Punk’s title victory at Money in the Bank, the firing of Vince McMahon and last weeks title match that saw John Cena become the new champion followed by the return of CM Punk.  Pyro goes off in the arena and Michael Cole tells us this is a night of “remarkable importance.”  He says that for the first time in WWE history they have two legitimate WWE champions.

Cult of Personality hits and CM Punk makes his entrance with the title around his waist.  The crowd explodes when he takes the belt off and holds it above his head.  Punk gets in the ring and grabs the mic with a big smile on his face, the crowd is completely behind him tonight.  Punk screams “The champ is here!”  He sits down in the ring while a loud chant of “CM Punk!” breaks out.  He says he is going to tell us why he came back.  He says he loves the place he works he just hates the people in charge.  He says he got the opportunity to speak his mind and he caused a little bit of change.  Vince got relieved of his duties the very next night.  He can feel the change in the air and he wants to take a little bit of credit but a lot of it belongs to the audience.  For far too long the fans have been fed scraps, they haven’t been given what they deserve and he’s here to do that.  He’s here to make this fun again for everybody.  As proud as he was about backing up everything he said he realized the voice of the voiceless needs to be heard, his voice needs to be heard by the fans.

He says he can’t do that with a megaphone, he can’t do it at Jimmy Kimmel.  He can’t change the WWE, or this industry, what it should be if he is sitting on his couch in Chicago.  He says he picked up the phone and made the call to come back and by the looks of it he timed it perfectly.  The WWE has already reverted back to John Cena being WWE champion.  He says Cena is as much WWE champion as the guy in the front row with a fake championship belt.  “Same old, same old” he says.  He tells Cena no matter what the outcome of the bogus tournament, or who thinks they deserve rematched, the one fact is that he is the one holding the title.  He says he is the best professional wrestler this world has to offer, he is the one and only WWE champion.  Triple H’s music hits.

Punk says “HHH” he’s the “CEO.”  Triple H says he wants to explain why he re-signed CM Punk.  It was good for business, the same reason why he brought back Jim Ross, the same reason he brought back John Morrison.  He says it is his job to try and give the fans exactly what they want, even if it goes against his personal feelings, the WWE Universe wanted CM Punk and so he gave them CM Punk.  Punk asks him what he meant by “going against” his personal feelings.  Triple H says he thinks that Punk is a smug, overrated, attention seeking guy that puts too much stock in his own hype.  Punk says he is glad they can be honest.  He says “Smug, overrated?  Kind of like looking a mirror Hunter.”  Punk says he wishes Triple H had just said he hated his guts.  He says Vince’s era screwed the pooch on the entire roster.  He says he let major guys go like Batista, Mick Foley, Chris Jericho, Brock Lesnar.  He says not only did they not want to see him go anywhere, WWE couldn’t afford for him to go anywhere else.  Triple H says he is a commodity, but why doesn’t he tell the truth about why he really re-signed?  He says that CM Punk re-signed for himself, because he wanted to hear his own voice.  Punk says the truth is, he’s the WWE champion.  Triple H says both Punk and Cena are the WWE champions.  He says that is a situation he will fix later tonight.  He goes to leave but Punk tells him not to leave yet.  He says he doesn’t want Hunter to think that just because he signed a contract doesn’t mean he’s going to shut up or spit out a PG doctrine.  He is here to stay and to do things his way.

Punk says “let’s talk about egos.”  He says Triple H hogged the spotlight so many times over people who deserved it.  The fact that even when he was carrying HBK’s bags he liked to push people around.  He asks how many times did he say “I just don’t think he has what it takes” while lying in bed with his wife?  He says whether he’s in his gear or a suit Triple H is  a bully who likes to throw his weight around and to be careful who he pushes because Punk likes to push back.  Triple H says this comes down to ego and he’ll admit he has a massive ego and right now that ego is telling him to slap every tattoo off Punk’s “skinny, fat” ass.  He says he won’t do that, and he took this job for the fans and that comes with certain responsibilities and certain rules.  He may not like them but he respects them and for the fans he is not going to break those rules.  He says he strongly suggests Punk doesn’t break them either.  Punk asks “or what?”  He asks if Hunter will hit him or if he has to go ask his wife permission first.  Punk drops the microphone and stares at Triple H before walking back up the ramp.

We see Rey Mysterio backstage getting ready.  Morrison comes running over and jumps over him.  They high five.  The Diva’s battle royal is up next.

[Commercial break 1]

@IAmWWEman:  Punk is RAW
@Smarkingout: JR’s voice in a video package? PERFECTION!
@TheUnratedEXP:  Here comes our hero CM Punk!
@MikeAwesome82:  I hate how the mark fans are suddenly such huge CM Punk fans. He deserves the cheers, but it still pisses me off to no end.
@CaptainKaizo: CM Punk is the fucking man
@WrestleSarcasm:  If he even attempts the Pedigree I will be pissed.

We return from commercial and Kelly Kelly has joined the commentary table.

Match 1:  Diva’s Battle Royal for #1 Contender spot: [7 minutes and 15 seconds]
The match begins with every Diva battling each other.  Melina eliminated almost immediately, followed by Gail Kim and Rosa Mendes.  Divas are falling out of the ring all over the place.  One minute in and we’re down to seven.  Alicia eliminates AJ while the Bella twins work on Natalya, eliminating her.

[Commercial break 2]

Returning from commercial it is the Bella Twins, Beth Phoenix, Alicia Fox and Eve.  The Bellas are still working on Beth.  Eve is battling Alicia Fox, who eliminates herself trying to hit Eve.  Eve starts fighting both of the Bellas.  She’s hanging off the top rope in the corner and finally gets eliminated.  Beth storms over, picks both twins up onto her shoulders and dumps them both out at 7:15.

Kelly comes in the ring to congratulate Beth who then throws her out of the ring.  Beth slams her into the barricade and grabs a microphone.  She says Kelly’s days as the perky, cute, blond bimbo are officially over.  She then drops the microphone.

We see the Miz backstage taping up his wrists.  R-Truth comes walking in and asks what’s up.  Miz asks who he is talking to, he asks why he is talking to himself.  Truth says he and the Miz are basically the same.  Truth says Triple H being in control is a conspiracy.  He asks why they had to compete in a tournament if Triple H was going to bring back CM Punk anyway?  He tells the Miz to be careful or he’s gon’ get got.

[Commercial break 3] 

@BritBoJangles: Why is Melina getting buried? That shit irritated the flying fuck out of me!
@AbsolutBex: BS Divas Battle royal, faves are already out 
@WrestlingVoice: Now Natalya? Does WWE know which women can actually wrestle? If Beth Phoenix doesn’t win it’s a travesty.
@WrestleSarcasm: SAVE.US_Beth Phoenix
@FlawlessEvE1: The Bellas should have went first not Melina and Gail. WTF are they thinking??
@Uhhhhlisa: Dont pull heir hair out Beth! Extensions are expensive!!

We return from commercial and Josh Matthews is backstage interviewing John Cena.  He says Punk lives by the sword and will die by the sword.

R-Truth makes his way out to the ring followed by the Miz.  They show a clip of the Miz being on George Lopez last week.

[Commercial break 4]

Match 2:  The Miz & R-Truth vs Rey Mysterio & John Morrison: [11 minutes and 2 seconds]
The match begins with Miz and Morrison in the ring.  Morrison gets the best of Miz early on but is preoccupied with trying to get his hands on Truth which lets Miz level him with a clothesline.  Miz begins stomping Morrison and lands a nice snap suplex for a two count.  Morrison pushes Miz into the corner, trips him and then tags in Mysterio who lands a seated senton for a two count.  Both Miz and Truth get bumped outside of the ring, Mysterio lands a seated senton on Truth and Morrison hits a corkscrew dive to the outside on Miz.

[Commercial break 5]

Back from commercial and  Truth has Mysterio in the camel clutch.  Rey fights his way out of it but Truth regains control and drops a few elbows, then applies the abdominal stretch.  Rey fights his way out but Miz comes in and starts beating him down landing a massive kick to the face.  Miz puts a headlock on Mysterio but Rey fights out and lands an enziguri to the back of Miz’s head.  Both men are down but Miz catches Rey and lands a DDT for a two count before making the tag to Truth.  Rey fights back but gets caught with a flying, corkscrew elbow from Truth.  Truth tags Miz back in and Miz begins stomping Rey again.  Rey tries to race to the corner but the Miz catches him and drags him back to the center of the ring.  Miz goes for a high risk maneuver but Rey counters with a kick to the face.  Morrison is stomping on the ring apron, both men make the tag.  Morrison begins running Truth down and then the Miz.  Morrison drags Truth to the corner and sets up for the starship pain but Miz pulls Truth out of the ring.  Rey flies over the top rope and takes Miz out.  Truth gets back in the ring, misses an ax kick but Morrison kicks him into the ropes.  Mysterio goes for a 619 but Miz pulls him out of the ring and throws him over the barricade into the crowd.  Morrison knees Miz and lands a kick, knocking him out of the ring.  Truth lands his finisher and gets the win at 11:02.

After the match the Miz gets in the ring and lands the skull crushing finale on Morrison.  Truth comes in with a bottle of water while Miz holds John up.  Truth hits Morrison in the head with the bottle.   Michael Cole says Mysterio and Morrison “just got got.”

@iHartWrestling: The awesome one on raw!!! …no not me *smirk …the Miz!!
@nuer0tica: I really could have done without Rey on my TV.
@BreakingKayfabe: Still waiting for an amazing Miz/Morrison feud utilizing their amazing backstory. Mania 28? Please?
@OrdinaryLullaby: When is there a Match where Rey is not taking most of the offence?
@MelinaFan20:  That was a pretty good match
@FearlessRiOT: WWE is not giving John Morrison a good comeback here. He’s only been back a week and he’s lot twice

Backstage we see Josh Matthews with Triple H, he asks about the altercation between him and Punk earlier.  Triple H says he’s been in the business for twenty years, this isn’t his first barbeque.  Talking about his wife has been done before and it doesn’t bother him one bit.  Triple H says if Cena wants to know what he has to say he can come out when he announces his decision tonight.  He recommends that Cena should keep it strictly business.

[Commercial break 6]

Back from commercial and Dolph Ziggler comes walking out with Vickie Guerrero.  Vickie says Dolph is far more superior than CM Punk or John Cena.  Ziggler says no one will ever have his skills, techniques, talents or his charisma.  Says he is more of a man than anyone in the arena or back in the lockeroom.  Alex Riley’s music hits.  Riley asks if Ziggler is such a man, why does he always hide behind a woman?  Vickie grabs the microphone and says thanks to her Dolph is a former world heavyweight champion, intercontinental champion and is the current United States champion.  Riley steps into the ring and says “excuse me.”  Riley asks Dolph when the last time was that he accomplished anything on his own, he tells Dolph that he is hiding behind Vickie.  He says with her, Dolph would be exposed for being a bleached blond, arrogant fraud.  Ziggler tells Riley he doesn’t belong out there with him and then takes his jacket and belt off.  He gets ready but rolls out of the ring.  Riley challenges him, but Ziggler backs away.

@TheUnratedEXP: A feud between Alex Riley and Dolph Ziggler for the United States Championship can be something good to watch.
@VixenTye: Riley sucks over all.. bad mic skillys, looks like a reject Lex Luger with a bad crew cut with hermit crab eyes..can’t wrestle eck
@ShotgunRadio1: Riley is good on the mic, miz taught him well

Next up will be David Otunga and Michael McGillicutty vs Zack Ryder and Santino.

[Commercial break 7]

Match 3:  David Otunga & Michael McGillicutty vs Zack Ryder & Santino: [2 minutes and 24 seconds]
The match starts with McGillicutty destroying Santino.  He tags in Otunga and they double team him in the corner.  A big “we want Ryder” chant breaks out while Otunga is working Santino on the mat.  Santino begins fighting back and lands a stone cold stunner on Otunga before tagging in Ryder.  Ryder mows McGillicutty down and then kicks Otunga out of the ring.  He lands a boot in the corner and gets a two count which is interupted by Otunga.  Santino interferes but Otunga throws him out of the ring.  McGillicutty takes advantage of Ryder, tags in Otunga who lands a big elbow for the pin at 2:24.

@BreakingKayfabe: Horrible new theme song for a horrible tag team.
@DavidHerro: Wow… I forgot the WWE had tag team champions…
@ShotgunRadio1: Ryder should walk out with his new Internet Wrestling Title that he debuted this week. Woo Woo Woo

[Commercial break 8]

Back from commercial and they air a little recap of the opening segment of the show between CM Punk and Triple H.  We then see Punk backstage with Josh Matthews.  Punk says he’s waiting around to see what Triple H’s decision is going to be, that earlier in the ring he was just testing him to see if their relationship would be purely business.  Punk says he beat Cena at Money in the Bank and so he is the champion.

[Commercial break 9]

Match 4:  Alberto Del Rio vs Evan Bourne: [3 minutes and 40 seconds]
The match begins with Evan getting in offense but Del Rio quickly turns it around and takes control.  Del Rio starts working on the left arm, wrenching it on the middle rope.   Del Rio takes Bourne down to the mat and works the arm some more.  Bourne begins fighting out but Del Rio catches him with a tiltawhirl back breaker.  Del Rio slams Bourne down with his arm behind his back and then puts an arm bar on.  Bourne throws a few kicks but Del Rio takes him down again.  He goes for a suplex but Bourne lands a few knees, followed by a few kicks and then a high knee takes Del Rio down.  Bourne climbs to the top rope but Del Rio lands a massive top rope enziguri.  Del Rio locks in the cross arm breaker for the win at 3:40.

After the match Del Rio puts the hold back on, Kofi Kingston comes running out to save Bourne.  Del Rio jumps out of the ring, he and Kofi exchange words.

We see Triple H walking backstage, he will address the WWE Universe next.

[Commercial break 10]

@LoneEnigma77:  Raw is CM PUNK & ALBERTO DEL RIO!!!
@Rated_M_Andraya: I have no idea how I would act if I eve me Del Rio, probably the same way I would when I met Wade Barrett…hide in a corner..
@OrdinaryLullaby: Does the briefcase come with a feud o keep you relevant?
@Cherrrybomb: Evan Bourne!!!!!! Wooohooo!!!!
@AbsolutBex: ADR has a very mice manicure don’t know why I noticed that but there ya go. 

We return from commercial and they show us a poll where apparently 54% of voters think Cena should be champion.
Triple H makes his entrance and climbs in the ring, grabbing the mic.  He says for the first time there are two WWE champions.  Suddenly John Laurenitis’ voice interrupts Triple H.  He says he is the executive vice president of talent relations, a job he took over from Jim Ross.  He says it is his job to sign talent and manage their contracts.  Triple H says if he needs to sign a new talent he’ll give him a call, and he asks what he wants.  He tells Triple H he should strip the WWE title from John Cena, at which point Cena’s music hits.

Cena runs to the ring and grabs a microphone.  He says the crowd is interesting tonight as they boo the living hell out of him.  He says this decision is big.  He says Johnny Ace has never thought before and he is the yes man that CM Punk was talking about.  Cena says at Money in the Bank he knocked Johnny’s teeth out.  He says if the championship is legitimate he would be fine losing it in a match but he will not have it stripped because a goon in a suit doesn’t like him.  Cena does an impression of Laurenitis.  Johnny says Cena is out of line, he says he didn’t make his decision based on Cena’s unprofessional behavior, he made it because CM Punk beat him.  Cena says he is going to punch him in the face again, Triple H says he doesn’t have a problem with that.  Laurenitis hops out of the ring.  Cena asks Triple H if he is going to listen to Ace.  Triple H says he isn’t going to strip Cena of anything, his claim to the title is legitimate.  He says he didn’t hear from Punk until the match between Cena and Mysterio took place, so his title is legitimate.  CM Punk’s music hits.

Punk asks if Triple isn’t going to strip Cena of his “paper championship” if he’s going to strip him when he beat Cena at Money in the Bank?  Triple H says both of them need to stop whining like little girls.  He tells Cena it’s not “Hunter.”  He says “I’m your boss.”  He says no one is going to get stripped of anything.  Summerslam, John Cena vs CM Punk for one undisputed WWE champion.  Triple H’s music hits and he makes his way back to the lockeroom.  Punk and Cena stand in the ring staring at each other.  Punk drops his microphone and holds his title up, the crowd cheers for him and his music hits.  Cena holds his title up and the crowd cheers, his music hits.  Both men get up on the top rope and repeat the same action.  Punk laughs and tells Cena he can see him.  The show goes off the air with Cult of Personality playing.

@CamelClutchBlog: Wow the WWE Universe is officially full of idiots for that poll whether that was worked or not.
@WrestlingVoice:  I want Punk but he relinquished the title when he left the company. So technically it is Cena but we’ll get a unification match
@ThingsColeSays: Johnny Ace sounds like he smokes about three fucking packs a day.
@Rated_M_Andraya: YES please take it from Cena!! PLEASE!
@PinfallMagazine: Johnny Ace should be replaced by Super Dave.
@WEFWrestling: Here comes CM Punk now thing are about to pick up
@Melinafan20:  I hope their match at SummerSlam will be as good as their last match or better.
@Ringsiderants: This could have done without the dueling theme songs

Special thanks to @AprilAnn_ for being awesome! 

Monday Night Raw – July 18

Tonight RAW is LIVE from Green Bay, Wisconsin
@WrestleSarcasm:  I’m pretty sure @onecountkickout isn’t having live tweets in his Raw report tonight.
[Twitter is currently down, will include tweets as soon as it is back up.  If you send a message directly @ me I can read it and respond.]

The show opens with a shot of the live crowd and then Vince McMahon’s music hits.  He comes out with John Laurenitis.  Vince is wearing an ugly, pink suit jacket.  Michael Cole informs us that the WWE title is not here following last night’s Money in the Bank PPV.  Vince enters the ring and grabs the microphone, they show a large section of the Raw roster watching on the monitors backstage.  The crowd chants “CM Punk, CM Punk”

Vince says we will never, ever again hear him say the name “CM Punk.”  He tells the fans they are chanting the name of the biggest ingrate in WWE history, the name of a man who turned his back on everyone.  He says Punk is an “egotistical, selfish turd.”  Vince says there is no man bigger than WWE, not Hogan, not Bret Hart, not the Rock and not Austin.  He says WWE cannot be stopped so tonight he is going to crown a new WWE champion.  The crowd responds to this with a chorus of boos.  He says eight superstars will compete in a tournament.  Rey Mysterio will face Dolph Ziggler, Jack Swagger will face R-Truth, Kofi Kingston will face Alberto Del Rio and Alex Riley will face The Miz.  Vince says you may have noticed that John Cena is not in that tournament, and when the crowd boos he says he’ll boo him too because he let him down.  He reminds us that if Punk left Money in the Bank with the title he said that he would fire Cena.  McMahon says there will be severe consequences here tonight.  He tells us tonight will be historic, and it will be a night we will always remember.  He says to enjoy the show and his music hits once again.

Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole discuss what will be the severe consequences for Cena.  They then discuss the “big news” about how they will crown a new champion tonight on Raw.  The Miz’s music hits and he comes striding out, he has a little limp as he sells last night’s injury.

[Commercial break 1]

Match 1:  The Miz vs Alex Riley (WWE Title Tournament): [4 minutes and 58 seconds]
The match begins with Riley going after the Miz’s injured leg while the Miz does what he can to keep him away from it.  There is a roll up but an immediate kickout.  Riley gets the Miz in the corner and Miz punches his way out until Riley lands a kick to his knee.  Riley begins working on the knee with kicks and elbows.  Riley gets Miz into a single leg Boston crab but Miz rolls out of it and kicks Riley out of the ring.  Miz limps over to the ropes and Riley kicks him in the head then slides in for a two count.  Riley charges at Miz in the corner, Miz moves and Riley hits the ring post.  Miz covers for a two count.  Miz sits on Riley and begins punching him until the referee pulls him off.  Riley begins fighting back, slamming Miz’s head into his knee.  Looks pretty vicious and stiff.  Riley begins throwing clotheslines and then lands a spinebuster.  Miz kicks out at two.  Riley goes for a headlock, Miz revereses into a full nelson, Riley pushes Miz into the corner but Miz catches him with a boot.  Miz goes for a move from the top but misses and Riley locks in the texas cloverleaf on Miz who climbs over and grabs the bottom rope for the break.  Miz rolls out, Riley chases him and he rolls back in but Riley takes him down and begins throwing punches.  The referee gets in the way which gives the Miz the opportunity to hit the skull crushing finale for the pin at 4:58.

They show us the tournament bracket, Miz will face the winner of Kofi vs Alberto Del Rio in the next round.  We see R-Truth walking around backstage.  His match is next.

[Commercial break 2]

We return from commercial and they air a promo about John Morrison showing many of his match highlights.  Michael Cole says he is battling his way back from injury.  R-Truth begins making his way to the ring, and Cole points out that it was in fact R-Truth who knocked John Morrison out of action.

Match 2:  R-Truth vs Jack Swagger (WWE Title Tournament): [4 minutes and 18 seconds]
The match begins with both men locking up, Swagger however gets a headlock on Truth and then knocks him down with a shoulder block.  Swagger puts him in a headlock once again but Truth punches his way out then lands a kick to Swagger’s face.  A quick roll up but Swagger kicks out at two.  Swagger throws a forearm into Truth’s back and then chokes him on the middle rope followed by a belly to back suplex.  Truth throws a punch but Swagger counters with a knee to the jaw and then a barrage of punches and stomps against the ropes.  Swagger whips Truth into the turnbuckle and then lands the Swagger bomb for a two count.  Truth begins fighting back against Swagger, the crowd is chanting “Little Jimmy.”  Truth lands an ax kick but only gets a two count.  He slaps Swagger but misses a second ax kick.  Swagger goes for the ankle lock and Truth reverses it into a roll up for the pin at 4:18.

The bracket shows that Truth will face the winner of the Rey Mysterio / Dolph Ziggler match.  Kofi vs Del Rio is up next.

[Commercial break 3]

We return from commercial to see Alberto Del Rio driving into Raw with his briefcase in hand.  Whatever happened to his personal ring announcer?  Anyway, Del Rio gets into the ring and takes the microphone.  Cole says WWE is trending on twitter, not sure how that is possible since it’s down.  Del Rio says his name is “Mister Money in the Bank” but you already know that.  He says he tried to cash in last night but CM Punk ran like a chicken.  He says all of this happened because John Cena couldn’t get the job done.  Del Rio says he hopes that Cena gets fired because the WWE needs a new, better, stronger leader.  He says it is his destiny to be WWE Champion.  His music hits again and Ricardo Rodriguez comes out to introduce Alberto Del Rio for a second time.

[Commercial break 4]

Match 3:  Alberto Del Rio vs Kofi Kingston (WWE Title Tournament): [5 minutes and 7 seconds]
The match begins with Del Rio kicking Kofi in the corner and then landing a drop kick to the back of his head.  Kofi fires back with a few punches and a dropkick of his own.  Del Rio throws a knee into Kofi’s midsection and then knocks him to the mat.  Del Rio gets caught by a flying elbow and Kofi covers for a two count.  Kofi jumps on Del Rio in the corner and begins throwing punches, knocking Del Rio down with a european uppercut.  Del Rio throws Kofi into the ropes, and then lands outside where Kofi squashes him with a suicide dive.  Kofi throws Del Rio back into the ring, but Alberto lands a kick to the back of Kofi’s head for a two count.  Del Rio begins throwing knees to the back of Kofi’s head and then puts him in a headlock.  Kofi punches his way out but Del Rio slams his head into the mat and throws another kick, covers and gets a two count.  Del Rio puts him in a chinlock and Kofi begins to fight out but Del Rio throws a few headbutts.  He charges Kofi in the corner but gets caught with an elbow.  Kofi goes after Del Rio’s legs but he fights it off and lands a tiltawhirl back breaker but only gets a two count.  He straddles Kofi and throws a few punches.  Del Rio goes for the cross arm breaker but Kofi rolls him up for the victory at 5:07.

Once again they show us the brackets, Kofi will face the Miz in the semi-final round of the WWE title tournament.  We see Rey Mysterio walking backstage.

[Commercial break 5]

After the commercial they show us a quick recap of Bret Hart vs The British Bulldog at Summer Slam 1992.
They show us a recap of Kofi Kingston defeating Alberto Del Rio.  They interview Kofi backstage.  Kofi says he came up short last night but tonight is a new opportunity.  He says Kofi Kingston is taking the first step towards becoming the new WWE Champion.  “One down, two to go” he says to end the interview.  Back in the arena, Rey Mysterio’s music hits.

Match 4:  Rey Mysterio vs Dolph Ziggler (WWE Title Tournament): [4 minutes and 55 seconds]
Ziggler comes out firing and begins beating down Rey.  He whips Rey into the corner but Rey brings his boots up and then throws Ziggler.  He ducks a clothesline, but Ziggler kicks him and throws him out of the ring.  Ziggler misses a baseball slide but succeeds in dropping Mysterio on his face on the outside.  Michael Cole then tells us you can only win these matches by Pinfall or Submission.  I guess a count out or DQ would result in both competitors being eliminated?  He doesn’t really explain.  Meanwhile, Ziggler has Mysterio down in the ring but Rey rolls up him for a two count.  Rey throws a few kicks but Ziggler throws him on his face again and gets a two count.  Ziggler jumps at Rey in the corner but misses.  Mysterio throws a kick and covers for a two count.  Mysterio goes to the top role and lands a seated senton but Ziggler kicks him down afterward.  Ziggler goes for the sleeper but Rey throws him head first into the turnbuckle.  Rey goes for a hurricanrana and then misses the 619.  Ziggler slams Mysterio and gets another two count.  Ziggler stomps Rey a few times but Rey flips him into the ropes and this time he does land the 619 followed by a splash off the top for the three count in 4:55.

Rey moves on to face R-Truth in the semi-finals of the tournament.  Vickie Guerrero is yelling at Ziggler.  We see Vince McMahon talking to Johnny Ace backstage.

[Commercial break 6]

We come back to see Kelly Kelly, Gail Kim, AJ, Eve Torres, Beth Phoenix, Natalya and Katlyn coming out to the ring.  Their opponents in this match will be Melina, Maryse, Rosa Mendes, Alicia Fox, Tamina and the Bella Twins.

Match 5:  Seven on Seven Divas Match: [59 seconds]
Phoenix starts off against Tamina.  Phoenix lands a nice suplex and goes for the cover.  The Bellas interupt and then all the divas begin fighting outside of the ring.  Meanwhile, inside, Tamina and Phoenix go at it.  Phoenix lands the Glamslam for the pin at 59 seconds.

@TheUnratedEXP: The Heel Diva’s > Face Diva
@DivaDirt: We couldn’t get a #1 Contender’s battle royal instead? #WWE #Raw 
@FlawlessEvE1: I called that one from a mile away. 30 seconds, for fucks sake…
@Vixentye: it’s about time Rosa gets fired… she botches EVERY move, she is a pointless object in the WWE, she can take Kelly it her 

[Commercial break 7]

We return from commercial.  Lawler says he thinks Kofi will beat the Miz.  Kofi begins making his entrance.

Match 6:  Kofi Kingston vs The Miz (WWE Title Tournament Semi-Final): [3 minutes and 49 seconds]
The match begins with Kofi going after the Miz’s leg.  He gets a quick rollup but only a one count.  Kofi slams the Miz down hard and then goes after his knee again and then stomps hard on his face.  He gets a two count.  Miz takes control and slaps a headlock on Kofi.  Kofi begins to fight out of it with a few punches to the gut and then lands a big kick to the Miz’s injured knee.  Kingston makes a series of covers on the Miz, all resulting in two counts.  He misses a splash in the corner but then kicks Miz in the face.  He lands a crossbody off the top rope, Miz reverses but only gets a two count.  Kofi hits the Miz’s knee again and then sets up for Trouble in Paradise.  Miz rolls outside the ring.  Kofi grabs Miz who snaps Kofi’s neck on the top rope.  He goes for the skull crushing finale but Kofi rolls him up for a two count.  Miz drops Kofi on the top turnbuckle and lands the skull crushing finale for the pin at 3:49.

@AprilAnn_: AWEESOME. this guy needs to be champ again!
@TheRealXPac: How about waiting for the guy to make contact before u start to bump
@ThatDariaChick: Doesn’t matter who wins the tournament: Del Rio will be the Champion soon enough 🙂
@TrueMaryseFan: Miz wins again! 😀 *crosses fingers he gets the title*

The Miz advances to the finals and will face the winner of the Rey Mysterio / R-Truth match.  Backstage they interview R-Truth.  Truth says a conspiracy kept him away from Money in the Bank but won’t keep him away from beating up little “Rey Rey” because the title is “gon’ get got”

[Commercial break 8]

We return from commercial and we see a small promo showing Tough Enough winner Andy Leavine.
Rey Mysterio’s music hits and he begins making his way to the ring.

Match 7:  Rey Mysterio vs R-Truth (WWE Title Tournament Semi Final): [12 minutes and 47 seconds]
The match begins with Truth hammering Rey in the corner then whipping him into the opposite corner, covering he gets a two count.  Truth suplexes Mysterio, another two count.  Truth gets Mysterio down on the mat in a reverse chin lock, Mysterio throws a few punches to get out but Truth nails him with a knee to the midsection.  He gets down and locks Mysterio in a leg scissor but Mysterio elbows his way out of it.  Truth throws Mysterio off the ropes but Mysterio lands the boots and then flings Truth out of the ring and then squashes him with a suicide dive.

[Commercial break 9]

Back from commercial and Truth has Mysterio in a headlock in the middle of the ring.  Truth kicks Mysterio in the face and gets a two count.  The crowd boos as he makes the belt gesture at his waist.  He straddles Mysterio and begins punching him in the face, again he covers and gets a two count.  Truth lands a big, spinning elbow on Mysterio but again only gets a two count.  Truth begins choking Mysterio on the middle rope.  Mysterio fights back, going for the 619 but Truth lays him out and gets another two count.  Truth slams Mysterio down hard, another nearfall here.  Truth charges Mysterio in the corner but Rey moves out of the way.  Rey and Truth exchange a few punches and kicks, Rey bouncing off the ropes with a crossbody for a two count.  Truth kicks Rey in the gut, misses and ax kick and then catches a drop kick from Rey.  Two count.  Truth lands a sick jawbreaker but Rey has his hand on the ropes.  Truth tries to pull him off, so he stomps him a few times.  The crowd chants “Little Jimmy” and Rey snaps Truth’s neck on the top rope, throws a shoulder to the gut and then sets Truth up for the 619.  He lands it and then a splash from the top for the pin at 12:47.

@feelingventi: Lil jimmy show me on the doll where r-truth touched u
@TheRealXPac: Rey wins & Del Rio cashes in MITB seems predictable.
@WWFRAWISWAR: John Cena will be forced to watch TNA. Those are the severe concequences.

Rey advances to the finals and begins celebrating in the ring.   Mysterio will face the Miz for the title NEXT.

[Commercial break 10]

Back from commercial and Vince McMahon begins making his way out to the ring.  He climbs in and grabs a mic.  He says he has to postpone the finales until next week.  He says we’re out of time and he has something else he needs to do.  He tells Rey not to be selfish and that this is “bigger than you.”  Vince says Cena isn’t bigger than the WWE, he can make a new John Cena.  The crowd chants “CM Punk.”  Vince says he can’t deny the contributions of John to the WWE.  He says he isn’t doing this for ego but for the good of the business.  You can’t understand right now but in time you will and you’ll thank him for this.  He says “Lets get this over with.”  John Cena’s music hits and he comes out.

Cena gets in the ring and Vince takes a deep breath.  Cena grabs the microphone from him and tells him to relax.  He says he is ok with what he’s about to do.  He won’t go through what Shawn Michaels had to go through, he says Vince made him bend over backwards.  All they ever said about Shawn was that “he screwed Bret” and he had to take it with him his entire career.  Cena says if he was in his shoes he would not want to be the guy who screwed Bret, or CM Punk.  Cena says it was all about Vince, how he doesn’t want anyone to embarass him but Cena says he refuses to be his patsy.  Cena congratulates Punk on “one hell of a match.”  Cena tells Vince he doesn’t do business this way.  Cena says it’s ok to make an example of him but that leaves him eight months to find a new opponent for The Rock.

Cena says he belongs in the WWE and if Vince is about to tell him he doesn’t belong there, and if he makes him walk tonight he’ll walk onto someone elses TV show and keep doing this “Brother.”  Cena says the one thing he will not do is kiss Vince’s ass.  Vince says he will not be denied the satisfaction of what he is about to do.  He says “John..” and then Triple H’s music hits.  Triple H comes to the ring wearing a suit.  He begins whispering in Vince’s ear, Vince gets another microphone for Triple H.

Triple H says there was a board of director’s meeting this morning, Vince looks shocked.  Triple H says the board asked him to come to Raw to talk to him because they’re concerned about the current situation.  He says the board is concerned about Vince.  They understand that he has built a global empire, everything we have is because of him, but at the same time the board is concerned about Vince’s extremely questionable decisions as of lately.  Triple H says the board has filed an injunction against Vince, and the family agrees.  On top of that, the board has appointed someone to take over the day to day operations of the WWE.  He can’t even say he’s going to say it but it’s him, Triple H is now in charge of WWE.  He says they’re not going to fire John Cena, and Vince won’t be doing anything.  He says Vince taught him that no one is bigger than this business and that includes Vince.  He says this is just business, and with all due respect, he is here to inform Vince that he is relieved of his duties.  Vince begins crying.. not bad acting I must say.  The crowd begins chanting “Na na na na, hey hey hey, goodbye.”

Triple H asks Vince to please understand he didn’t want to do this, he just needs to do what is right for the business.  He says “I love you, pop, and I’m sorry.”  He drops the microphone and slides out of the ring.  Vince is left standing in the center, crying.  The crowd begins clapping and Vince mouths “Thank you.”  The show goes off the air with the crowd chanting “Thank you Vince.”

@ImAMelFo: There was no swerve last night, so surely there has to be a swerve tonight right?
@GlamHartDelRio: Really Mr. MacMahon??? Really???
@TheUnratedExp: I hope this is a really big announcement.
@ILoVeTheCORRE: The FUCK! I wanted DEL RIO to cash in! What the fuck!
@EmSkie247: Between cenas shirt and vinces jacket I feel like I need to adjust the contrast on the TV
@Rarleo: It’s THE GAME #HHH in a suit and tie… could this finally be the Raw GM reveal???
@BreakingKayfabe: That transformed from depressing into oddly endearing rather quickly. 

Monday Night Raw – June 27

Tonight Raw is LIVE from Las Vegas, NV
Featuring the return of Raw Roulette and special guest Shawn Michaels.
Your announce team is Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole.

The show opens showing Booker T spinning the Raw Roulette wheel.

Back to the arena, Shawn Michaels music hits and he comes dancing out.  Shawn makes his way to the ring, grabs the mic and tells the crowd he just couldn’t stay away.  He says it is tough to just stop after twenty years of doing something.  He says he’s not the Raw guest host, but he is bothered how guest hosts are always here to plug something.  Then he plus his new show.

Suddenly CM Punk’s music hits and he comes walking out with McGillicutty and Otunga of the new Nexus who make their way to the ring.  The crowd begins booing and Punk smiles, grabbing a mic himself.  Punk tells Shawn his personality is too addictive to stay away.  Punk says July 17th will be his last day and he’s happy to be leaving.  Shawn says it sounds win win since no one will have to hear from him anymore.  Punk tells Shawn that win is what Shawn didn’t do, he lost to the Undertaker and went out a loser.  Punk says he is going to leave at the WWE Champion.  Punk says it is sad that the crowd would rather cheer for the past instead of begging for the future to stay.  Shawn says they cheer him because they know he’s better than Punk.  Punk says “you were better than me.”  No one can hold a candle to him, like no one could hold a candle to Shawn back then.  He asks if that’s a challenge.  Punk says they’re a lot alike.  Shawn says they’re not alike.  Shawn says “we don’t smoke, we don’t drink, we don’t do drugs” to which Punk responds “anymore.”  HBK lands sweet chin music on Otunga.

The anonymous GM chimes in now.  He says that since Punk only has three Raws left so they’re going to make them count.  Punk is going to have the first match tonight on Raw roulette.  They cut to Booker T who spins the wheel.  It lands on a question mark.  Booker tells Punk that means he has a mystery opponent, and that opponent is Kane.  Punk looks surprised.  Kane makes his way out to the ring.

@BritBoJangles: Ugg….I just want you to go away Shawn! PLEASE!
@PinfallMagazine: Man that guy had some f’n epics! 
@LucasSinclairD: I want to see some Sweet Chin Music 
@Barr66: Woo CM Punk! This is about to get awesome

[Commercial break 1]

Match 1:  CM Punk vs Kane: [4 minutes and 17 seconds]
Kane starts on the offensive, throwing CM Punk over the top rope, following him outside and dropping him on the barricade.  Throwing him back in the ring he begins stomping him in the corner, then snapmare and dropkick to the face.  Kane dominating picks punk up and lands a side slam for a two count.  Finally Punk snaps Kane’s head on the top rope, then gets caught for a chokeslam but kicks his way out of it.  Punk is now stomping on Kane, getting him the corner and delivering several kicks.  Finally Kane lands a big boot, taking Punk down.  Making his way to the top rope, Punk catches him with a punch, delivers a few elbows and goes for a superplex but Kane holds on.  He punches Punk off but Punk rolls out of the ring and decided to walk to the lockeroom.  The referee begins counting him out, leaving Kane to win in 4:17.

@Vixentye:  hear those CM Punk chants… yeah baby!
@dasharpshooters: Those anti Kane chants were really loud
@BritBoJangles: Why does Kane only rock the one contact every so often? 
@thatdariachick: That was pitful. 

They show us that later tonight Big Show will face Alberto Del Rio, and John Cena will go against R-Truth.  The roulette wheel will choose all matches.

[Commercial break 2]

The show returns, promoting WWE’s website poker playing game.  Sin Cara’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring.  Evan Bourne is out next.  The Roulette wheel selects: No Countout.

Match 2:  Evan Bourne vs Sin Cara (No countouts): [4 minutes and 52 seconds]
Both men exchange arm drags with Bourne getting the advantage.  They continue to exchange moves and reversals until Cara flips Bourne with the help of the top rope, delivers a few kicks and then does a huge corkscrew arm drag.  Both men now head outside the ring, stare at each other and then roll back inside.  Sin Cara has the advantage here, Bourne sliding back outside the ring.  Sin Cara lands a massive suicide dive.  Cara grabs Evan and goes to slam him but Bourne reverses it into a hurricanrana.  Bourne grabs Sin Cara and throws him back into the ring.  Bourne rolls up Sin but only for a two count.  Cara gets his own little roll up but Bourne kicks out at 2 and then delivers a knee to his jaw for another two count.  Bourne lands a standing moonsault for another nearfall.  Bourne goes for airbourne, missing.  Cara swings him around and gets the pin at 4:52.

@WrestleSarcasm: Sin Cara! Job it good for me please. 
@TheRealXpac: Ok, Im in front of the tv in time for Sin Cara. Lets hope they dont dim the damn lights for the whole match
@Lagana: You voted for it… Tonight you get it. Sin Cara vs. Evan Bourne. 
@WrestlingTheory: Tune in to see Sin Cara sell his knee 

Sin Cara celebrates in the ring while Evan Bourne continues to sell outside.  We see Kofi Kingston standing with Booker T by the roulette wheel.  Booker says the anonymous GM is allowing him to spin the wheel to see what kind of a match he’ll have with Dolph Ziggler.  Vickie Guerrero shows up and spins the wheel instead.  The wheel lands on:  Player’s Choice (which means Kofi gets to pick the match.)  Kofi chooses the match he voted for last week:  No Vickie Guerrero at ringside.

[Commercial break 3]

We return from commercial and they tell us the Raw Money in the Bank competitors:  Mysterio, Kingston, Evan Bourne, Del Rio, Jack Swagger, Miz, Riley, R-Truth.

Kofi makes his entrance first.  Vickie Guerrero comes out and gets some major heat from the crowd.  She begins to introduce Dolph but some referees come out and tell her she’s not allowed out here.  Dolph Ziggler comes out next.

Match 3:  Dolph Ziggler vs Kofi Kingston: [7 minutes and 36 seconds]
The bell rings and Dolph rolls out of the ring to leave but Kofi catches him, throwing him back in the ring.  Ziggler fights back, both men head to the outside where Kofi takes control until Ziggler runs him into the ring post.

[Commercial break 4]

We return from commercial to find Ziggler dominating Kofi in the ring, locking in a headlock.  The crowd begins cheering for Kofi who begins fighting his way out, reversing Ziggler into the corner but missing a big splash.  Ziggler lands a legdrop to the back of Kofi’s head getting a close two count.  Ziggler picks up Kofi, who throws a few big kicks, then reverses a hold from Ziggler and gets a two count.  Kofi throws some more kicks and punches but catches a boot to the face from Ziggler.  Kofi lands trouble in paradise from out of nowhere for the win at 7:36.

@justinruff: Vickie banned from ringside? Nooooooooo!!
@Nuer0tica: I’d be better able to pretend this wasn’t rigged if they weren’t making it so blatantly obvious that it is.
@TheHistoryofWWE: Wait, didn’t Vickie Guerrero do the spinning? So how come @TrueKofi gets to pick the stip for spinner’s choice?
@SmarkingOut: Lawler is an asshole. Look in a fucking mirror for once! YOU’RE FATTER THAN VICKIE! 
@TheUnratedEXP: Awesome finishing sequence by Ziggler and Kingston!

We see Booker backstage with Maryse.  Booker talks about the match we just saw when Del Rio shows up and asks why he has to face the Big Show again.  Maryse says she agrees with Del Rio, since he already beat the Big Show at capitol punishment.  Alberto asks Maryse to spin the wheel for him, since maybe she’ll bring him some good luck.  Maryse spins and Del Rio will face the Big Show in a: steel cage match.  Del Rio gets angry and Maryse walks off.  Booker says “TELL ME she did NOT just spin that?”

[Commercial break 5]

We return from commercial with the steel cage down around the ring and the announcer runs through the rules for us.  Alberto Del Rio is out first.  After his 3 minute entrance, Big Show’s music hits and he comes charging out.

Match 4:  Alberto Del Rio vs the Big Show (Steel Cage): [5 minutes and 15 seconds]
The match begins with Del Rio trying to escape immediately but Big show takes him down, then smashing him into the cage wall.  Del Rio gets control when he delivers a few kicks to Big Show’s injured knee.  Del Rio continues punishing the limb with Big Show down in the middle of the ring.  Suddenly Mark Henry begins making his way down the ramp.  He begins circling the ring and can be heard yelling “I do what I want to do.”  Del Rio still has Big Show in a toe hold.  Big Show kicks his way out and then clotheslines Del Rio down.  He locks in for the chockeslam but again Del Rio kicks his knee and then delivers a DDT.  Cover but only a two count.  Big show puts Del Rio on the top rope and sets up, then delivers a massive superplex.  Both men are down.  Mark Henry begins trying to get into the cage.  Henry rips the door off the cage and carries it into the ring with him.  He lands a big boot on the Big Show while Del Rio crawls out, winning the match in 5:15.

After the match, Henry picks the door back up and rams it into Big Show who goes crashing through the side of the cage.  Henry then begins yelling “You think I’m playing?!”  The referees all come out to keep Henry away from Big Show but Henry tells them to stay back.  He asks “What’cha gonna do, fire me?”  Henry then shoves the announce table.

@ILoVeTheCORRE: I’ve said it once I’ll say it again…- FUCKING love Del Rio!
@KirasCabana: Del Rio, no one is even in your way. Must you beep the horn like an obnoxious dbag with road rage?
@TheUnratedEXP: So Big Show wasn’t on RAW last week because of a leg injury, but now he’s running to the ring?
@PinfallMagazine:  Henry going to pull the cage off its hinges?
@Wnewsarena: Henry attacks Show allowing for Del Rio to escape the cage and win.

[Commercial break 6]

We return and they show us again what just happened between Henry and Big Show.  The crowd really seems to be into it.  Then, they show us that during the commercial the Big Show had to be helped to the back.

Kelly Kelly’s music hits and she comes out with her newly acquired Divas title.  This match is not for the title and her opponent is Nikki Bella.  Booker T spins the wheel and match they will compete in is:  submission match.

Match 5:  Nikki Bella vs Kelly Kelly (submission match): [1 minute and 12 seconds]
The match begins with Nikki in control.  She begins working on her arm, gets her down on the mat and is twisting it while Kelly screams.  Kelly Kelly takes down Nikki, locks in the boston crab for the win in 1:12.  After the match both Bella twins begin beating down Kelly who gets saved by Eve.

@FlawlessXtina: Kelly looks great with that title 🙂
@ILoVeTheCORRE: Wow, no pillow fight??? Shocked…
@johnreport: Kelly vs. Nikki Submission match. Armbar. Boston Crab. That was the whole match. Less than a minute. Worst submission match ever.
@MajorMagnus: A submission match ends that early? Hadn’t even finished heatin my hotpockets

[Commercial break 7]

We return from commercial to see a recap of Andy Leavine winning Tough Enough with Andy talking about the experience.

Booker T is standing with Rey Mysterio, the wheel is spinning to see what match he’ll be in:  Tornado match.  DDP comes walking out holding the very best of Nitro DVD.  Drew McIntyre comes over and tells them they need to leave or they’ll be leaving on stretches.  Suddenly HBK delivers sweet chin music.  HBK says he’s never seen any of it, he was working when Nitro aired.  Booker says he’ll send him a copy.

[Commercial break 8]

Match 6:  Rey Mysterio &  Alex Riley vs The Miz & Swagger (Tornado Match): [11 minutes and 41 seconds]
The match starts, all four men in the ring.  Miz and Riley / Mysterio and Swagger going at it in opposite corners.  The heels are in control.  Miz crushes Mysterio with a clothesline, then Riley does one to Miz and Swagger does one to him.  Miz goes outside the ring and stomps Riley while swagger crushes Mysterio in the corner.  Swagger lands the Swagger bomb on Rey but only for a two count.  Miz gets to the top rope but Mysterio pushes Swagger into the corner and then Riley crushes them both before swinging Mysterio into them. Swagger rolls outside and Mysterio lands a seated senton.  Riley does a hiptoss to the Miz off the rop rope.

[Commercial break 9]

We return from commercial to find Miz and Riley battling in the ring.  Swagger comes up behind Riley and begins pounding on him.  Riley fights back, rolling up the Miz but swagger breaks it up.  Mysterio comes off the top rope, Swagger catches him and then throws him onto Miz’s knee for a two count.  Mysterio begins fighting back but Miz flattens him with a DDT while Swagger works on Riley in the corner.  Riley though dumps Swagger over the top rope, and Miz sends Riley out after him.  Miz goes for a superplex on Mysterio but Mysterio blocks it, shoves him off lands a seated senton, blocks a Swagger clothesline and goes back to work on the Miz.  Mysterio goes for the 619 but Swagger pulls him out of the ring.  Riley comes in, hitting a spinebuster on Swagger but Miz breaks up the pin attempt.  A lot of nearfalls in this match so far.  Riley and Miz both go spilling over the top rope, Swagger runs Mysterio over with a big boot.  Swagger goes for the gutwrench suplex but Mysterio goes for the 619.  Swagger catches him and puts him in the ankle lock while Miz chokes him.  Riley pulls Miz off the apron and then slams Miz on the outside barricade.  This time Mysterio lands his 619, Riley lands a brain buster and Mysterio lands a splash for the pin at 11:41. 

@BreakingKayfabe: Self. High. Five.
@smarkingout: Diamond Dallas Page Mother Fucker! YEAH!
@Vixentye: Alex Riley looks like he could be Lex Luger son with that penis hair cut, hermit crab eyes and stupid smirk on his gross face!
@IAmWWEman: This is a whirlwind RAW! Some good moments but it’s all a little to crammed and fast. I think cause they’re taping two RAW’s
@GlamHartDelRio: THE MIZ!!! 
@nuer0tica: WWE knew how much I like all three guys in the ring, so they had to ruin it with Rey. Thanks
@TheUnratedExp: Hip Toss from the top rope! Alex Riley showing some fire tonight!
@PinfallMagazine: Probably the TV match of the Week right there, but it’s early in that race.

Booker T tells R-Truth to spin the wheel for his match with Cena.  The wheel lands on a tables match.  Truth says he can dig that, tonight John Cena is gonna get got.  He says all the little jimmies know what he is saying.  

[Commercial break 10]

We return from commercial with the ring announcer explaining the rules.  R-Truth comes out first.  The crowd pops loud for Cena initially, then a lot of boos can be heard.  Mixed crowd.

Match 7:  R-Truth vs John Cena (Tables match): [5 minutes and 15 seconds]
The match begins with R-Truth throwing punches and kicks with Cena down on the mat.  Cena quickly reverses things with a fisherman’s suplex to Truth.  He heads out to get a table but R-Truth catches him with a shot to the head and then rolls him back in.  After a few holds exchanged, Cena lands a horrendous looking dropkick on Truth.  Cena goes for the Attitude Adjustment but Truth reverses it and takes Cena down. He then brings a table into the ring.  Truth sets the table in the corner and attempts to suplex Cena but gets reversed.  Truth charges at Cena who pulls down the top rope and sends him flipping outside.  Cena follows and throws him into the steps then walks over to get a different table.  Cena throws the table in the ring, and then R-Truth.  CM Punk comes running out and moves the table so that Cena misses with his AA attempt.  Punk and Cena begin brawling outside the ring.  Both men go into the ring and Truth tackles Cena into a table for the win in 5:15.

After the match Punk grabs a microphone and walks to the top of the entrance ramp.  Punk says he has a lot of things he wants to get off his chest.  He doesn’t hate Cena, he actually likes Cena.  He just hates this idea that Cena is “the best.”  He says Cena is not the best, he is.  CM Punk says the one thing Cena is better at is “Kissing Vince McMahons ass.”  He says he’s as good at it as Hogan was, although Dwayne is better.  Punk says he is the best wrestler in the world and has been since day one.  He’s been looked down at because he was a Paul Heyman guy.  He says he is going to leave with the WWE Championship.  Punk says he has grasped so many of McMahon’s brass rings that he now understands they are fake and the only real thing is him.  He is the best on the microphone, in the ring and on commentary.  Yet, no matter how many times he proves it, he’s not on cups, not on programs, he’s barely promoted, he doesn’t get to be in movies, he’s not on the Wrestlemania poster, he’s not in the shows opening, he’s not on Conan and Jimmy.  He says the fact that Dwayne is in the main event of Wrestlemania next year and not him makes him sick.  He says to those of you who are cheering him right are the biggest part of him leaving.  Punk says maybe he’ll go to New Japan Pro Wrestling, maybe he’ll go back to Ring of Honor.  He then waves to Colt Cabana.  He says Vince McMahon is going to make money, he should be a billionaire but he is not because he surrounds himself with glad handing yes men like John Laurenitis that tell him everything he wants to hear.  The company will get taken over by his idiotic daughter and stupid son in law.  Punk says he wants to tell us a story about Vince McMahon but they cut his microphone off.  He stands there yelling to the camera but you can’t hear him.  The camera just goes black.

I haven’t said much tonight, but I will say this.  If you did not see this, find it online.  I cannot describe how amazing this promo was.  Truly.

@TheRealXPac: Truth is priceless with this new persona. Little Jimmies all around the world are conspiring:)
@IAmWWEman: Booker T thinks R-Truth is crazy. Coming from the man who teamed with Goldust, Talked to his Hand, and Was King Bookah!  
@AprilAnn_: God r-truth is epic. Noone understands! Lol. 
@nuer0tica: its a strange feeling to actually be cheering for Truth in a match.  
@Vixentye: I love how Cena narrowed his moves down to 2 now, it’s run back and forth to the ropes, tire the opponent out and hit the AA! lol 
@Alkaline_Perez: ♞Punk wearing an Austin shirt!!! hahaha♞
@FutureWWEDiva: Really!? Come on WWE! Can you not take the fact that everything CM Punk is saying is true!

This show was 3 out of 5 stars, CM Punk’s promo was 5 out of 5 stars.

Monday Night Raw – June 20th

Raw is LIVE from Baltimore, MD
Tonight is the 3 hour special “Power to the People”
Your announce team is: Jerry Lawler, Michael Cole & Booker T

The show opens with pyro followed by the entrance of CM Punk.  He enters the ring, grabs the mic and sits down in the middle.  He says he would not trust any of the crowd with the content of the program.  He jokes that they chose to live in Baltimore, and that they can move.  He says they cannot make decisions that guide his career and he is the best wrestler in the world.  CM Punk says he wants the anonymous Raw GM to make it officially known he is the number 1 contender for the WWE championship.  He wants the match at Money in the Bank in his home town.  He says he is not leaving the ring until the match is made official.  The email sound chimes, Michael Cole gets up to read it and Punk tells him to get on with it.  And I quote: “Mr Punk I understand your demands and I will certainly take them under consideration.  However, right now, I’ll ask you to leave the ring.”  Punk says he won’t, the GM chimes back in and says he suggests he leaves the ring right now.  Punk says you can watch him make snow angels in the ring.  The anonymous GM says he was going to name him number 1 contender later but since he feels disrespected Punk will wrestle Alberto Del Rio and the winner will be the number one contender.  Punk keeps talking and the GM adds in Rey Mysterio to make it a triple threat match.

The first match for fans to vote on is:  Brie Bella defending the divas title against either: Eve, Kelly Kelly or Beth Phoenix.

@Relentless_J: Hahahaha CM Punk. Mocking Cole 
@iHartMiz:  He is the first superstar to add in a she when referring to the GM
@PhoenixLives: Give it to Punk!

Interesting segment, Punk is always classic on the microphone though this really fails to live up to the hype that was built around speculation over what he’d say tonight.  Either way it is hard to complain about CM Punk.

[Commercial break 1]

We return from commercial with the Bella Twins coming out to the ring.   The winner of the vote was: Kelly Kelly

Match 1:  Brie Bella vs Kelly Kelly (Divas Championship): [3 minutes and 3 seconds]
The match begins with Brie dominating after knocking Kelly Kelly to the outside of the ring.  Brie stomps Kelly in the corner and Nikki is talking trash to her from the outside.  Brie slams Kelly down but Kelly fights back, slamming Brie’s head into the canvas and then landing a Lou Thesz press.  Brie regains control by landing a DDT, but gets caught in the corner.  Kelly reverses a rollup and wins, becoming your new Divas Champion in 3:03

@SandoraElite: Okay this is obviously preplanned. Nobody likes Kelly Dumbass Kelly
@HitTheRopes: That outcome was so surprising. Next thing the WWE tells us is that the world is round. 
@BryaninWWE: Kelly is a former Divas Champion?? When?? I don’t remember, TBH 
@ILoveTheCORRE: K2 instead of Beth Phoenix…wtf?
@thatdariachick: ARE YOU…..NO…..THIS ISN’T…..NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

Honestly can’t understand this choice, Kelly has a very small arsenal of moves although this is just another large statement from WWE about how little they think of their Divas.  The general consensus on twitter seems to be dislike to this result.  Terrible match, Kelly performed about 3 offensive moves.

Lawler gets in the ring and talks to Kelly who is crying and promises to be a good champion.  They then air an Evan Bourne vignette.
The next match is Evan Bourne vs your choice of Jack Swagger, Mason Ryan or Sin Cara.

[Commercial break 2] 

We return from commercial with Evan Bourne making his entrance.  The opponent chosen “by the fans” is:  Mason Ryan

Match 2:  Evan Bourne vs Mason Ryan: [4 minutes and 1 second]
The match begins with Ryan challenging Bourne.  Evan rolls around and keeps moving dodging a clothesline from Ryan and throwing a few kicks at him.  Bourne slides through his legs but Ryan lands a hard shot to the back followed by some shoulder rams in the corner.  Ryan whips him to the corner then scoops him up and delivers two back breakers followed by a fall away slam.  He begins kicking Evan while he is down and then choking him on the middle rope.  Bourne swings a big kick and connects with Ryan, followed by several others in the corner.  A “Batista” chant breaks out.  Mason Ryan picks up Bourne and slams him down hard.  Ryan puts Bourne on top rope, Evan fights back, rolling up Ryan but he kicks out.  Bourne goes for a flying elbow but Ryan catches and slams him for the pin at 4:01

@SmarkingOut: Fact: If Swagger gets picked I’m not watching the rest of the show.
@FlawlessXtina: Ok, That was Rigged. Mason Ryan won? WTF?
@nuer0tica: Oh god, seriously? Excuse me everyone, I must go puke up dinner after seeing Mason Ryan. I’ll be back
@WeTalkWrestling: Power to the People my ass

What is interesting is that WWE aired a nice vignette for Evan before this match and the opponent chosen “by the fans” was Mason Ryan who was pretty much guarenteed to destroy him.  Really not much of a match here, no high flying or anything too exciting. 

The next match is Between Kane and Big Show, the fans get to decide between a Body Slam match, arm wrestling match or an over the top rope match.

[Commercial break 3]

We return from commercial.  We see that next week will be the return of Raw Roulette.  They give us a recap of the issue between Mark Henry and the Big Show from Smackdown this past Friday.  Mark Henry comes down and talks trash about the Big Show, saying he got punished at Capitol Punishment and the two differences between them are that when Big Show walks the earth it shakes but when he walks it, all the people shake.

[Commercial break 4]

Kane makes his entrance and it is reveal that the match “chosen by the fans” is: Arm wrestling match.

Match 3:  Mark Henry vs Kane (Arm wrestling match): [37 seconds]
There really isn’t much to describe, they have a table and they are arm wrestling. The crowd cheers “This is stupid” and I personally agree.  Mark Henry throws a punch getting himself disqualified in 37 seconds.  Henry and Kane fight it out in the ring afterward, Henry picks up the table and slams Kane with it knocking him to the outside.  Henry slams Kane into the ring post and then slams him hard through the announcers table.

The crowd was absolutely right, this was incredibly stupid and they sure wasted a lot of time doing it.  What the point was, I don’t have much of an idea besides showing what we all know: Mark Henry is strong.  

@WrestleSarcasm: Raw Roulette is rigged as well. It’s not hard to rig a spinner. 
@iHartMiz: Mark Henry … am I supposed to care
@WrestlingTheory: Mark Henry’s brilliance is not lost on me
@MelinaFan20: Wtf is up with only B choices getting pick.
@LucasSinclairD: This raw isn’t that good

Next up they advertise R-Truth will be coming out to speak.

[Commercial Break 5]

We return from commercial and they show a recap vignette of R-Truth and John Cena.
Truth comes out to the ring and grabs the mic.  The crowd is chanting “You suck.”  Truth says the people in Baltimore have no home training.  Truth says he made a call to himself in his head, last night, he didn’t think it out clearly.   Truth says he got “okie doked” by “Little Jimmy.”  Suddenly Christian’s music hit and he comes walking out.  Christian says he feels where Truths coming from.  Christian says Power to the People is a complete joke.  He says he won the world title and then had to wrestle when he wasn’t 100% and lost because of the people.  He blames horrible audiences, horrible crowd just like Baltimore.  Christian shows footage from last night when he had his foot under the rope when he was pinned.  Christian says he got screwed.  Truth says at least Christian has been champion, he had his title match and he “got got” by Little Jimmy.  Christian asks who Little Jimmy is.  Truth says they don’t have them in Canada.

The Miz’s music hits and he comes walking out.  He calls them a bunch of whiners and crybabies.  Miz says Alex Riley didn’t win his match last night, the referee interfered and handed the match to Riley on a silver platter.  Christian says it’s different, they had actual title shots last night where as Miz couldn’t beat his apprentice.  Miz responds “Really?”  Then they exchange words: “Really really? Riley? Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy.”  Teddy Long’s music hits and he comes walking out.  Teddy says tonights main event will be Christian, R-Truth and the Miz against Randy Orton, John Cena and Alex Riley and the people get to choose what type of match it will be.

@nuer0tica: Watching a replay of R-Truth clock Cena in the head with a water bottle has been the best part of this show. 
@HitTheRopes: Lying ass, crowd. Ya not having fun tonight.
@erinbunuan: Love R Truth on the mic 
@bitterforsweet: I GOT GOT BY LIL JIMMY. 
@JustinRuff: Loving this segment in the ring. 
@ILoVeTheCORRE: OMG!!! I’m dying over here!!!! Lmao! RILEY!, RANDY!, RILEY! RANDY!…. JIMMY!!!!….JIMMY JIMMY JIMMY !!!!

Good segment.  Christian, Miz and Truth all had interesting arguments and were funny as hell about it.  It is very clear this is the way Raw should have opened tonight and that the first hour of the show was just filler to make it stretch to 3 hours.  

Next up will be Kofi Kingston against Dolph Ziggler for the United States title with the match being chosen by the fans as either: 2 out of 3 falls, Vickie Guerrero banned from ringside or a Submission match.

[Commercial break 6]

We return from commercial with Vickie Guerrero coming out to introduce the new US Champion, Dolph Ziggler.
The match, “chosen by the fans” is:  2 out of 3 falls.

Match 4:   Dolph Ziggler vs Kofi Kingston for the US Title ( 2 out of 3 falls ): [12 minutes and 20 seconds]
The match begins very back and forth with both men taking control at different points until Kofi knocks Ziggler to the outside of the ring.  Kofi looks angry and comes outside, grabbing Ziggler and throwing him back into the ring.  Kofi covers but only for a two count.  Kofi locks Ziggler into a backslide but again only a two count.  Kofi climbs on top and begins hammering on Ziggler, then grabs his legs but Ziggler kicks him off and into the ropes.  Kofi runs at Ziggler, but he moves and Kofi spills to the outside of the ring.

[Commercial break 7]

We return from commercial and they inform us that we had the first fall already with Dolph scoring it.  He leads 1 pinfall to none.  Kofi is fighting back, but Ziggler remains dominate landing a modified fame-asser.  Kofi catches Ziggler and slams him hard getting a pinfall.  The match is now tied 2 falls a piece.  The next fall will win or retain the US title.  Ziggler is down on the mat holding his head.  Kofi picks him but Dolph was faking and lands a neck breaker on Kofi then locks in a chinlock.  Ziggler then goes for a dropkick but Kofi catches him, catapulting him into the ring post.  Kofi lands a dropkick, then stomps on Ziggler while he is down for a very close 2 count.  Kofi picks up Ziggler but Ziggler reverses it going for a roll up but Kofi kicks out, climbing to the top rope he lands a splash across the back of Ziggler who kicks out at 2 once again.  Ziggler rolls outside of the ring, grabs the US title but misses hitting Kofi with it.  Kofi lands trouble in paradise and rolls Ziggler back inside the ring, going for the cover but Ziggler gets his hand on the bottom rope.  Ziggler rolls back out and starts trying to go through the crowd, Kofi comes after him and Ziggler cracks him with the microphone.  Kofi is your winner by DQ in 12:20

After the match Ziggler throws Kofi back in the ring but Kofi lays him out with Trouble in Paradise.

@MelinaFan20: Vickie is looking good.
@AprilAnn_: i dont wanna see this match.
@feelingventi: I am perfection shirts available now on wweshop.com and on vickie guerreros bedroom floor
@WEFWrestling: my money on Ziggler to win
@BreakingKayfabe: I guarantee you a fall happens over commercial break so this actual match doesn’t take up any valuable shit segment time.
@LucasSinclairD: A fall during the commercial? Wtf
@TheWRevolution:  So the referee can see TWO FINGERS on the ropes now, but not Christian’s ENTIRE FOOT under the rope last night?!

Great match between these two.  Both can work, and it was certainly entertaining minus the fact that the first fall being scored during the commercial break was pretty cheap.  Either way it is hard to go wrong with these two in the ring.  A lot of great action, best match of the night so far.

They show a recap of Austin last week announcing that this week would be Power to the People and then destroying the anonymous GMs laptop.  Up next will be Alberto Del Rio vs Rey Mysterio vs CM Punk.  The fans will chose the match type:  No DQ, Falls count Anywhere or Submission.

[Commercial break 8]

Back from commercial they tell us that Shawn Michaels will be a special guest next week.  Alberto Del Rio drives out.  Del Rio says lately he has been teaching everybody a lesson about destiny.  He says his victory last night was no accident, it was destiny and that tonight he will win because it is his destiny.  The match stipulation “chosen by the fans” is: Falls Count Anywhere.

[Commercial break 9]

We’re back and CM Punk is making his entrance.  Mysterio is the last out.  Lawler claims WWE has had “hundreds of millions of text votes” which I personally find hard to believe.

Match 5:  Alberto Del Rio vs Rey Mysterio vs CM Punk (Falls Count Anywhere ):
The match begins with Mysterio going after Punk and then Del Rio, attempting to quick covers.  Del Rio gets dumped outside and Punk takes down Mysterio for a two count.  Mysterio sets up Punk for the 619 but Del Rio catches him with a clothesline.   Punk slams Mysterio down outside the ring and goes for a cover on the mat, getting a two count.

[Commercial break 10]

Back from commercial and Punk is in the ring with Rey who flips him down to the mat, drops kicks Del Rio but then gets caught in a back breaker by Punk.  Del Rio grabs Punk and begins going to work on his arm before stomping him to the mat and throwing him into the corner.  Del Rio turns his attention back to Mysterio who lands a few punches and then a flying head scissor off the top rope setting up for the 619 on both Punk and Del Rio but Punk catches him and sets up for the GTS.  Del Rio goes for the cross arm breaker but Punk kicks him in the back of the head.  Punk puts Mysterio on the top rope and climbs up after him, Del Rio powerbombs Punk who simultaneously suplexes Mysterio.  Del Rio covers Mysterio who kicks out, then Punk with the same result.   Del Rio goes for a splash in the corner but Mysterio moves and Del Rio flies outside.  Rey climbs to the top rope and Punk smashes him head first into the turnbuckle, then whips him to the corner.  Rey gets his legs up and climbs to the top, rolling over Punk and then landing a suicide dive on Del Rio.  Mysterio climbs back to the top rope and lands a seated senton on Punk who kicks out.  Mysterio goes for a cross body but Punk moves out of the way and then climbs to the top rope but gets caught by Mysterio.  Mysterio misses a top rope hurricanrana, Del Rio locks in the cross arm breaker but Punk breaks it up.  Punk gets whipped into the corner and catches a hard enziguri from Del Rio, knocking him outside the ring.  Mysterio sets up Del Rio for the 619 and lands it, then climbs to the top rope.  He lands a flying splash but Punk throws him out of the ring, covers Del Rio for the win in 11:31

After the match Punk grabs the mic and sits down in the ring.  He says July 17th, 2011 will be a historic day for the WWE as a whole.  Not only is July 17th the second annual Money in the Bank ladder match PPV but its the night he will defeat John Cena for the WWE title.  The honesty he was talking about is:  July 17th is the day his contract with WWE comes to an end.  “That means when the clock strikes midnight I’m leaving.  And trust me when I tell you I am leaving with the WWE Championship.”

@thatdariachick: IS HE? IS HE? WILL HE? IT’S HBK!!!!!!!!!
@BreakingKayfabe:  I was excited for this match for the thirty seconds between its announcement and the announcement of ReyRey’s inclusion.
@dasharpshooters: must have lost faith in their main event stars because they keep bringing in Legends to get ratings and crowd reactions.
@WEFWrestling: Del Rio vs Mysterio vs CM Punk in a Falls Count Anywhere Lets go Punk
@ILoVeTheCORRE: Come on Del Rio!!!!
@iHartMiz: I got nothing for this match … having rey involved killed its epic momentum from the get go
@Vixentye:  not a fan of Mysterio or Del Rio but man they are putting on a great match.. of course Punk is the main reason eh lol
@AprilAnn_: i think i am now broken hearted.

CM Punk is certainly known for his honestly and for telling it like it is.  I am sure he has gotten in trouble more than once or twice for being as blatantly honest about things as he is.  After another fantastic match, where Mysterio and Del Rio were also tremendous, Punk announces his contract ending.  I don’t think anyone believes he has a chance of winning his match at Money in the Bank, with the way Cena is being booked it doesn’t seem like anybody has a chance.  However, if Punk does indeed leave the WWE this will be a tremendous loss not only for the company but for all the fans out there. 

The next match will be Cody Rhodes vs Daniel Bryan and the fans get to choose the match type:  Paper Bag match, No Count Out match or Collegiate rules match.

[Commercial break 11]

We return from commercial and Daniel Bryan is in the ring.  Cody Rhodes makes his entrance next.  The fans have chosen: No Count Out match.

Match 6:  Cody Rhodes vs Daniel Bryan (No count out): [2 minutes and 27 seconds]
The match begins with Cody in control until Daniel flips him over the top to the outside and then knocks him down with a suicide dive.  They begin fighting on the entrance ramp and Bryan rolls Rhodes back into the ring landing a missile dropkick.  Rhodes takes control and lands a sick kick to Bryan’s head getting a two count off of it.  A decent amount of people in the front row are wearing bags on their heads.  Bryan goes for the label lock but Rhodes grabs his legs and slingshots him.  Rhodes goes for the pin but Bryan locks him into a small package for the win at 2:27.  After the match Rhodes goes at Daniel Bryan but Bryan locks him into the label lock, and Ted DiBiase comes out to get him off.  Then they double team Bryan.  Cody puts a paper bag on his head.

@Lagana:  “I can’t think of a city better for people to wear bags” – Michael Cole about Baltimore. Hey, isn’t Kevin Dunn from Baltimore?
@TheUnratedExp:  Smarks are taking over the polls. Great job 
@neur0tica: That was a disappointingly short match. You know, the usual.

Match was way too short.  Quite certain these guys could put on a show if given the time.  Either way, I have to say, I really enjoy the more evil persona of Cody Rhodes, it really works for him.

Next up is going to be Vickie Guerrero in a Dance Competition against either Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler or Booker T.

[Commercial break 12]

Back from commercial and they recap Kelly Kelly winning the divas title earlier in the night, then showing Mark Henry vs Kane in the arm wrestling match and CM Punk winning the triple threat match.

Vickie Guerrero is in the ring with Stryker.  Vickie says she used to be a dancer and that her name used to be “Peaches.”  She says to hit the music and brings Stryker over, slapping him on the butt and then she kisses him.  The fans select, as her opponent:  Michael Cole.    Cole gets in the ring and demonstrates one of the most disturbing dances I’ve ever witnessed in my life.  The crowd selects the winner by cheers, and Michael Cole is the winner (for getting the loudest boos.)  Vickie looks angry, walks over to Michael Cole and slaps him in the face accusing him of cheating.  She then yells “I’m the winner!” several times before leaving the ring.

The Main event is next, Cena, Riley and Orton vs Truth, Miz & Christian with the fans choosing the match type:  One fall to a Finish, 20 Minute time limit or an Elimination Match.

[Commercial break 13]

Back from commercial.  Truth makes his entrance first.  The crowd cheers “Little Jimmy.”  Next out is Christian followed by the Miz.  Alex Riley comes out first for the opposition, then Orton who gets a nice pop, followed by Cena who gets a chorus of boos from some and cheers from others.  The fans chose and Elimination match.

[Commercial break 14]

Match 7:  Cena / Orton / Riley vs Truth / Christian / Miz (Elimination Match):
The match begins with Cena and Miz in the ring, they exchange hammer locks and headlocks a few times until Cena whips Miz into the corner and catches him with a bulldog.  He then tags in Orton who takes Miz to the corner and lands a huge uppercut on him.  Miz reverses the irish whip but Orton runs him down with a clothesline and then lands a knee on Miz.  Miz managed to get a tag into Christian who comes in and begins stomping Orton but Orton fights his way out only to get caught with a knee to the gut and a 2 count.  Christian drags Orton to the corner and stomps him down, then Miz chokes him while the referee is distracted.  Christian lands a neck breaker but again only gets a 2 count.  R-Truth gets tagged in and he lands a solid kick to the gut of Orton.  Truth tags Christian back in who goes for the killswitch but Orton reverses it, going for the RKO but Christian reverses that and brings him down to the mat.  Christian goes for the spear but Orton turns it into a powerslam and tries getting to the corner, eventually making the tag to Alex Riley who runs in and begins hammering Christian and landing a hard spinebuster.  He runs over and knocks the Miz off the apron.  Christian catches Riley, Miz runs in and both men attack Riley until the ref clears how.  Miz lands his skull crushing finale on Riley and Christian gets the pin.  Riley is eliminated.

[Commercial break 15]

We return and Miz is in the ring with Orton.  Orton is down on the mat and Miz is landing punches and elbows.  Miz charges at Orton but gets leveled with a clothesline.  Orton crawls to the corner and tags in Cena who runs in and begins his 4 moves of doom sequence but Miz avoids the attitude adjustment and lands a neck breaker.  Miz comes off the top rope and gets caught in the STF but R-Truth makes the save.  Christian is pounding Cena in the corner while the referee is distracted.  Miz gets up and stomps Cena, choking him on the bottom rope and then tagging in Christian.  Cena fights away from Christian but is quickly knocked down to the mat.  Christian tags in R-Truth who goes to work on Cena now.  Truth goes for a suplex but Cena reverses it and both men are down.  Cena crawls into the corner and reaches for Orton but Truth grabs his legs and pulls him back, Cena kicks him off and Truth tags in the Miz who cuts Cena off before he can tag in Orton.  Miz sets up for the skull crushing finale, waiting for Cena to get up.  Cena fights out of it and lands an attitude adjustment, pinning Miz and eliminating him.

Truth rushes back into the ring and begins stomping Cena.  Cena backdrops Truth who tags Christian back in.  Cena picks up Christian but he fights out of it and climbs to the top rope.  Christian goes for a splash but Cena rolls out of the way.  Cena makes a tag to Orton and Christian to R-Truth who comes in and begins getting destroyed by Orton.  Orton lands a spike DDT on Truth and sets up for the RKO.  Christian sneaks in and goes for the killswitch, Orton knocks him over the top rope, R-Truth goes for an axe kick but Orton lands the RKO and pins him, eliminating R-Truth.  Christian lands a spear and pins Randy Orton, eliminating him.  Only Christian and Cena remain.  Orton lands an RKO when the ref isn’t looking and Cena locks in the STF for the win via submission at 19:57.

@IAmWWEMan: Peeps > Vipers
@Vixentye: oh great here comes Cena and his 3 move sets tripping to the ring… great bore me to death
@dasharpshooters: I wish John Cena’s contract expired on July 17.
@WrestlingTheory:  R-Truth and Christian is a buddy comedy waiting to happen.
@FakeGorilla: They definitely had to reinforce the ring for this giant 6-man tag match. It’s gonna be a happening.
@WrestleSarcasm: Spioler: It turns into a 3 on 1 match, Cena beats them all.
@RegalSays: These guys need supplies from the ACME Corporation if they want a chance at beating Cena/Orton.
@Smarkrage:  you have got to be fucking kidding me

The main event was decent enough until the last minute or two when the typical and predictable ending was rolled out.  There is a certain level of frustration that goes into knowing when John Cena is in a match he will always fight he way back and end up winning.  However, it was an entertaining Raw and the one thing holding it back from 4 stars is the fact that the first hour was such an absolute abomination.  3 out of 5 stars. 

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