The Matt Hardy Drama

Matt Hardy’s DWI arrest leads to his release from TNA

Earlier this afternoon news reports came out that former WWE and current TNA wrestler Matt Hardy had been arrested for a DWI.  This was but another spark in what is already a firestorm of controversy surrounding Matt and his brother Jeff.  Over the past few years this family has not been able to get themselves out of the negative spotlight.  From Jeff’s issues with drugs to Matt’s seemingly insane youtube segments some of which were recorded apparently while intoxicated.  From most fan’s perspectives Matt Hardy has been on a collision course with rock bottom for quite some time now.  Many of the past incidents have become fodder for comedy and Matt has even gotten himself involved with the heckling of wrestling fans from time to time.

Following his exit from WWE it became clear that Matt would arrive in TNA at some point in time.  His arrival was discussed as though it would be a second coming but it became more of the same.  The creative structure of TNA aside it became clear that Matt had some demons which he was battling and these demons were now bringing themselves more to the forefront.  TNA itself took a lot of flack not only for staying quiet about these issues but for even employing Matt in the first place.  Everyone can easily recall the drama storm which kicked up when Jeff captured the TNA world title while embroiled in a legal case involving drugs.  Matt came in after his brother and brought his own brand of controversy with him.

Matt is no stranger to controversy as many will recall.  It was his much publicized behind the scenes issues with Adam Copeland (Edge) and former girlfriend Amy Dumas (Lita) which eventually lead to his release and then rehire in WWE.  Ultimately the behind the scenes love triangle became an angle which was manipulated in order to bring in viewers.  At this point in time Matt was receiving massive love from the fans and it seemed that perhaps he could rise anywhere.  However after subsequent days in WWE and a general feeling of discontent for Mr. Hardy he began seeking release from his contract and was ultimately granted it which lead to his inevitable arrival in TNA.

The straw which broke the camels back was this recent DWI which occurred while Matt was under suspension from TNA.  Technically his suspension is for consistent tardiness though many backstage would admit to it being more about his behavior and certain videos released.  TNA has taken a step in the right direction by distancing themselves from this issue and releasing him which will hopefully guide him to some sort of recovery program.  It seems clear that this is a man in turmoil.

Every year wrestlers die before their time and that list gets longer and more star studded everyday.  Some of the greatest names in the history of this business have died due to drugs or alcohol related issues.  It is hard to feel pity for Matt after he is arrested for a DWI when the heart attack while driving death of Randy Savage is so fresh in our minds.  It seems inconceivable to imagine that Matt doesn’t know all of these things and has not seen what this business and addictions can do.  Granted addictions are not something you can just turn off.  Hopefully this will be a wakeup call that will shake him out of whatever haze his brain is currently in and show him the error of his ways.  It would indeed be a terrible thing to see his name added to that list of lost wrestlers and hopefully this is his rock bottom and not some future incident.  It is clear he has a following and that they are very supportive of him.  He will need that support now more than ever.

This business loves a comeback, and with a clear head and physical drive Matt has shown before that he can have what it takes.  Here is hoping he gets it back together.  This is an issue which has drawn the ire of many fans as it appears as a total lack of understanding and awareness of your environment to behave in this way, however, none of us know to what extent Matt is suffering and can only wish him the best in all of his future endeavors.  Hopefully rehab is in that future.


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