SummerSlam Predictions

SummerSlam is less than two hours away and there is no better time to post my SummerSlam predictions.  Keep in mind all predictions I make here are not based around how I would do it or what I want to see but what I believe will happen based around the development of current storylines, future WWE plans and with WWE’s past booking decisions in mind.

Daniel Bryan vs Wade Barrett:

A year ago Daniel Bryan returned at SummerSlam to help team WWE in a fruitless effort against the Nexus.  It is somewhat odd it has taken a year for this match to roll around.  Several things have to be considered when looking at this match.  First, Daniel Bryan is holding the Smackdown Money in the Bank briefcase and second of all Wade Barrett has been getting cooled off and pushed aside by WWE for a while now.  These two are certainly in a position to put on an entertaining match, assuming WWE affords them the time to do it by not throwing in too many surprise matches.  Daniel is rising, his Money in the Bank victory and subsequent announcement of his main event title shot at next years Wrestlemania lead me to believe that ultimately Daniel Bryan has to win this match.  There is nothing in it for him to lose and Barrett simply is not on top of the roster like he was last year.  It seems almost as if the creative team just doesn’t know where to put him in the first place which makes me believe this is not a feud they are looking to prolong.  If this is a be all end all match then the only decision that would make sense is to put over your money in the bank winner and begin building a platform that makes him appear as strong as possible.

Winner:  Daniel Bryan

Sheamus vs Mark Henry:

WWE has spared no opponent in making Mark Henry appear as the badass destroyer that is rolling over the big men in WWE without a problem.  Sheamus has stepped up to try and stop this juggernaut figure and to put an end to his vicious ways.  WWE gets behind Henry every year or two and pushes him like a monster but ultimately lose interest in him for whatever the reason may be.  Sheamus is on the edge of a face turn for those who have been paying attention and his recent appearance on Conan O’Brien appeared as almost a test run to see if he could, as a face, be someone to carry some public relations responsibilities.  The general consensus appears to be that he can indeed.   With all of the time, effort and superstars they have sacrificed to Henry it would be extremely counterproductive to end his big man push right now.  Henry has been destroying guys after their matches and putting them “on the shelf” for unknown amounts of time.  The intelligent move here would be for Sheamus to get in some good offense and to look big before Henry ultimately pulls out the victory.  Then, after the match, when Henry goes to injure Sheamus he will either manage to escape or fight back.  Let the crowd get some sympathy for the Celtic Warrior, believing he is going to be injured just like all those before him, and then give them the pop of him fighting his way out of it and standing tall in defeat.

Winner:  Mark Henry

Divas Title Match – Kelly Kelly vs Beth Phoenix:

I feel like for the past few weeks I have spoken about the divas division more than I have in the past few years and this is based around two things:  The drama surrounding the Gail Kim situation and the shining light of hope that this Beth Phoenix / Natalya / Divas of Doom storyline gives me.  I’ve heard rumor that the idea is for the more experienced, better in ring performing WWE divas to carry the title and to make the less talented, eye candy divas to be made to look better because of them.  I certainly hope this isn’t exactly the truth.  Beth Phoenix was once a dominate, tough, imposing diva within this company and the time is absolutely here for her to regain that title and return some credibility to it (credibility which was damaged when Eve won it, crippled when the Bellas won it and ultimately killed when Kelly Kelly won it.)  If the WWE has any ounce of respect or interest in this division they have to give the title to Beth.  Considering the time they’ve given Beth recently (more than 15 seconds) it seems to only make sense that she will win and that the divas division will be granted a little more time even if that is at a minimum.  Kelly Kelly does not look like a woman who could beat Beth nor does she possess the technical in ring skill to finish the job so if she were to win it would be, in my opinion, yet another nail in the casket for this divas division.  Beth has many more places to go with this title than Kelly Kelly has.

New WWE Divas Champion:  Beth Phoenix 

World Heavyweight Title – No Holds Barred – Christian vs Randy Orton:

Someone refresh my memory, didn’t we see this match already?  Like twelve times already?  Oh it’s no holds barred now, that makes it different.  Right?  These two have put on some excellent matches together but the intrigue is absolutely slipping away from it.  It reminds me of the John Cena vs Randy Orton feud that headlined like five PPVs in a row last year.  You’ve beaten this horse to death and though both men have played their parts well it is time for the storyline to end.  There is only one way in which this storyline can end and that is for the main attraction of Smackdown, Randy Orton, to recapture the title and move onto his next opponent (Mark Henry anyone?)  Christian will lose this match, Orton will probably get in an RKO on an announce table after Christian does a lot of dirty, underhanded things to him, but ultimately the viper will win out.  Orton will move on to feud with Henry for the next two or three PPVs and Christian will probably begin sliding down the roster.  I could easily see a heel Christian working with a face Sheamus in the near future though.  For the mercy of my eyes, for the sake of anyone who has already seen this so many times before and to keep these two performers from getting stale, let it end at SummerSlam.

New World Heavyweight Champion:  Randy Orton

Champion vs Champion – CM Punk vs John Cena w/ Special Referee Triple H:

So we’ve come to the main event, the match that everyone has been waiting for (and the main reason I ordered this PPV at all.)  Champion vs Champion plays out tonight and the “undisputed WWE champion” will be crowned.  Undisputed is probably unlikely the way that I see this match evolving.  Cena and Punk showed us at Money in the Bank that they can pull this off and they can make it an awesome match.  The only downside is there is no way they can live up to that match, or at least a very slim chance that they can do it.  This will be a good match, hands down, but it is going to suffer from several factors, one of which is the inclusion of Triple H who will no doubt be involved to some degree.  At least he’ll yell at Punk or Cena when they refuse to break a hold and he has to make them break it.  It’s a spot we’ve all seen a million times before.  The storyline going into this has been amazing and the crowd split between Cena and Punk is definitely entertaining.  The pure fact of the matter is I have two possible outcomes here (don’t worry, I will ultimately choose one.)  Outcome #1:  Triple H turns full heel and costs John Cena this match showing that he has in fact teamed up with CM Punk and that it was a plan between the two of them to get the title from Cena and get rid of Vince McMahon.  Outcome #2:  Triple H “accidentally” costs John Cena this match.  There is some kind of interference or weapon play which leads to Triple H meaning to attack Punk but he accidentally connects with Cena and this leads to the 1-2-3.  Following the match I could easily see CM Punk turning on Triple H to show that he is still his own man and after laying him out, he stands tall with the title (until Alberto Del Rio comes out and cashes in Money in the Bank.)

Undisputed WWE Champion:  CM Punk

Keep an eye out for Alberto Del Rio to cash in his briefcase at this show and bear in mind, if he does, he is probably going to win.  WWE has an upcoming tour of Mexico and Del Rio has been slated to win that title for months.  If they put Punk, Cena and Triple H all at odds with each other more than they were before coming into this show it would make sense.  Plus there would be a continued storyline of who gets a rematch against Del Rio since Cena will argue he lost because of Triple H and Punk will argue he was the undisputed champion even if only for a few moments.

No matter what Summerslam will be amazing.  I will be on twitter tweeting along so join me there @OneCountKickout !


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