Monday Night Raw – June 27

Tonight Raw is LIVE from Las Vegas, NV
Featuring the return of Raw Roulette and special guest Shawn Michaels.
Your announce team is Jerry Lawler and Michael Cole.

The show opens showing Booker T spinning the Raw Roulette wheel.

Back to the arena, Shawn Michaels music hits and he comes dancing out.  Shawn makes his way to the ring, grabs the mic and tells the crowd he just couldn’t stay away.  He says it is tough to just stop after twenty years of doing something.  He says he’s not the Raw guest host, but he is bothered how guest hosts are always here to plug something.  Then he plus his new show.

Suddenly CM Punk’s music hits and he comes walking out with McGillicutty and Otunga of the new Nexus who make their way to the ring.  The crowd begins booing and Punk smiles, grabbing a mic himself.  Punk tells Shawn his personality is too addictive to stay away.  Punk says July 17th will be his last day and he’s happy to be leaving.  Shawn says it sounds win win since no one will have to hear from him anymore.  Punk tells Shawn that win is what Shawn didn’t do, he lost to the Undertaker and went out a loser.  Punk says he is going to leave at the WWE Champion.  Punk says it is sad that the crowd would rather cheer for the past instead of begging for the future to stay.  Shawn says they cheer him because they know he’s better than Punk.  Punk says “you were better than me.”  No one can hold a candle to him, like no one could hold a candle to Shawn back then.  He asks if that’s a challenge.  Punk says they’re a lot alike.  Shawn says they’re not alike.  Shawn says “we don’t smoke, we don’t drink, we don’t do drugs” to which Punk responds “anymore.”  HBK lands sweet chin music on Otunga.

The anonymous GM chimes in now.  He says that since Punk only has three Raws left so they’re going to make them count.  Punk is going to have the first match tonight on Raw roulette.  They cut to Booker T who spins the wheel.  It lands on a question mark.  Booker tells Punk that means he has a mystery opponent, and that opponent is Kane.  Punk looks surprised.  Kane makes his way out to the ring.

@BritBoJangles: Ugg….I just want you to go away Shawn! PLEASE!
@PinfallMagazine: Man that guy had some f’n epics! 
@LucasSinclairD: I want to see some Sweet Chin Music 
@Barr66: Woo CM Punk! This is about to get awesome

[Commercial break 1]

Match 1:  CM Punk vs Kane: [4 minutes and 17 seconds]
Kane starts on the offensive, throwing CM Punk over the top rope, following him outside and dropping him on the barricade.  Throwing him back in the ring he begins stomping him in the corner, then snapmare and dropkick to the face.  Kane dominating picks punk up and lands a side slam for a two count.  Finally Punk snaps Kane’s head on the top rope, then gets caught for a chokeslam but kicks his way out of it.  Punk is now stomping on Kane, getting him the corner and delivering several kicks.  Finally Kane lands a big boot, taking Punk down.  Making his way to the top rope, Punk catches him with a punch, delivers a few elbows and goes for a superplex but Kane holds on.  He punches Punk off but Punk rolls out of the ring and decided to walk to the lockeroom.  The referee begins counting him out, leaving Kane to win in 4:17.

@Vixentye:  hear those CM Punk chants… yeah baby!
@dasharpshooters: Those anti Kane chants were really loud
@BritBoJangles: Why does Kane only rock the one contact every so often? 
@thatdariachick: That was pitful. 

They show us that later tonight Big Show will face Alberto Del Rio, and John Cena will go against R-Truth.  The roulette wheel will choose all matches.

[Commercial break 2]

The show returns, promoting WWE’s website poker playing game.  Sin Cara’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring.  Evan Bourne is out next.  The Roulette wheel selects: No Countout.

Match 2:  Evan Bourne vs Sin Cara (No countouts): [4 minutes and 52 seconds]
Both men exchange arm drags with Bourne getting the advantage.  They continue to exchange moves and reversals until Cara flips Bourne with the help of the top rope, delivers a few kicks and then does a huge corkscrew arm drag.  Both men now head outside the ring, stare at each other and then roll back inside.  Sin Cara has the advantage here, Bourne sliding back outside the ring.  Sin Cara lands a massive suicide dive.  Cara grabs Evan and goes to slam him but Bourne reverses it into a hurricanrana.  Bourne grabs Sin Cara and throws him back into the ring.  Bourne rolls up Sin but only for a two count.  Cara gets his own little roll up but Bourne kicks out at 2 and then delivers a knee to his jaw for another two count.  Bourne lands a standing moonsault for another nearfall.  Bourne goes for airbourne, missing.  Cara swings him around and gets the pin at 4:52.

@WrestleSarcasm: Sin Cara! Job it good for me please. 
@TheRealXpac: Ok, Im in front of the tv in time for Sin Cara. Lets hope they dont dim the damn lights for the whole match
@Lagana: You voted for it… Tonight you get it. Sin Cara vs. Evan Bourne. 
@WrestlingTheory: Tune in to see Sin Cara sell his knee 

Sin Cara celebrates in the ring while Evan Bourne continues to sell outside.  We see Kofi Kingston standing with Booker T by the roulette wheel.  Booker says the anonymous GM is allowing him to spin the wheel to see what kind of a match he’ll have with Dolph Ziggler.  Vickie Guerrero shows up and spins the wheel instead.  The wheel lands on:  Player’s Choice (which means Kofi gets to pick the match.)  Kofi chooses the match he voted for last week:  No Vickie Guerrero at ringside.

[Commercial break 3]

We return from commercial and they tell us the Raw Money in the Bank competitors:  Mysterio, Kingston, Evan Bourne, Del Rio, Jack Swagger, Miz, Riley, R-Truth.

Kofi makes his entrance first.  Vickie Guerrero comes out and gets some major heat from the crowd.  She begins to introduce Dolph but some referees come out and tell her she’s not allowed out here.  Dolph Ziggler comes out next.

Match 3:  Dolph Ziggler vs Kofi Kingston: [7 minutes and 36 seconds]
The bell rings and Dolph rolls out of the ring to leave but Kofi catches him, throwing him back in the ring.  Ziggler fights back, both men head to the outside where Kofi takes control until Ziggler runs him into the ring post.

[Commercial break 4]

We return from commercial to find Ziggler dominating Kofi in the ring, locking in a headlock.  The crowd begins cheering for Kofi who begins fighting his way out, reversing Ziggler into the corner but missing a big splash.  Ziggler lands a legdrop to the back of Kofi’s head getting a close two count.  Ziggler picks up Kofi, who throws a few big kicks, then reverses a hold from Ziggler and gets a two count.  Kofi throws some more kicks and punches but catches a boot to the face from Ziggler.  Kofi lands trouble in paradise from out of nowhere for the win at 7:36.

@justinruff: Vickie banned from ringside? Nooooooooo!!
@Nuer0tica: I’d be better able to pretend this wasn’t rigged if they weren’t making it so blatantly obvious that it is.
@TheHistoryofWWE: Wait, didn’t Vickie Guerrero do the spinning? So how come @TrueKofi gets to pick the stip for spinner’s choice?
@SmarkingOut: Lawler is an asshole. Look in a fucking mirror for once! YOU’RE FATTER THAN VICKIE! 
@TheUnratedEXP: Awesome finishing sequence by Ziggler and Kingston!

We see Booker backstage with Maryse.  Booker talks about the match we just saw when Del Rio shows up and asks why he has to face the Big Show again.  Maryse says she agrees with Del Rio, since he already beat the Big Show at capitol punishment.  Alberto asks Maryse to spin the wheel for him, since maybe she’ll bring him some good luck.  Maryse spins and Del Rio will face the Big Show in a: steel cage match.  Del Rio gets angry and Maryse walks off.  Booker says “TELL ME she did NOT just spin that?”

[Commercial break 5]

We return from commercial with the steel cage down around the ring and the announcer runs through the rules for us.  Alberto Del Rio is out first.  After his 3 minute entrance, Big Show’s music hits and he comes charging out.

Match 4:  Alberto Del Rio vs the Big Show (Steel Cage): [5 minutes and 15 seconds]
The match begins with Del Rio trying to escape immediately but Big show takes him down, then smashing him into the cage wall.  Del Rio gets control when he delivers a few kicks to Big Show’s injured knee.  Del Rio continues punishing the limb with Big Show down in the middle of the ring.  Suddenly Mark Henry begins making his way down the ramp.  He begins circling the ring and can be heard yelling “I do what I want to do.”  Del Rio still has Big Show in a toe hold.  Big Show kicks his way out and then clotheslines Del Rio down.  He locks in for the chockeslam but again Del Rio kicks his knee and then delivers a DDT.  Cover but only a two count.  Big show puts Del Rio on the top rope and sets up, then delivers a massive superplex.  Both men are down.  Mark Henry begins trying to get into the cage.  Henry rips the door off the cage and carries it into the ring with him.  He lands a big boot on the Big Show while Del Rio crawls out, winning the match in 5:15.

After the match, Henry picks the door back up and rams it into Big Show who goes crashing through the side of the cage.  Henry then begins yelling “You think I’m playing?!”  The referees all come out to keep Henry away from Big Show but Henry tells them to stay back.  He asks “What’cha gonna do, fire me?”  Henry then shoves the announce table.

@ILoVeTheCORRE: I’ve said it once I’ll say it again…- FUCKING love Del Rio!
@KirasCabana: Del Rio, no one is even in your way. Must you beep the horn like an obnoxious dbag with road rage?
@TheUnratedEXP: So Big Show wasn’t on RAW last week because of a leg injury, but now he’s running to the ring?
@PinfallMagazine:  Henry going to pull the cage off its hinges?
@Wnewsarena: Henry attacks Show allowing for Del Rio to escape the cage and win.

[Commercial break 6]

We return and they show us again what just happened between Henry and Big Show.  The crowd really seems to be into it.  Then, they show us that during the commercial the Big Show had to be helped to the back.

Kelly Kelly’s music hits and she comes out with her newly acquired Divas title.  This match is not for the title and her opponent is Nikki Bella.  Booker T spins the wheel and match they will compete in is:  submission match.

Match 5:  Nikki Bella vs Kelly Kelly (submission match): [1 minute and 12 seconds]
The match begins with Nikki in control.  She begins working on her arm, gets her down on the mat and is twisting it while Kelly screams.  Kelly Kelly takes down Nikki, locks in the boston crab for the win in 1:12.  After the match both Bella twins begin beating down Kelly who gets saved by Eve.

@FlawlessXtina: Kelly looks great with that title 🙂
@ILoVeTheCORRE: Wow, no pillow fight??? Shocked…
@johnreport: Kelly vs. Nikki Submission match. Armbar. Boston Crab. That was the whole match. Less than a minute. Worst submission match ever.
@MajorMagnus: A submission match ends that early? Hadn’t even finished heatin my hotpockets

[Commercial break 7]

We return from commercial to see a recap of Andy Leavine winning Tough Enough with Andy talking about the experience.

Booker T is standing with Rey Mysterio, the wheel is spinning to see what match he’ll be in:  Tornado match.  DDP comes walking out holding the very best of Nitro DVD.  Drew McIntyre comes over and tells them they need to leave or they’ll be leaving on stretches.  Suddenly HBK delivers sweet chin music.  HBK says he’s never seen any of it, he was working when Nitro aired.  Booker says he’ll send him a copy.

[Commercial break 8]

Match 6:  Rey Mysterio &  Alex Riley vs The Miz & Swagger (Tornado Match): [11 minutes and 41 seconds]
The match starts, all four men in the ring.  Miz and Riley / Mysterio and Swagger going at it in opposite corners.  The heels are in control.  Miz crushes Mysterio with a clothesline, then Riley does one to Miz and Swagger does one to him.  Miz goes outside the ring and stomps Riley while swagger crushes Mysterio in the corner.  Swagger lands the Swagger bomb on Rey but only for a two count.  Miz gets to the top rope but Mysterio pushes Swagger into the corner and then Riley crushes them both before swinging Mysterio into them. Swagger rolls outside and Mysterio lands a seated senton.  Riley does a hiptoss to the Miz off the rop rope.

[Commercial break 9]

We return from commercial to find Miz and Riley battling in the ring.  Swagger comes up behind Riley and begins pounding on him.  Riley fights back, rolling up the Miz but swagger breaks it up.  Mysterio comes off the top rope, Swagger catches him and then throws him onto Miz’s knee for a two count.  Mysterio begins fighting back but Miz flattens him with a DDT while Swagger works on Riley in the corner.  Riley though dumps Swagger over the top rope, and Miz sends Riley out after him.  Miz goes for a superplex on Mysterio but Mysterio blocks it, shoves him off lands a seated senton, blocks a Swagger clothesline and goes back to work on the Miz.  Mysterio goes for the 619 but Swagger pulls him out of the ring.  Riley comes in, hitting a spinebuster on Swagger but Miz breaks up the pin attempt.  A lot of nearfalls in this match so far.  Riley and Miz both go spilling over the top rope, Swagger runs Mysterio over with a big boot.  Swagger goes for the gutwrench suplex but Mysterio goes for the 619.  Swagger catches him and puts him in the ankle lock while Miz chokes him.  Riley pulls Miz off the apron and then slams Miz on the outside barricade.  This time Mysterio lands his 619, Riley lands a brain buster and Mysterio lands a splash for the pin at 11:41. 

@BreakingKayfabe: Self. High. Five.
@smarkingout: Diamond Dallas Page Mother Fucker! YEAH!
@Vixentye: Alex Riley looks like he could be Lex Luger son with that penis hair cut, hermit crab eyes and stupid smirk on his gross face!
@IAmWWEman: This is a whirlwind RAW! Some good moments but it’s all a little to crammed and fast. I think cause they’re taping two RAW’s
@GlamHartDelRio: THE MIZ!!! 
@nuer0tica: WWE knew how much I like all three guys in the ring, so they had to ruin it with Rey. Thanks
@TheUnratedExp: Hip Toss from the top rope! Alex Riley showing some fire tonight!
@PinfallMagazine: Probably the TV match of the Week right there, but it’s early in that race.

Booker T tells R-Truth to spin the wheel for his match with Cena.  The wheel lands on a tables match.  Truth says he can dig that, tonight John Cena is gonna get got.  He says all the little jimmies know what he is saying.  

[Commercial break 10]

We return from commercial with the ring announcer explaining the rules.  R-Truth comes out first.  The crowd pops loud for Cena initially, then a lot of boos can be heard.  Mixed crowd.

Match 7:  R-Truth vs John Cena (Tables match): [5 minutes and 15 seconds]
The match begins with R-Truth throwing punches and kicks with Cena down on the mat.  Cena quickly reverses things with a fisherman’s suplex to Truth.  He heads out to get a table but R-Truth catches him with a shot to the head and then rolls him back in.  After a few holds exchanged, Cena lands a horrendous looking dropkick on Truth.  Cena goes for the Attitude Adjustment but Truth reverses it and takes Cena down. He then brings a table into the ring.  Truth sets the table in the corner and attempts to suplex Cena but gets reversed.  Truth charges at Cena who pulls down the top rope and sends him flipping outside.  Cena follows and throws him into the steps then walks over to get a different table.  Cena throws the table in the ring, and then R-Truth.  CM Punk comes running out and moves the table so that Cena misses with his AA attempt.  Punk and Cena begin brawling outside the ring.  Both men go into the ring and Truth tackles Cena into a table for the win in 5:15.

After the match Punk grabs a microphone and walks to the top of the entrance ramp.  Punk says he has a lot of things he wants to get off his chest.  He doesn’t hate Cena, he actually likes Cena.  He just hates this idea that Cena is “the best.”  He says Cena is not the best, he is.  CM Punk says the one thing Cena is better at is “Kissing Vince McMahons ass.”  He says he’s as good at it as Hogan was, although Dwayne is better.  Punk says he is the best wrestler in the world and has been since day one.  He’s been looked down at because he was a Paul Heyman guy.  He says he is going to leave with the WWE Championship.  Punk says he has grasped so many of McMahon’s brass rings that he now understands they are fake and the only real thing is him.  He is the best on the microphone, in the ring and on commentary.  Yet, no matter how many times he proves it, he’s not on cups, not on programs, he’s barely promoted, he doesn’t get to be in movies, he’s not on the Wrestlemania poster, he’s not in the shows opening, he’s not on Conan and Jimmy.  He says the fact that Dwayne is in the main event of Wrestlemania next year and not him makes him sick.  He says to those of you who are cheering him right are the biggest part of him leaving.  Punk says maybe he’ll go to New Japan Pro Wrestling, maybe he’ll go back to Ring of Honor.  He then waves to Colt Cabana.  He says Vince McMahon is going to make money, he should be a billionaire but he is not because he surrounds himself with glad handing yes men like John Laurenitis that tell him everything he wants to hear.  The company will get taken over by his idiotic daughter and stupid son in law.  Punk says he wants to tell us a story about Vince McMahon but they cut his microphone off.  He stands there yelling to the camera but you can’t hear him.  The camera just goes black.

I haven’t said much tonight, but I will say this.  If you did not see this, find it online.  I cannot describe how amazing this promo was.  Truly.

@TheRealXPac: Truth is priceless with this new persona. Little Jimmies all around the world are conspiring:)
@IAmWWEman: Booker T thinks R-Truth is crazy. Coming from the man who teamed with Goldust, Talked to his Hand, and Was King Bookah!  
@AprilAnn_: God r-truth is epic. Noone understands! Lol. 
@nuer0tica: its a strange feeling to actually be cheering for Truth in a match.  
@Vixentye: I love how Cena narrowed his moves down to 2 now, it’s run back and forth to the ropes, tire the opponent out and hit the AA! lol 
@Alkaline_Perez: ♞Punk wearing an Austin shirt!!! hahaha♞
@FutureWWEDiva: Really!? Come on WWE! Can you not take the fact that everything CM Punk is saying is true!

This show was 3 out of 5 stars, CM Punk’s promo was 5 out of 5 stars.


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