Monday Night Raw – June 20th

Raw is LIVE from Baltimore, MD
Tonight is the 3 hour special “Power to the People”
Your announce team is: Jerry Lawler, Michael Cole & Booker T

The show opens with pyro followed by the entrance of CM Punk.  He enters the ring, grabs the mic and sits down in the middle.  He says he would not trust any of the crowd with the content of the program.  He jokes that they chose to live in Baltimore, and that they can move.  He says they cannot make decisions that guide his career and he is the best wrestler in the world.  CM Punk says he wants the anonymous Raw GM to make it officially known he is the number 1 contender for the WWE championship.  He wants the match at Money in the Bank in his home town.  He says he is not leaving the ring until the match is made official.  The email sound chimes, Michael Cole gets up to read it and Punk tells him to get on with it.  And I quote: “Mr Punk I understand your demands and I will certainly take them under consideration.  However, right now, I’ll ask you to leave the ring.”  Punk says he won’t, the GM chimes back in and says he suggests he leaves the ring right now.  Punk says you can watch him make snow angels in the ring.  The anonymous GM says he was going to name him number 1 contender later but since he feels disrespected Punk will wrestle Alberto Del Rio and the winner will be the number one contender.  Punk keeps talking and the GM adds in Rey Mysterio to make it a triple threat match.

The first match for fans to vote on is:  Brie Bella defending the divas title against either: Eve, Kelly Kelly or Beth Phoenix.

@Relentless_J: Hahahaha CM Punk. Mocking Cole 
@iHartMiz:  He is the first superstar to add in a she when referring to the GM
@PhoenixLives: Give it to Punk!

Interesting segment, Punk is always classic on the microphone though this really fails to live up to the hype that was built around speculation over what he’d say tonight.  Either way it is hard to complain about CM Punk.

[Commercial break 1]

We return from commercial with the Bella Twins coming out to the ring.   The winner of the vote was: Kelly Kelly

Match 1:  Brie Bella vs Kelly Kelly (Divas Championship): [3 minutes and 3 seconds]
The match begins with Brie dominating after knocking Kelly Kelly to the outside of the ring.  Brie stomps Kelly in the corner and Nikki is talking trash to her from the outside.  Brie slams Kelly down but Kelly fights back, slamming Brie’s head into the canvas and then landing a Lou Thesz press.  Brie regains control by landing a DDT, but gets caught in the corner.  Kelly reverses a rollup and wins, becoming your new Divas Champion in 3:03

@SandoraElite: Okay this is obviously preplanned. Nobody likes Kelly Dumbass Kelly
@HitTheRopes: That outcome was so surprising. Next thing the WWE tells us is that the world is round. 
@BryaninWWE: Kelly is a former Divas Champion?? When?? I don’t remember, TBH 
@ILoveTheCORRE: K2 instead of Beth Phoenix…wtf?
@thatdariachick: ARE YOU…..NO…..THIS ISN’T…..NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

Honestly can’t understand this choice, Kelly has a very small arsenal of moves although this is just another large statement from WWE about how little they think of their Divas.  The general consensus on twitter seems to be dislike to this result.  Terrible match, Kelly performed about 3 offensive moves.

Lawler gets in the ring and talks to Kelly who is crying and promises to be a good champion.  They then air an Evan Bourne vignette.
The next match is Evan Bourne vs your choice of Jack Swagger, Mason Ryan or Sin Cara.

[Commercial break 2] 

We return from commercial with Evan Bourne making his entrance.  The opponent chosen “by the fans” is:  Mason Ryan

Match 2:  Evan Bourne vs Mason Ryan: [4 minutes and 1 second]
The match begins with Ryan challenging Bourne.  Evan rolls around and keeps moving dodging a clothesline from Ryan and throwing a few kicks at him.  Bourne slides through his legs but Ryan lands a hard shot to the back followed by some shoulder rams in the corner.  Ryan whips him to the corner then scoops him up and delivers two back breakers followed by a fall away slam.  He begins kicking Evan while he is down and then choking him on the middle rope.  Bourne swings a big kick and connects with Ryan, followed by several others in the corner.  A “Batista” chant breaks out.  Mason Ryan picks up Bourne and slams him down hard.  Ryan puts Bourne on top rope, Evan fights back, rolling up Ryan but he kicks out.  Bourne goes for a flying elbow but Ryan catches and slams him for the pin at 4:01

@SmarkingOut: Fact: If Swagger gets picked I’m not watching the rest of the show.
@FlawlessXtina: Ok, That was Rigged. Mason Ryan won? WTF?
@nuer0tica: Oh god, seriously? Excuse me everyone, I must go puke up dinner after seeing Mason Ryan. I’ll be back
@WeTalkWrestling: Power to the People my ass

What is interesting is that WWE aired a nice vignette for Evan before this match and the opponent chosen “by the fans” was Mason Ryan who was pretty much guarenteed to destroy him.  Really not much of a match here, no high flying or anything too exciting. 

The next match is Between Kane and Big Show, the fans get to decide between a Body Slam match, arm wrestling match or an over the top rope match.

[Commercial break 3]

We return from commercial.  We see that next week will be the return of Raw Roulette.  They give us a recap of the issue between Mark Henry and the Big Show from Smackdown this past Friday.  Mark Henry comes down and talks trash about the Big Show, saying he got punished at Capitol Punishment and the two differences between them are that when Big Show walks the earth it shakes but when he walks it, all the people shake.

[Commercial break 4]

Kane makes his entrance and it is reveal that the match “chosen by the fans” is: Arm wrestling match.

Match 3:  Mark Henry vs Kane (Arm wrestling match): [37 seconds]
There really isn’t much to describe, they have a table and they are arm wrestling. The crowd cheers “This is stupid” and I personally agree.  Mark Henry throws a punch getting himself disqualified in 37 seconds.  Henry and Kane fight it out in the ring afterward, Henry picks up the table and slams Kane with it knocking him to the outside.  Henry slams Kane into the ring post and then slams him hard through the announcers table.

The crowd was absolutely right, this was incredibly stupid and they sure wasted a lot of time doing it.  What the point was, I don’t have much of an idea besides showing what we all know: Mark Henry is strong.  

@WrestleSarcasm: Raw Roulette is rigged as well. It’s not hard to rig a spinner. 
@iHartMiz: Mark Henry … am I supposed to care
@WrestlingTheory: Mark Henry’s brilliance is not lost on me
@MelinaFan20: Wtf is up with only B choices getting pick.
@LucasSinclairD: This raw isn’t that good

Next up they advertise R-Truth will be coming out to speak.

[Commercial Break 5]

We return from commercial and they show a recap vignette of R-Truth and John Cena.
Truth comes out to the ring and grabs the mic.  The crowd is chanting “You suck.”  Truth says the people in Baltimore have no home training.  Truth says he made a call to himself in his head, last night, he didn’t think it out clearly.   Truth says he got “okie doked” by “Little Jimmy.”  Suddenly Christian’s music hit and he comes walking out.  Christian says he feels where Truths coming from.  Christian says Power to the People is a complete joke.  He says he won the world title and then had to wrestle when he wasn’t 100% and lost because of the people.  He blames horrible audiences, horrible crowd just like Baltimore.  Christian shows footage from last night when he had his foot under the rope when he was pinned.  Christian says he got screwed.  Truth says at least Christian has been champion, he had his title match and he “got got” by Little Jimmy.  Christian asks who Little Jimmy is.  Truth says they don’t have them in Canada.

The Miz’s music hits and he comes walking out.  He calls them a bunch of whiners and crybabies.  Miz says Alex Riley didn’t win his match last night, the referee interfered and handed the match to Riley on a silver platter.  Christian says it’s different, they had actual title shots last night where as Miz couldn’t beat his apprentice.  Miz responds “Really?”  Then they exchange words: “Really really? Riley? Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy.”  Teddy Long’s music hits and he comes walking out.  Teddy says tonights main event will be Christian, R-Truth and the Miz against Randy Orton, John Cena and Alex Riley and the people get to choose what type of match it will be.

@nuer0tica: Watching a replay of R-Truth clock Cena in the head with a water bottle has been the best part of this show. 
@HitTheRopes: Lying ass, crowd. Ya not having fun tonight.
@erinbunuan: Love R Truth on the mic 
@bitterforsweet: I GOT GOT BY LIL JIMMY. 
@JustinRuff: Loving this segment in the ring. 
@ILoVeTheCORRE: OMG!!! I’m dying over here!!!! Lmao! RILEY!, RANDY!, RILEY! RANDY!…. JIMMY!!!!….JIMMY JIMMY JIMMY !!!!

Good segment.  Christian, Miz and Truth all had interesting arguments and were funny as hell about it.  It is very clear this is the way Raw should have opened tonight and that the first hour of the show was just filler to make it stretch to 3 hours.  

Next up will be Kofi Kingston against Dolph Ziggler for the United States title with the match being chosen by the fans as either: 2 out of 3 falls, Vickie Guerrero banned from ringside or a Submission match.

[Commercial break 6]

We return from commercial with Vickie Guerrero coming out to introduce the new US Champion, Dolph Ziggler.
The match, “chosen by the fans” is:  2 out of 3 falls.

Match 4:   Dolph Ziggler vs Kofi Kingston for the US Title ( 2 out of 3 falls ): [12 minutes and 20 seconds]
The match begins very back and forth with both men taking control at different points until Kofi knocks Ziggler to the outside of the ring.  Kofi looks angry and comes outside, grabbing Ziggler and throwing him back into the ring.  Kofi covers but only for a two count.  Kofi locks Ziggler into a backslide but again only a two count.  Kofi climbs on top and begins hammering on Ziggler, then grabs his legs but Ziggler kicks him off and into the ropes.  Kofi runs at Ziggler, but he moves and Kofi spills to the outside of the ring.

[Commercial break 7]

We return from commercial and they inform us that we had the first fall already with Dolph scoring it.  He leads 1 pinfall to none.  Kofi is fighting back, but Ziggler remains dominate landing a modified fame-asser.  Kofi catches Ziggler and slams him hard getting a pinfall.  The match is now tied 2 falls a piece.  The next fall will win or retain the US title.  Ziggler is down on the mat holding his head.  Kofi picks him but Dolph was faking and lands a neck breaker on Kofi then locks in a chinlock.  Ziggler then goes for a dropkick but Kofi catches him, catapulting him into the ring post.  Kofi lands a dropkick, then stomps on Ziggler while he is down for a very close 2 count.  Kofi picks up Ziggler but Ziggler reverses it going for a roll up but Kofi kicks out, climbing to the top rope he lands a splash across the back of Ziggler who kicks out at 2 once again.  Ziggler rolls outside of the ring, grabs the US title but misses hitting Kofi with it.  Kofi lands trouble in paradise and rolls Ziggler back inside the ring, going for the cover but Ziggler gets his hand on the bottom rope.  Ziggler rolls back out and starts trying to go through the crowd, Kofi comes after him and Ziggler cracks him with the microphone.  Kofi is your winner by DQ in 12:20

After the match Ziggler throws Kofi back in the ring but Kofi lays him out with Trouble in Paradise.

@MelinaFan20: Vickie is looking good.
@AprilAnn_: i dont wanna see this match.
@feelingventi: I am perfection shirts available now on and on vickie guerreros bedroom floor
@WEFWrestling: my money on Ziggler to win
@BreakingKayfabe: I guarantee you a fall happens over commercial break so this actual match doesn’t take up any valuable shit segment time.
@LucasSinclairD: A fall during the commercial? Wtf
@TheWRevolution:  So the referee can see TWO FINGERS on the ropes now, but not Christian’s ENTIRE FOOT under the rope last night?!

Great match between these two.  Both can work, and it was certainly entertaining minus the fact that the first fall being scored during the commercial break was pretty cheap.  Either way it is hard to go wrong with these two in the ring.  A lot of great action, best match of the night so far.

They show a recap of Austin last week announcing that this week would be Power to the People and then destroying the anonymous GMs laptop.  Up next will be Alberto Del Rio vs Rey Mysterio vs CM Punk.  The fans will chose the match type:  No DQ, Falls count Anywhere or Submission.

[Commercial break 8]

Back from commercial they tell us that Shawn Michaels will be a special guest next week.  Alberto Del Rio drives out.  Del Rio says lately he has been teaching everybody a lesson about destiny.  He says his victory last night was no accident, it was destiny and that tonight he will win because it is his destiny.  The match stipulation “chosen by the fans” is: Falls Count Anywhere.

[Commercial break 9]

We’re back and CM Punk is making his entrance.  Mysterio is the last out.  Lawler claims WWE has had “hundreds of millions of text votes” which I personally find hard to believe.

Match 5:  Alberto Del Rio vs Rey Mysterio vs CM Punk (Falls Count Anywhere ):
The match begins with Mysterio going after Punk and then Del Rio, attempting to quick covers.  Del Rio gets dumped outside and Punk takes down Mysterio for a two count.  Mysterio sets up Punk for the 619 but Del Rio catches him with a clothesline.   Punk slams Mysterio down outside the ring and goes for a cover on the mat, getting a two count.

[Commercial break 10]

Back from commercial and Punk is in the ring with Rey who flips him down to the mat, drops kicks Del Rio but then gets caught in a back breaker by Punk.  Del Rio grabs Punk and begins going to work on his arm before stomping him to the mat and throwing him into the corner.  Del Rio turns his attention back to Mysterio who lands a few punches and then a flying head scissor off the top rope setting up for the 619 on both Punk and Del Rio but Punk catches him and sets up for the GTS.  Del Rio goes for the cross arm breaker but Punk kicks him in the back of the head.  Punk puts Mysterio on the top rope and climbs up after him, Del Rio powerbombs Punk who simultaneously suplexes Mysterio.  Del Rio covers Mysterio who kicks out, then Punk with the same result.   Del Rio goes for a splash in the corner but Mysterio moves and Del Rio flies outside.  Rey climbs to the top rope and Punk smashes him head first into the turnbuckle, then whips him to the corner.  Rey gets his legs up and climbs to the top, rolling over Punk and then landing a suicide dive on Del Rio.  Mysterio climbs back to the top rope and lands a seated senton on Punk who kicks out.  Mysterio goes for a cross body but Punk moves out of the way and then climbs to the top rope but gets caught by Mysterio.  Mysterio misses a top rope hurricanrana, Del Rio locks in the cross arm breaker but Punk breaks it up.  Punk gets whipped into the corner and catches a hard enziguri from Del Rio, knocking him outside the ring.  Mysterio sets up Del Rio for the 619 and lands it, then climbs to the top rope.  He lands a flying splash but Punk throws him out of the ring, covers Del Rio for the win in 11:31

After the match Punk grabs the mic and sits down in the ring.  He says July 17th, 2011 will be a historic day for the WWE as a whole.  Not only is July 17th the second annual Money in the Bank ladder match PPV but its the night he will defeat John Cena for the WWE title.  The honesty he was talking about is:  July 17th is the day his contract with WWE comes to an end.  “That means when the clock strikes midnight I’m leaving.  And trust me when I tell you I am leaving with the WWE Championship.”

@thatdariachick: IS HE? IS HE? WILL HE? IT’S HBK!!!!!!!!!
@BreakingKayfabe:  I was excited for this match for the thirty seconds between its announcement and the announcement of ReyRey’s inclusion.
@dasharpshooters: must have lost faith in their main event stars because they keep bringing in Legends to get ratings and crowd reactions.
@WEFWrestling: Del Rio vs Mysterio vs CM Punk in a Falls Count Anywhere Lets go Punk
@ILoVeTheCORRE: Come on Del Rio!!!!
@iHartMiz: I got nothing for this match … having rey involved killed its epic momentum from the get go
@Vixentye:  not a fan of Mysterio or Del Rio but man they are putting on a great match.. of course Punk is the main reason eh lol
@AprilAnn_: i think i am now broken hearted.

CM Punk is certainly known for his honestly and for telling it like it is.  I am sure he has gotten in trouble more than once or twice for being as blatantly honest about things as he is.  After another fantastic match, where Mysterio and Del Rio were also tremendous, Punk announces his contract ending.  I don’t think anyone believes he has a chance of winning his match at Money in the Bank, with the way Cena is being booked it doesn’t seem like anybody has a chance.  However, if Punk does indeed leave the WWE this will be a tremendous loss not only for the company but for all the fans out there. 

The next match will be Cody Rhodes vs Daniel Bryan and the fans get to choose the match type:  Paper Bag match, No Count Out match or Collegiate rules match.

[Commercial break 11]

We return from commercial and Daniel Bryan is in the ring.  Cody Rhodes makes his entrance next.  The fans have chosen: No Count Out match.

Match 6:  Cody Rhodes vs Daniel Bryan (No count out): [2 minutes and 27 seconds]
The match begins with Cody in control until Daniel flips him over the top to the outside and then knocks him down with a suicide dive.  They begin fighting on the entrance ramp and Bryan rolls Rhodes back into the ring landing a missile dropkick.  Rhodes takes control and lands a sick kick to Bryan’s head getting a two count off of it.  A decent amount of people in the front row are wearing bags on their heads.  Bryan goes for the label lock but Rhodes grabs his legs and slingshots him.  Rhodes goes for the pin but Bryan locks him into a small package for the win at 2:27.  After the match Rhodes goes at Daniel Bryan but Bryan locks him into the label lock, and Ted DiBiase comes out to get him off.  Then they double team Bryan.  Cody puts a paper bag on his head.

@Lagana:  “I can’t think of a city better for people to wear bags” – Michael Cole about Baltimore. Hey, isn’t Kevin Dunn from Baltimore?
@TheUnratedExp:  Smarks are taking over the polls. Great job 
@neur0tica: That was a disappointingly short match. You know, the usual.

Match was way too short.  Quite certain these guys could put on a show if given the time.  Either way, I have to say, I really enjoy the more evil persona of Cody Rhodes, it really works for him.

Next up is going to be Vickie Guerrero in a Dance Competition against either Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler or Booker T.

[Commercial break 12]

Back from commercial and they recap Kelly Kelly winning the divas title earlier in the night, then showing Mark Henry vs Kane in the arm wrestling match and CM Punk winning the triple threat match.

Vickie Guerrero is in the ring with Stryker.  Vickie says she used to be a dancer and that her name used to be “Peaches.”  She says to hit the music and brings Stryker over, slapping him on the butt and then she kisses him.  The fans select, as her opponent:  Michael Cole.    Cole gets in the ring and demonstrates one of the most disturbing dances I’ve ever witnessed in my life.  The crowd selects the winner by cheers, and Michael Cole is the winner (for getting the loudest boos.)  Vickie looks angry, walks over to Michael Cole and slaps him in the face accusing him of cheating.  She then yells “I’m the winner!” several times before leaving the ring.

The Main event is next, Cena, Riley and Orton vs Truth, Miz & Christian with the fans choosing the match type:  One fall to a Finish, 20 Minute time limit or an Elimination Match.

[Commercial break 13]

Back from commercial.  Truth makes his entrance first.  The crowd cheers “Little Jimmy.”  Next out is Christian followed by the Miz.  Alex Riley comes out first for the opposition, then Orton who gets a nice pop, followed by Cena who gets a chorus of boos from some and cheers from others.  The fans chose and Elimination match.

[Commercial break 14]

Match 7:  Cena / Orton / Riley vs Truth / Christian / Miz (Elimination Match):
The match begins with Cena and Miz in the ring, they exchange hammer locks and headlocks a few times until Cena whips Miz into the corner and catches him with a bulldog.  He then tags in Orton who takes Miz to the corner and lands a huge uppercut on him.  Miz reverses the irish whip but Orton runs him down with a clothesline and then lands a knee on Miz.  Miz managed to get a tag into Christian who comes in and begins stomping Orton but Orton fights his way out only to get caught with a knee to the gut and a 2 count.  Christian drags Orton to the corner and stomps him down, then Miz chokes him while the referee is distracted.  Christian lands a neck breaker but again only gets a 2 count.  R-Truth gets tagged in and he lands a solid kick to the gut of Orton.  Truth tags Christian back in who goes for the killswitch but Orton reverses it, going for the RKO but Christian reverses that and brings him down to the mat.  Christian goes for the spear but Orton turns it into a powerslam and tries getting to the corner, eventually making the tag to Alex Riley who runs in and begins hammering Christian and landing a hard spinebuster.  He runs over and knocks the Miz off the apron.  Christian catches Riley, Miz runs in and both men attack Riley until the ref clears how.  Miz lands his skull crushing finale on Riley and Christian gets the pin.  Riley is eliminated.

[Commercial break 15]

We return and Miz is in the ring with Orton.  Orton is down on the mat and Miz is landing punches and elbows.  Miz charges at Orton but gets leveled with a clothesline.  Orton crawls to the corner and tags in Cena who runs in and begins his 4 moves of doom sequence but Miz avoids the attitude adjustment and lands a neck breaker.  Miz comes off the top rope and gets caught in the STF but R-Truth makes the save.  Christian is pounding Cena in the corner while the referee is distracted.  Miz gets up and stomps Cena, choking him on the bottom rope and then tagging in Christian.  Cena fights away from Christian but is quickly knocked down to the mat.  Christian tags in R-Truth who goes to work on Cena now.  Truth goes for a suplex but Cena reverses it and both men are down.  Cena crawls into the corner and reaches for Orton but Truth grabs his legs and pulls him back, Cena kicks him off and Truth tags in the Miz who cuts Cena off before he can tag in Orton.  Miz sets up for the skull crushing finale, waiting for Cena to get up.  Cena fights out of it and lands an attitude adjustment, pinning Miz and eliminating him.

Truth rushes back into the ring and begins stomping Cena.  Cena backdrops Truth who tags Christian back in.  Cena picks up Christian but he fights out of it and climbs to the top rope.  Christian goes for a splash but Cena rolls out of the way.  Cena makes a tag to Orton and Christian to R-Truth who comes in and begins getting destroyed by Orton.  Orton lands a spike DDT on Truth and sets up for the RKO.  Christian sneaks in and goes for the killswitch, Orton knocks him over the top rope, R-Truth goes for an axe kick but Orton lands the RKO and pins him, eliminating R-Truth.  Christian lands a spear and pins Randy Orton, eliminating him.  Only Christian and Cena remain.  Orton lands an RKO when the ref isn’t looking and Cena locks in the STF for the win via submission at 19:57.

@IAmWWEMan: Peeps > Vipers
@Vixentye: oh great here comes Cena and his 3 move sets tripping to the ring… great bore me to death
@dasharpshooters: I wish John Cena’s contract expired on July 17.
@WrestlingTheory:  R-Truth and Christian is a buddy comedy waiting to happen.
@FakeGorilla: They definitely had to reinforce the ring for this giant 6-man tag match. It’s gonna be a happening.
@WrestleSarcasm: Spioler: It turns into a 3 on 1 match, Cena beats them all.
@RegalSays: These guys need supplies from the ACME Corporation if they want a chance at beating Cena/Orton.
@Smarkrage:  you have got to be fucking kidding me

The main event was decent enough until the last minute or two when the typical and predictable ending was rolled out.  There is a certain level of frustration that goes into knowing when John Cena is in a match he will always fight he way back and end up winning.  However, it was an entertaining Raw and the one thing holding it back from 4 stars is the fact that the first hour was such an absolute abomination.  3 out of 5 stars. 


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