Monday Night Raw – June 13th

Monday Night Raw is LIVE from the Nassau Coliseum, Long Island, New York.

The show opens with a reminder that Stone Cold Steve Austin, as the guest general manager, has set John Cena vs CM Punk as the main event.

Suddenly the Miz’s music hits and he comes out to the ring.  They show a recap of last week when Austin stunned the Miz during the main event.  Miz grabs the mic and says he won in the main event last week so he is the all-time WWE all star and you’d have to be a moron not to recognize that, so you’d have to be Alex Riley.  He calls Riley a fraud and says at Capital Punishment he is going to expose him “more than a tweet from Anthony Weiner.”  The crowd begins chanting “WHAT?” and Miz responds “That was cool in 2001, by the way.”  The Miz says he is going to call out Stone Cold Steve Austin, that Austin owes him an apology.  Austin’s music hits.

Austin gets in the ring and plays to the crowd.  He tells Miz his stupid tie, stupid suit and stupid hair is the best he’s got and then he tells him to shut up.  He says the night after Wrestlemania he saw that the Miz is a silver tongued devil, and he says he wanted a fight but then he ran away.  Miz attempts to interrupt but Austin tells him to shut up. Austin says he came there to be the GM but if he has to pull the trigger on a stunner he’ll do it.  He says Alex Riley has guts and he can take an ass whooping and he can give one and he may be a bigger superstar than the Miz one day.  Austin grabs Miz by his tie and tells him he gives him credit for everything that he’s done but he and Alex Riley need some counseling.  He says later tonight the Miz and Riley will be in the company of Rowdy Roddy Piper in Piper’s pit!  He then tells the Miz to get out of the ring.

Alberto Del Rio’s music now hits, and Austin turns to face the ramp.  Del Rio says Austin, the greatest star of his time, will pass the torch to the greatest today, Alberto Del Rio.  Austin interrupts Del Rio he says he isn’t psychic so he can’t see into the future but he smells an ass whooping as Del Rio’s immediate destiny.  He mentions Del Rio injuring the Big Show with his car, so Kane is going to faceoff against Del Rio in the first match of the night.

[Commercial break 1]

@Smarkingout: The Miz’s facial expressions are making this awesome.
@LucasSinclairD: Austin is laying a verbal beating 
@FlawlessXtina: Here comes Alberto Del Rio…Yawn..

Excellent opening segment tonight, but it is hard to go wrong with Stone Cold Steve Austin.  His interaction with the Miz was hilarious and showed he still has it on the mic, and giving Alberto Del Rio a little moment with him was a nice little rub for the rising star.

Match 1:  Alberto Del Rio vs Kane:  [2 minutes and 48 seconds]
Kane starts off in control taking Del Rio down but after a cover, Del Rio begins fighting back and working on his arm until Kane knocks Del Rio over the top rope.  Del Rio comes back in to an assault from Kane who squashes him in the corner and lays him down with a side slam but only a two count.   Kane misses a high risk maneuver and Del Rio locks in his submission hold, the cross arm breaker but Kane manages to reach the ropes.  Del Rio refuses to break the hold and gets disqualified at 2:48.

Del Rio only breaks the hold when the Big Show’s music hits and the Big Show comes running out, taking down Del Rio.  Ricardo gets involved and while Big Show is pounding on him Alberto makes his escape.  Kane pulls Big Show off Ricardo with a headlock.  Austin comes out and says he knows Del Rio can hear him and this Sunday it will be Alberto Del Rio vs the Big Show at Capital Punishment.

@Mrs619: Del Rio better win!
@iHartMiz: Can we please give Adr a decent opponent
@thatdariachick: Show, don’t kill Ricardo!

Very short match, almost impossible to comment on though it is surprising they put Del Rio so powerfully over Kane.  However the setup for the PPV works and now we’ll get to see Big Show vs Del Rio which they’ve been building to for a few weeks.

[Commercial break 3]

We return from commercial with Cody Rhodes standing outside the ring beside Wade Barrett and Ted DiBiase.  Sin Cara comes out, along with his partners Ezekiel Jackson and Daniel Bryan.

Match 2:  Sin Cara / Daniel Bryan & Ezekiel Jackson vs Wade Barret / Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase: [3 minutes and 44 seconds]
Cara starts off against Rhodes, but quickly tags in Bryan who Rhodes takes advantage of in the corner before tagging in DiBiase.   DiBiase dominates Bryan before tagging in Barret who continues the assault, knocking Sin Cara off the apron with a cheap shot.  However, Daniel Bryan uses this to his advantage and tags in Jackson who begins cleaning house.  He gets Barrett up into the torture rack but DiBiase and Rhodes interfere, though Jackson throws them over the top rope and presses Daniel Bryan on top of them.  Tag in to Sin Cara who is on the top rope, lands a cross body for the win at 3:44.

@ddw4e: SIN CARA! That dude is ridiculous!!
@nuer0tica: Wade, Cody and Ted teaming? Why do I like this so much? 
@ErinBunuan: Jobbing to Sin Cara….classy

Good match, nice showing for the crowd.   Sin Cara didn’t do as much as I expected, and his lightning scheme is somewhat distracting.  Interesting to see Barrett with Rhodes and DiBiase though.  Ezekiel Jackson looks great but I still don’t see a main event anywhere in this man’s future. 

[Commercial break 4]

We return from commercial and Hornswoggle is in the ring shooting t-shirts to the crowd when R-Truth makes his entrance.  He asks if he can try because it looks like fun.  He tells Hornswoggle he has nothing to be afraid of.  Truth says he will beat Cena at Capital Punishment, and that the crowd shouldn’t boo him, they should boo themselves.  Hornswoggle shoots R-Truth in the stomach with some shirts.  Truth grabs him and tells him not to worry but then stands and kicks him in the face.  Truth then talks to himself for a while.  Austin shows up on the titantron and tells R-Truth to pick on someone his own size, someone like this: the camera turns to John Morrison.  Austin says R-Truth has to face Morrison here tonight.  Lawler hops in the ring to see if Hornswoggle is ok.

@FlawlessXtina: Look out Little Jimmy’s! R-Truth has arrived
@AprilAnn_: R-TRUTH!! thank the lord. 
@TheUnratedExp: Oh there’s Lil Jimmys and Lil Jennys? Hahahaha, gotta love R-Truth! 
@WrestlingCritic: R-Truth is good at this looney toon act 
@iHartMiz: John fucking Morrison

R-Truth is one hell of a heel right now, he has major heat with the crowd and frankly this is the best thing to happen to him in a long time.  Excellent to see John Morrison coming back, these two have a feud to settle and I foresee more matches between them in the future.

[Commercial break 5]

We return from commercial to a recap of what happened to Hornswoggle.  We cut to the ring:

Match 3:  Santino vs Sheamus: [2 minutes and 47 seconds]
Sheamus is absolutely dominating throughout the opening of this match.  After a quick two count on Santino, Sheamus locks in a headlock, but Santino tries fighting out but Sheamus whips him into the corner.  Santino no sells it and comes out punching, going for a hip toss on Sheamus but he gets clotheslined instead.  Sheamus goes off the ropes, this time getting hip tossed.  Santino brings out the Cobra, Sheamus misses the brogue kick, gets hit with the Cobra but kicks out at 2.  He then lands the brogue kick.  Sheamus locks in a cloverleaf submission hold for the win at 2:47.

@Mrs619: Cobra is shit.
@Smarkingout: Is that a “We Want Ryder!” chant? GLORIOUS!

Santino is the permanent comedy fixture even when they let him pull off some moves.  Sheamus dominated all the way through this one, and it was pretty sweet to see him lock in a cloverleaf.  Been a while since I’ve seen that one.

[Commercial break 6]

We return from commercial at the top of the hour with a recap of the issues between Randy Orton and Christian.  Orton’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring.  Orton’s microphone doesn’t work so they have to hand him a new one.  Orton introduces himself to us in case we’d forgotten.  Orton says he should be satisfied being world champ but he’s not because he knows Christian is in the building.  Orton says he wants him to come out and talk.  Christian appears on the big screen.  He says Orton’s entire career has been handed to him but he had to fight his way to the top.  Christian says he won’t come out and Orton says its too bad Edge isn’t there to carry him to the ring like he did for the past 17 years.  Christian says he’ll come out.  Christian walks out onto the ramp and tops.  He then shakes his head and starts backing away.  Security comes out and gets in between the two of them.  The Anonymous GM chimes in.  The GM says Orton will not compete tonight because he was hit in the head with the title belt on Friday.  He tells Orton to leave the arena and wait to get his hands on Christian at Capital Punishment.  Christian taunts Orton, who tries to get at him again.  The GM says if he doesn’t comply he will be stripped of the title.  Crowd begins chanting “RKO” and Orton stares down Christian but walks out.    Austin pops on the screen and says Christian doesn’t get off that easy.  He sets up a match against Rey Mysterio.

@PinfallMagazine: I still don’t see the beard everyone is talking about.. That’s hardly 5 o’clock shadow 
@dasharpshooters: Give Randy Orton some red hair and a coat and he would look like Gambit from the X-Men cartoons 
@TheUnratedEXP: Orton is being too much of a babyface 
@WrestlingTheory: Randy Orton, you are no Randy Savage 
@JustinLaBar: Haha while bored with Orton….the Edge carrying Christian comment was money!!! 
@thatdariachick: That doesn’t make any sense. Randy is the Champion on SmackDown, why would the RAW GM strip him of the belt?

The angle between Christian and Orton is amazing, and these two have put on some fantastic matches in the past few months.  Christian’s heel turn was not only excellent but long overdue.  Cannot wait to see what happens between these two.  I’m personally hoping to see Christian get the title off Orton as its less fun with both brands have face Champions. 

[Commercial break 7]

We return from commercial and Booker T comes out to do commentary.  Christian is in the ring waiting for Rey Mysterio.

Match 4:  Rey Mysterio vs Christian: [5 minutes and 32 seconds]
Christian takes control early here, putting Mysterio in the corner and chopping him.  Mysterio fights back with some high flying but Christian catches him with a clothesline.  Mysterio sprinboards on the ropes but Christian throws him over the top and to the outside

[Commercial break 8]

We return from commercial with Christian holding Mysterio in a headlock.  Mysterio fights out but Christian gets him in the corner, putting his knee on his head and refusing to break the hold to get disqualified at 5:32

Christian however slams Mysterio down and climbs to the top rope, but Mysterio gets up and backdrops Christian off the top rope.  Rey goes up top, and CM Punk comes running out, so Mysterio splashes him from the top rope.  Mason Ryan comes running out with the rest of the new Nexus.  Christian goes for the killswitch but Mysterio headscissors him and sets up for the 619.  Mason Ryan catches him and runs him into the ringpost and then gives him a back breaker before rolling him back into the ring.   

@WrestlingFemme: Can’t wait until Capitol Punishment is over so these “press conferences” can end
@RingsideXcess: Dammit WWE, Christian is a heel again and you couldn’t have Stone Cold call him a CLB for nostalgia sake? IAmDisappoint.jpg
@LucasSinclairD:  I am not a rey fan. I think he’s doing a J.O.B. here.
@MelinaFan20: This should be a good match 
@TheUnratedExp: All I’m saying is that his finisher is a splash people. Come on. Lol. Sin Cara > Mysterio..

Good match, it allows Christian to keep his heat, it builds up towards CM Punk vs Mysterio at Capital Punishment.  I wish they’d given them a little longer but they still put on a great show.

We see Austin backstage on the phone when Vickie Guerrero and Dolph Ziggler come walking over asking for a US Title match against Kofi Kingston at Capital Punishment.  Austin says he’ll do it if Ziggler agrees to drop Vickie as his manager.  Ziggler agrees to do so.  Austin says he was just having a little fun with them and he already made this a match.

[Commercial break 9]

We return from commercial with R-Truth making his entrance to the ring.

Match 5:  R-Truth vs John Morrison: Morrison’s music hits but he is nowhere to be seen.  It hits a second time and ends a second time.  R-Truth grabs a microphone and tells him to get out there so they can fight.  He says if he won’t come to him, he’ll bring to fight to Morrison.  He tells him not to run and hide, walking up the ramp and backstage.  Truth gets to Morrison who is laid out backstage and being  tended to by officials.  John is holding his neck, R-Truth kneels down beside him and tells him at least he can say he got got by the future WWE champ and then he slaps him.  Truth then grabs some kind of rolling box and crushes Morrison into the wall with it.  No actual match took place here.

@thatdariachick: Um…..anytime now? 
@LucasSinclairD: Where the fuck is he? You’ve been set up Truth. 
@breakingKayfabe: Well, that just bought JoMo another few weeks.

Honestly this seems like WWE trying to creatively show us Morrison isn’t coming back yet and that R-Truth is a bad guy.  However this was a let down as a match between these two could be great, although I’m sure we’ll get one in the future when Morrison is back to 100%.  Either way it seemed like a cheap ploy. 

[Commercial break 10]

We return from commercial to see Dolph Ziggler heading to the ring.  They air a little Dolph Ziggler promo.

Match 6:  Jack Swagger & Dolph Ziggler vs Evan Bourne & Kofi Kingston: [2 minutes and 55 seconds]
The match begins with Ziggler and Kofi in the ring.  Swagger hits Kofi from behind and Ziggler takes control, tagging in Swagger who begins hammering Kofi down on the mat.  Kofi tries to fight back but Swagger slams him hard and gets a 2 count.  He whips Kofi into the corner but then gets caught with boots to the face when attempting the Swagger bomb.  Kofi tags in Bourne who begins performing some high flying moves, high knees and eventually a rollup but Swagger kicks out and sinks into the ankle lock.  Bourne reverse it, kicking Swagger into the corner.  Ziggler gets involved distracting the referee, Kofi hits trouble in paradise on Swagger and Bourne lands Air Bourne for the win at 2:55.

@nuer0tica: I approve of the amount of Swagger I’ve had on my screen lately. That’s at least one good thing I can say about things. 
@dasharpshooters: Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger vs Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne. Nobody in this match can talk on the mic. Shame 
@Lagana:  Did Dolph really have a mullet?

Another one of those matches that was so fast there wasn’t a whole hell of a lot to say about it.  Kofi / Ziggler have appeal, although the Swagger and Evan Bourne storyline doesn’t seem to have much of a point to it.  Lets face it, they’re never going to build Evan Bourne up and Swagger deserves better.

[Commercial break 11]

We return to a recap of last week when the Miz and Alex Riley went at it.

Rowdy Roddy Piper makes his entrance to quite an ovation from the crowd.  Piper reminds us that 25 years ago at Wrestlemania 2 he boxed Mr. T in that ring.  The Miz’s music hits and he comes out and says his favorite moment in this building will be four years from now when they tear it down.  Miz says people always tell him he’s like Roddy, Roddy says they’ll never be another him and he’s just a wannabe.  Miz says he’ll never be like him, since he’s actually been WWE Champion and he’s won the main event.  Also that his time on the Real World was better than anything in “They Live.”  Piper says “The Real World, never saw it.  I was busy living in the real world.”  Alex Riley comes out next.

Riley says he didn’t want this to happen, they were friends, but Miz was never his friend and he just used him.  Piper gets between them and tells them to save it for Sunday.  Piper says when the Miz lost the title, Alex Riley gained self-respect.  Miz says the guy that used and abused Cowboy Bob Orton for years is talking about respect?  Riley didn’t leave him, Miz fired him.  Miz asks Piper if he’d put some money on him destroying Riley.  Riley says he thinks Roddy can beat the Miz right now, the crowd agrees.  Miz says he’ll put $1,000 on the line if Piper will face him right here right now.  “Put up or shut up.”  Piper says “I’m really gonna get my butt kicked… how about $5,000?”  Austin appears on the screen and says “That sounds good to me.”  He says Hot Rod vs The Miz, each man putting up $5,000 and the special referee will be Alex Riley.

@Lagana: Last time Roddy was on RAW he drew BIG money with his promo on John Cena
@Rhiannamator: Roddy’s looking so much healthier..
@SMARKAGE: Piper is prob wondering who the hell Alex Riley is
@FlawlessXtina: Looks like Miz is gonna be out $5000 soon
@tOxiiiC_AnGel: That’s AWESOME 
@dasharpshooters: Rowdy Roddy Piper is the only man on the planet that can make Bagpipes sound cool. 

[Commercial break 12]

Match 7:  Miz vs Roddy Piper for $5,000 (w/ Special Referee Alex Riley): [1 minute and 4 seconds]
Miz begins this match dominating Roddy Piper, Piper pokes him in the eyes however and locks in the sleeper hold.  Miz backs him into the corner and fights out of it, smashing him down.  Riley pulls him off and tells him to break the hold on a 5 count.  Miz punches Riley and Riley punches him.  Piper rolls up Miz from behind for the win at 1:04.  Alex Riley throws Miz out of the ring afterwards and raises Roddy’s hand.

Roddy Piper is a WWE Legend and one of the best talkers in the history of the business.  Miz and Riley being in the ring with him is an honor to both of them and he hasn’t lost a step.  Perfect little segment and though the ending of the match was predictable it is still awesome to see Roddy get a win in the same ring he was in 27 years ago. 

[Commercial break 13]

After the commercial break they show a little promo video of the Bella Twins and Kelly Kelly beings guests on the Price is Rite.  After the video the Bellaa twins music hits.

Match 8:  7 on 7 Divas tag team match: [1 minute and 21 seconds]
The match starts with Kelly Kelly and Brie Bella in the ring.  Brie immediately tags in Rosa.  Kelly Kelly lands a Thesz Press and then spanks Rosa on the ass and bangs her head into the turnbuckle and gives her a stinkface.  Kelly goes for a cover, all the divas get in the ring and brawl, then spill to the outside.  Kelly Kelly lands a famasser like move and wins the match in 1:21.  After the match the face Divas perform a rockette dance.

@Barr66:  Well that was predictable and quick 
@iHartMiz: This ‘diva’ bullshit is pissing me off … such fucking bullshit

The way the Divas are treated is an absolute disgrace and the only thing that makes it worse is the only divas who got to wrestle in this match are the ones who only have four moves.  So much talent underutilized, it is disgusting.

We see Steve Austin backstage talking to the Tough Enough winner Andy. CM Punk walks over and disses Andy.  Austin offers CM Punk a beer to which Punk continually responds: what?  CM Punk says he came in to give Austin a breathalyzer.  He asks if Austin can say the alphabet backwards, and Austin says he can kick his ass backwards.  Punk says he wants to thank him for giving him the match against Cena.  Austin says Nexus isn’t allowed out there tonight, Punk says he can get it done by himself.  Austin says he has to go make an announcement to the world and walks off.

[Commercial break 14]

After  the commercial Austin’s music hits and he comes riding out on an ATV.  Austin says it’s been a hell of a Monday Night Raw.  The anonymous GM chimes in.  Michael Cole gets up to read the email, Austin says he is tired of these emails.  The anonymous GM says Austin did a fair job, however just to make sure everyone is aware he will be back next week.  Austin says he’s got a little bit of time left so he is still the GM.  Austin says next week he may not be the GM but next week is going to be another 3 hour Raw and next week is all about the “Power of the People.”  He is going to give the power to the people.  They will make all the matches, stipulation and rules.  The GM chimes in again and Austin tells Cole to stop making that noise or he’ll kick his ass.  The GM chimes in again and Austin chases Cole through the crowd.  He comes back and the GM keeps chiming in so Austin knocks over the stand, grabs the laptop, throws it down on the ramp and dumps two beers on it.  He then runs it over.

@TheUnratedExp: Don’t believe him. We aren’t going to get to decide shit. Lol. They’re going to do what they want to do like they always do. 
@rasslewriter: If anything can make WWE worth watching again, its Austin and Punk in a feud
@JoeyImage: Cool! The sound still went off twice after it was unplugged.
@FlawlessXtina: I think Stone Cold is about to go Edge on the GM Laptop

Stone Cold and CM Punk could be money.  I wish their segment had lasted longer together, they are a natural feud.  If Austin were to come back for a match I’d love to see it be against CM Punk.  Also, we don’t need another 3 hour Raw next week.  Especially since I have to type up all this stuff!  Truly sick of the Anonymous GM storyline also.

They show us another dream sequence involving Barack O’Bama talking about Capital Punishment.

[Commercial break 14]

After the commercial break CM Punk is making his entrance to the ring.

Match 9: CM Punk vs John Cena: [13 minutes and 59 seconds]
The match begins with both men exchanging holds.  A massive amount of “Lets go Cena / Cena sucks” chants.  Punk gets Cena into a headlock and takes him down to the mat.  Punk thrown off the ropes, knocks Cena down with a shoulderblock.  Punk and Cena exchange finisher attempts but nobody lands one.  Punk drops Cena on the top rope and kicks him to the outside of the ring.

[Commercial break 15]

When we return Punk locks Cena into an abdominal stretch.  Cena powers his way out and lands a hiptoss but Punk again throws him outside the ring, this time he lands a cross body over the top rope.  Punk then comes off the top turnbuckle with a double axe handle.  Punk rolls him in but only gets a 2 count.  Punk locks him in a leg scissor but again Cena powers his way out and locks in the STF but CM Punk reaches the ropes, Cena breaks the hold and Punk takes him down with a kick.  Punk puts Cena in the corner and kicks him, whips him to the opposite corner, lands a high knee and then Cena pushes Punk off when he goes for a bulldog.  Cena comes off the ropes going for a flying shoulderblock but Punk dodges and Cena slides to the outside.  Cena gets back in, beating the 10 count.  Punk gets on the ring apron and goes for a flying tackle but Cena dodges.  Cena catches punk with a shoulder and then drops him to the mat.  At this point R-Truth is in the crowd with a microphone talking smack to the fans.  Punk grabs Cena who is distracted and lands the GTS for the win at 13:59.

After the match Truth comes into the ring and smacks Cena in the head with a bottle of water.   Truth takes the WWE title and stands over Cena, he says this Sunday he will beat him for the title “and that’s the truth.”  Truth walks out with the title, leaving Cena laid out in the ring.

@PinfallMagazine: Punk rules.
@WrestlingFemme: Any status updates on CM Punk? Will he renew his contract? Any news on it yet? 
@Lucy_Sixx: Cena is likely to win of course, but…CM PUNK>everyone else
@Vixentye: CM Punk is the past, present and future of the WWE… he is very old school with a new twist and currently dominating the present
@Bitterforsweet: Punk wins! 
@BamaBoyJosh: CM Punk just beat Cena…I think the internet is about to explode…and 10 year old kids everywhere r in depression 

Very good episode of Raw.  CM Punk made the main event totally worth watching, the crowd was hot and into every match.  Piper was amazing, Austin is always awesome.  Great night of wrestling. 


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