Hogan vs Warrior – Courtroom Match

Anyone who pays attention to the wrestling world beyond what comes across their television screen should be fully aware of the anger filled relationship which exists between Hulk Hogan and the Ultimate Warrior.  It has never been a secret that these two are far from the best of friends but in recent days all of this has been coming to a head.  Warrior, via twitter (@UltimateWarrior) , has been warning Hogan that “karma” is coming for him, and he does not me she who was previously known as Awesome Kong although considering her altercation with Bubba I’d pay to see one with Hogan, but I digress.  Warrior has been threatening to tell the “truth” about Hogan and yesterday he released a preview of his truth talk on youtube (which I’ve put at the end of this column) and within 24 hours this not only set a lot of wrestling fans on fire but apparently Hogan got a little scorched by the heat.

Hogan came out today and said he is considering legal action in regard to the Warrior’s comments which included but are not limited to accusing hogan of being a “dope head” and doing cocaine frequently, to lying about befriending Randy Savage in his last days, that Hogan and his wife Linda had an open relationship and that Hogan would have wrestlers sleep with her.  The list goes on but suffice it to say Warrior dropped a lot of bombs on Hogan and Hogan does not appreciate it one bit.  I imagine if he is going to take Warrior to court the case will be based around an accusation defamation or slander.   The problem with a defamation or slander suit is if it is true, then it is not either slander of defamation.  This means if Warrior has some sort of proof or corroborating statements or evidence then not only will Hogan be unable to get a legal judgment over him but he will essentially be proving Warrior’s words.

Of course the legal system is a highly manipulative maze with a big stack of money at the end instead of cheese.  Considering Hogan’s love / hate relationship with his ex-wife I’m sure he has to consider the possibility that she’d be willing to testify to some things just to screw him.  Although I’m not overly familiar with the inner workings of their life so for now that is speculation.  Either way, any fan who grew up watching Warrior and Hogan throw down and was a fan of either one at the time always wondered if we’d see them in the ring again.  No one expected they’d possibly be center stage in a courtroom hurling wild insults at one another.

Hogan has had a lot of former friends, ex-wrestlers and current superstars talk highly negative about him.  That is a long list of names, but Hogan from what I know has never considered suing any of them  before which raises the interesting question:  is it because Warrior claims are so far out there or because they’re so close to the truth?  Either way this is certainly going to have an interesting outcome and love them or hate them, how can you not be curious?


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