Monday Night Raw Review – June 6th

Tonight Raw is LIVE from Richmond, VA

Raw opens with Luke and Andy, WWE Tough Enough finalists in the ring with Stone Cold Steve Austin and a guest appearance by Vince McMahon.  Vince says he is going to help decide who the winner is.  Austin gives Vince a dirty look and asks if Vince is going to choose, and Vince says he owns WWE so yes.  Austin says he doesn’t care and it doesn’t make a difference.  Tough Enough is his show and he’s picking the winner.  Austin asks for a drumroll and announcers the winner:  Andy!  Spoiler warning, highlight to see.  Vince McMahon congratulates him and slaps him in the face, then Austin stuns him and says “Welcome to the WWE you son of a bitch!”

R-Truths music and he comes walking out dressed like a Confederate soldier singing about “Little Jimmy.”  Truth says he is going to get to why he is dressed this way and that he was told he has to apologize for what he did.  McMahon interrupts him and says to show why he has to apologize and they show a recap of his actions last week.  Truth thanks him for reminding everyone.  He then says “I would like to take this time to say that I’m sorry.  I’m a good R-Truth.  I’m sorry to big Jimmy, I’m sorry to little Jimmy.  I’m sorry to the soda that I wasted, it was refreshing.  I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.”  Austin tells him he ought to be sorry about dressing up like a jackass.  Truth says he did his homework, he’s dressed like this because he’s in Richmond Virginia, the capital of the Confederacy.  He calls the crowd a bunch of inbred rednecks.  Austin tells him that was 150 years ago and asks what it has to do with today.  Truth says the Confederacy had one good idea, leaving the United States.  Tonight, R-Truth is leaving the WWE universe.  He will keep the title match but he wants nothing else.  He says we won’t have R-Truth to push around anymore, no action figures, no t-shirts, no video games.

Vince McMahon asks if “R” is his real first name.  He asks how you spell it, is it “Arrrr?” and tells him he should have been a pirate instead of a rapper.  R-Truth continues to say it was a conspiracy.  Suddenly the Miz’s music hits and he comes walking down to the ring.  The Miz tells R-Truth he deals in reality and the reality is if it wasn’t for Alex Riley he would still be WWE Champion.  Miz says he deserves another Championship match.  At this point Alex Riley’s music hits and he comes walking out.  Miz stands behind Vince McMahon.  Riley says the only thing Miz deserves if a third straight week of beatdowns.  Then John Cena’s music hits.  Cena grabs a microphone and says that a lot has happened so he’s going to give us a quick recap.  He says Miz lost to him and he made him say “I quit.”  He will not get a rematch for the WWE championship.  He turns his attention to Alex Riley and says he doesn’t like him, he doesn’t trust him but the past two weeks he’s manned up against the Miz.  Now onto R-Truth: he says when he takes a look at Truth he sees the brightest bulb in the Christmas tree, that Truth doesn’t have any mental issues but then he makes a very sarcastic face to the crowd.  He tells Truth to take off his costume and its going to be them one on one at Capital Punishment for the WWE title.

The Anonymous GM now chimes in.  Michael Cole gets up to read it and Vince McMahon tells him to shut up, he’s got this one.  Vince McMahon suggests R-Truth and the Miz against Alex Riley and John Cena with special guest referee Stone Cold Steve Austin.  Austin starts moving towards Vince but he hops out of the ring.  All five men stand in the ring exchanging looks and words.

Nice opening segment.  Great idea to open with the Tough Enough decision.  Was very glad with the choice that was made, was rooting for him all the way and I look forward to seeing what he can do.  As for the main event tag match, I’m not too excited about this.  It feels done before and doesn’t really mean a whole lot.  That being said it was great to see Vince and Austin in the ring again and this definitely kicked off Raw with a bang.

[Commercial break 1]

Match one:  Santino (w/ Kozlov) vs Michael McGillicutty(w/ Otunga): [4 minutes and 31 seconds]
We return from commercial with the match ready to begin.  Santino gets the offense earlier dumping McGillicutty to the outside and then shaking the ropes like the Ultimate Warrior.  McGillicutty comes back in and takes over, dominating the match with several nearfalls.  McGillicutty locks on a headlock, Santino powers his way out of it but McGillicutty keeps the upper hand.  Santino dodges a splash in the corner and begins throwing some punches.  He hip tosses and then does a flying headbutt and begins doing more Ultimate Warrior gestures.  Otunga pulls McGillicutty out of the ring, and Kozlov takes him out but McGillicutty snaps Santinos head on the ropes and jumps back in.  Santino sets up for the cobra, lands it and gets the three count in 4:31 to win.

Fairly typical Santino style comedy match with both Santino and Kozlov celebrating afterward.  Filler match, really not much to say here.

@Stevenamoney:  I think Michael McGillicutty sucks so I’m not upset about him losing to Santino Marella.
@Vixentye:  so lame, you have a big talented Russian guy in the ring tooting an air horn! WWE knows how to make a mockery out of ones career

They show a promo of the Tough Enough winner really quickly.  They remind us of tonights main event, Cena and Riley vs Truth and the Miz.
Kelly Kelly’s music hits and she makes her way out with Beth Phoenix.  Cole tells us Phoenix and Kelly were very angry with the Bellas after what they said to Kharma last week.

[Commercial break 2]

We return from commercial and the WWE Slam of the Week is a recap of last weeks incident of the Bella’s trash talking Kharma. 

Match 2:  Beth Phoenix and Kelly Kelly vs The Bella Twins: [2 minutes and 27 seconds]
The Match begins with Kelly Kelly in against one of the Bellas.  Bellas take control, slamming Kelly in the corner and double teaming her.  Kelly finally manages to make a tag to Beth who comes in an absolutely dominates.  Beth lands the Glam-Slam and gets the pin in 2:27.

Short match, Beth Phoenix is extremely talented and one of the best divas.  Would love to see her get more of a chance to show it off.

@AprilAnn_: beth should be champion..
@tOxiiic_AnGel: Yesssss @TheBethPhoenix is back in action ♡
@TheUnratedExp: Why push Kelly for the title. Don’t they want to give that belt more credibility by getting actual wrestlers to hold it.
@PinfallMagazine: Lawler makes worse jokes about @ExcuseMeWWE, and he’s disappointed with the Bella’s?
@FlawlessXtina: Please, Beth give The Bellas a Glam-Slam…

[Commercial break 3]

We return from commercial and see Booker T backstage with Trish Stratus backstage talking about Tough Enough.  Booker says he’s developed a secret move called the “Trisharoonie” and he wants to teach it to her.  Right when she is about to do it Jack Swagger shows up and tells them if he was a trainer all the students would be winners.  He tells Booker he doesn’t think he’s tough enough.  He should get in the ring with him if he thinks he’s still got it.  Booker accepts the challenge and tells him he’ll be left with only one question: “Can you dig it Sucka?”

CM Punk’s music hits and he comes out, sitting in the entrance way.  He points out that last week he defeated Rey Mysterio and that Rey has never beaten him and he begs for a rematch and he is going to beat him again.  Punk asks the crowd to join him in dismantling Rey Mysterio.

[Commercial break 4]

We return from commercial getting a small recap of last weeks Mysterio vs Punk match.

Match 3:  CM Punk (w/ Mason Ryan) vs Rey Mysterio: [8 minutes and 40 seconds.]
The match begins with the referee telling Mason Ryan to get out of the ring.  Punk begins taunting Mysterio and making fun of him.  The match is slow at first, Punk putting a headlock on Mysterio, which is reversed into a hammerlock and then Punk puts him back into a headlock and takes him down to the mat working the arm.  Mysterio eventually gets punk off the ropes, monkey flips him to the outside and then slides out with a head scissor, throwing Punk onto the floor before tossing him back in the ring and landing an over the top rope leg drop on him.  Once back in, Punk regains control throwing several knees to the midsection.  Rey fights back, goes for a moonsault but Punk kicks his legs off the top rope and delivers a running knee to Rey who is hung upside down in the corner, two count.  At this point we cross into the second hour of Raw.  Punk grabs Mysterio in a leg scissor and again this match slows down.  Mysterio fights back but Punk throws him back first into the ring post.  Mysterio battles back again but Punk drops him onto the top rope and pulls him into the corner attempting a superplex, but Mysterio fights back and gets Punk into the ring then lands a flying back elbow.  Mysterio performers a hurricanrana and then runs off the ropes but Punk turns that into a powerslam.  Punk takes down his knee bad and charges into the corner but Mysterio puts up the boot and kicks Punk into the ropes, setting up for the 619.  Ryan interupts this but Mysterio lands a top rope splash, defeating CM Punk in 8:40.

Fantastic match.  Punk and Mysterio have incredible chemistry, though I think Punk could work with just about anyone.  Punk is a truly talented performer and is amazing in the ring.  All fans of wrestling have to hope he signs a new contract with WWE.  These two made a TV match worthy of a PPV match tonight.

@iHartMiz: I love when cm punk sits Indian style
@ThatGuySwifty13: DIdn’t Rey beat CM Punk last summer though? Wasn’t that the reason he got to shave Punk’s head?
@Bobcolling89: i wonder if Mason Ryan tans… Jesus you big pumpkin.
@thatdariachick: I love and respect Rey, but his time is coming. He’s starting to slow down and he needs to step back.
@Fat Finley:  I love CM Punk but they are putting him in bad boring feuds. Thank You Draft for creating new match ups & feuds! Thx for shacking things up!

We now get another one of those incredibly stupid dream sequences involving the President talking about WWE Capital Punishment, this time R-Truth is in it asking questions.  I’d describe it but just picture something really corny and you’ll get it.

We cut to Cena backstage talking to Alex Riley, telling him he doesn’t trust him and if he leaves him hanging out to dry.. he just walks off.

[Commercial break 5]

They advertise that next week is WWE All-Star Night.  A three hour special involving both Smackdown and Raw Superstars.

We return from commercial to see Alberto Del Rio making his entrance to the ring and talking on the microphone.  He says the WWE universe is slandering him by saying he’s a hit and run coward.  He tells us it was an accident, and they show a recap of two weeks ago with Big Show getting hit by the car.  He asks for the Big Show to come out so he can apologize to him.  Shows music hits after a moment and Ricardo Rodriguez comes out dressed like Big Show on crutches.  Del Rio tells Fake-Show that this is just his way of trying to get out of paying for the damage to his car.  Del Rio tells big Show not to mess with him or he’ll get hurt and that bad things happen to bad people.

This was a funny segment but its been done a thousand times before.  The crowd was absolutely dead for this.  Del Rio deserves a much better position then the one he is currently in.

@SassyStephie:  Alberto Del Rio…I love him.
@PinfallMagazine:  Del Rio’s smiling face is everything.
@KimLovesWWE:  Dear Big Show um sorry but it’s time to go to that wrestler retirement center called TNA. aww don’t cry, it was fun while it lasted
@BreakingKayfabe:  There is nothing more tired than the heel bringing out a mock version of a face. I love you, ADR, you are better than this.

They show us a vignette of Kofi Kingston.

[Commercial break 6] 

We return from commercial to see Zak Ryder in the ring with Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero on commentary.

Match 4:  United States Champion Kofi Kingston vs Zak Ryder: [2 minutes and 36 seconds]
The match begins with Zak in control, knocking Kofi to the mat and then dodging a splash in the corner.  Zak lands a sweet neck breaker but only gets a one count.  Kofi begins fighting back landing a dropkick and a flying clothesline.  He lands the Boom Boom Legdrop on Zak and then goes for Trouble in Paradise but Ryder leans into the ropes, however Kofi lands it the second time around and gets the pin in 2:36

Not much of a match here.  Short and sweet although a lot of people were very happy to see Ryder getting a match on Raw.  I am not caught up in the Zak Ryder stuff so I don’t care either way here, but its hard to comment on a match that is so short.

@Kenady16: So since theyre showing this kofi video that means hes gonna lose
@FlawlessXtina: Seems to me that Kofi is gonna get another push. Considering Orton is on SD now, Kofi’s push may actually happen this time
@JustinLaBar:  If Ryder wins the entire internet will blow a load
@FatFinley:  Holy Balls! Vicki Guerrero looks better and better each week! I am ready to see a spread of her 😉

We see the Miz and R-Truth talking backstage then Booker T walking and taping up his hand.

[Commercial break 7]

We return from commercial and once again they show a recap of the Tough Enough ending.  They tell us that during the commercial break the anonymous GM announced the Miz will face Alex Riley.  They then show a recap of Swagger getting defeated by Evan Bourne last week.  Swagger is already in the ring waiting.

Match 5:  Jack Swagger vs Booker T: [3 minutes and 20 seconds]
The match begins with both men vying for control.  Booker takes it, working Swagger to his knee but Swagger throws a big elbow and punches Booker down to the mat.  Swagger clotheslines Booker over the top rope to the outside and comes out after him, spearing him into the barricade before throwing him back in the ring.  Booker T takes control, gets Swagger into the corner and chops him several times before kneeing him in the stomach and going for the scissor kick but Swagger dodges, however he does catch a kick to the face.  Swagger rolls outside the ring.  Swagger stays out there allowing himself to get counted out for the loss in 3:20

After the match Evan Bourne comes out, hits Swagger who chases him into the ring and then gets caught by Booker T who lands his scissor kick and Bourne lands his air borne splash on him.  Booker and Evan then do spinaroonies together.

A nice little piece of nostalgia to see Booker, who can still work, in the ring.  Advances the feud between Bourne and Swagger.  Didn’t much appreciate the countout loss but it was a fun little segment either way.

@Alkaline_Perez:  Booker T Sucka!!!
@WWFRAWISWAR: Booker T. Wrestling much better than Him announcing.
@Wnewsarena: Jack Swagger gets himself counted out.
@IAmKneeGrow: Booker T hands down DUH! Dig that Suuuuuuckaaaa!
@Lagana: Nice rub for @findevan with Booker T at end of the match.
@CrystalMassaro: The match was AMAZING! Love the spinnaronni! 😀

We see Stone Cold walking backstage.

[Commercial break 7]

We return from commercial with Stone Cold’s music hitting as Austin makes his way out to be the special guest referee for the main event.

[Commercial Break 8]

Match 6:  John Cena and Alex Riley vs R-Truth and the Miz: [10 minutes and 45 seconds]
The match begins with Miz and Cena in the ring together.  A quick exchange of headlocks until Alex Riley gets tagged in, but Miz runs off and tags R-Truth in.  R-Truth takes control of Riley, hiptossing him down.  Truth does a little dance but Riley takes him down for a quick two count.  Riley tags in Cena, but Truth runs off and tags in the Miz.  Cena begins throwing Miz around, and tags in Riley but Miz runs off again leading Riley right into a clothesline from R-Truth.

[Commercial break 9] 

We return from commercial to see the Miz controlling Alex Riley in the ring with a headlock.  Riley begins getting up and punches his way out of it.  Miz rams Riley into the corner and he and Truth work him over before Miz lands a solid DDT for a two count.  Miz stomps Riley in the corner, Austin pulls him off telling him to stop when he tells him to.  Miz then goes for a shoulder in the corner but misses and hits the ring post.  Riley and Miz both go for tags, only Miz makes it.  Truth comes in and begins stomping Riley.  Truth gets in Austin’s face for a moment before going back to work on Riley.  Truth comes off the top rope but gets Riley’s boot to the face, Riley then tags in Cena and Truth tags in Miz.  At this point Cena begins performing his five moves of doom.  Truth interrupts, but Cena throws him over the top rope and locks the STF on the Miz but Miz makes it to the ropes forcing the break.  Truth comes in with a chair and misses Cena, who then lands a terrible looking dropkick.  Austin stuns the Miz and Cena gets the pin for the in in 10:45.

The Anonymous GM chimes in.  The GM says the referee has overstepped his authority, so John Cena and Alex Riley are disqualified and the winners are the Miz and R-Truth.  Also, Mr Austin, before doing something that you regret, next week you are the special guest General Manager of Raw.  Austin comes over, throws the laptop down and knocks over the podium.  He asks the crowd if they want him to be the GM next week, he then punches Michael Cole in the mouth and rolls him into the ring.   Austin pours a few beers in his face and stuns him.  Cena then lands the Attitude Adjustment on Michael Cole.  Austin asks the crowd if they’re ready for Raw next week, he calls Michael Cole a bastard and the show goes off the air.

Good episode of Raw, started off with a bang and they managed to make a fairly typical tag team match something better than usual.  Looking forward to seeing Austin as the General Manager of Raw next week.  Curious to see where things go with the Tough Enough winner also.  I give this Raw three stars out of four.  Hope you all enjoyed it. 

@WrestlingNewsHQ: This crowd is flatter then a witches tit tonight. Seriously.
@FatFinley: I  love LOVE the R-Truth no music entrance.
@nuer0tica: I need Alex’s theme ASAP.
@IAmWWEMan: A-Ry has been very impressive the past few weeks!
@WEFWrestling: The Champ is here John Cena!
@Brettley916: I really think Alex Riley has the look of a future World Champ. Big guy, good on the mic, can wrestle, & gets crowd reaction. Bright future.
@BreakingKayfabe: Cena might as well have had a megaphone attached to his cheek while calling spots tonight.
@Rarleo: “This may be the greatest Raw ever” – Jerry Lawler … Love ya King, but NO
@WWFRAWISWAR: The GM Gave us a Dusty Finish


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