Backdoor to Impact is reporting that TNA told Chyna point blank – if her new sex tape comes out, she will never work for them again. Chyna’s latest hardcore adult movie “Backdoor Into Chyna” is set to be relased by Vivid Video later this month – and TNA has informed her that their previous contract offer is dead. 


Chyna’s (Joanie Laurer) return to the wrestling world, though short-lived, did create some interest in what is arguably a company spending hard to get a few more eyes to turn their way.  Chyna came to fame in the WWE where she worked with DX, dated Triple H and became one of the biggest female names they had at the time.  Following her exit from WWE which was amid talk of infidelity, threats and unprofessional behavior, Chyna became somewhat of a wreck in the public eye.  A sex tape was released, a stint on VH1’s “The Surreal Life” showed a woman in the process of a downward spiral and it was all capped off by a visit to Dr. Drew’s “Celebrity Rehab” which appeared to show the rock bottom breaking point.

In the months following her last reality show venture, Chyna fell off the map.  Then, in a storyline involving Kurt Angle paying his “mistress” to assault his ex-wife, Chyna returned as that “mistress.”  Of course rumors immediately began to swarm about Chyna releasing a follow up sex tape and apparently due to this sex tape release, Impact Wrestling / TNA have decided that Chyna is not moral enough for them.  This is really the only argument that could be made here.  She performed well enough on their television, drew interest and was successful at pulling off what was necessary.  However, her release comes as a reaction to a morally reprehensible sex tape which is ironic considering her return storyline involved a husband hiring her to attack an ex-wife.   Being too a-moral for Impact Wrestling, that is one hell of a feat.

The company which provides us with such innocent and pristine entertainment as watching Velvet Sky grinding her scantily clad ass on the middle rope while the camera zooms up close, ring announcing by Christy Hemme, the former Playboy centerfold, Miss Tessmacher whose entrance into Impact Wrestling was that of the sexually suggestive assistant to Eric Bischoff who is played by Brooke Adams who has done some nude modeling in her day, who could forget the drama revolving around Kazarian when nude photos of the wrestler leaked online and then the story about him cheating on then fellow TNA employee Traci Brooks with pornstar Lela Star broke.  The list can go on but I digress.  The pure point of the matter would have to be the question:  when did Impact Wrestling decide that Chyna’s actions were, pardon the pun, crossing the line but these other instances are not?

It is well know that since WWE has gone the way of PG they have avoided hiring women who have questionable background or have done nude modeling work, although they do still employ some who have (Thank you again, Maryse, truly.)  However, TNA / Impact Wrestling have made themselves about not being WWE, haven’t they?  They allow blood, they curse on television despite the incessant bleeping, they have edgier more adult oriented storylines.   Impact, you want to promote yourself as the big boy on the playground, the one with all the experience while WWE is the kid in the corner who has never even kissed a girl.  You love having your knockouts running around in almost nothing, kissing each other, calling each other bitches and whores, ripping their clothes off until they are laying there in bikinis (see this past Thursday) and you don’t even mind them going out there and posing nude for photographers but when they decide to have sex on camera, that is where you draw the line.

You don’t draw the line at drug usage, arrests for DWIs and putting the world title on a guy who is going to be facing trial for his posession of 262 Vicodin, 180 somas and 555 milileters of anabolic steroids, not to mention some cocaine laying around and then allowing him to perform, if you could call it that, in a PPV match against Sting.  Of course we haven’t seen him since then, but his contract still exists.  Morally, Impact Wrestling / Dixie Carter / Hulk Hogan / Whoever else is pulling strings, are taking a stand, of sorts.  They’re stepping up to the microphone and saying they will not allow their fine company to be marred by allowing a potential pornstar to work for them.  They don’t mind having former pornstars work for them, but not future ones.  At least, not simultaneously.  They’re saying this is a company founded on morals, on beliefs in doing what is right and what is best for it’s fans.  They may support the exploitation of the women working for them, ignoring the highly apparent drug and alcohol problems of their wrestlers and brushing tales of adultery and infidelity under the rug but they’ll be damned if they’re going to soil the good name of Impact Wrestling with a woman who is going to be involved in porn (even though she’d already been in a sex tape that was released years prior to them signing her in the first place.)

I truly don’t believe either way that this matters to a wrestling fan.  Sure, sex deprived teens are going to look around at things like this but hasn’t that always been the way?  Is someone truly going to look at Impact Wrestling and ignore all of the other questionable things they do (which I have provided a short video of at the bottom) but feel that allowing Chyna to work for them is an abomination?  Chyna, you may have had better luck if you’d come to work for TNA instead of Impact Wrestling.  These people have morals and they’ve already told us that wrestling matters.  They would never lie to us by pretending to be something that they’re not and acting like they believe in something that they don’t, right?


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