Monday Night Raw – 5/30

Tonight, Memorial day May 30th, 2011, RAW is Live from Omaha, NE

A small video packet dedicating Raw to the men and women of the armed forces this Memorial Day.

The show opens with R-Truth going through a merchandise booth knocking over tables, surrounded by fans.  However, due to technical difficulties, there is no audio whatsoever.  Audio finally comes in a few minutes into the show, after R-Truth’s entire opening promo.  Lawler says “He may have pulled some plug causing these audio difficulties.”  Truth begins coming through the audience talking smack about John Cena and everyone who has his merchandise on.  Truth talks to a fan in the audience, audio is not in sync with the action.  Truth comes to the ring and says everyone is conspiring against him.  John Cena’s music sounds, and Truth turns his attention to the entrance ramp.
Cena begins talking about how R-Truth thinks everything is a conspiracy and everyone is named Jimmy.  He tells Truth he has gone off the deep end.  Truth says it isn’t him, it is all the people and its John Cena himself.  Cena and “Little Jimmy” have been conspiring to keep him down.  John Cena says these are the greatest fans in the world and if R-Truth wants a match with him, he’s got no problem knocking some sense back into him.  Truth says this is exactly what he wants and all the “little Jimmies” all over the world get to watch Truth beat him down.
The Anonymous GM chimes in and Michael Cole reads the email:  “Lets make this match official.  Tonight’s main event, we will see R-Truth compete against John Cena.  And I quote – however there will be no little jimmies allowed at ringside.”  Truth responds “You gonna get got” dropping the mic and leaving the ring.

@WrestleSarcasm:  “Best Fucking Silent PROMO EVER!”
@FatFinley: “So ironic it happened during R-Truth’s promo and not the great white hope John Cena’s”
@BitterforSweet: “They better fix this audio problem before ADR comes out. I want my honks to be in real time.”
@TheUnratedExp: “STFU R-Truth. I’m so tired of this horrible angry black man writing.”

A small video airs saying Kharma will speak live on Raw tonight for the first time, and next we will see Kofi Kingston vs Dolph Ziggler.

[Commercial break 1]

We return from commercial where Cole and Lawler say Omaha is the Memorial Day destination of the country.  It is interesting to note that Cole and Lawler do not appear to have any heat or hints of their past feud between them anymore.   Kofi Kingston makes his entrance to the ring.

Match 1:  United States Champion Kofi Kingston vs Dolph Ziggler (with Vickie Guerrero): [10 minutes and 47 seconds.]
Match begins slow with some grappling moves, waistlocks and reversals until Ziggler starts throwing the right hands.  The crowd is firmly behind Kofi.  Dolph takes control, working a headlock and then moves to stomping Kofi in the corner.  Kofi fights back with a monkey flip out of the corner but Ziggler pushes Kofi off the top rope to the outside.

[Commercial break 2]

We return from commercial and Ziggler is in control, dominating Kofi who is down in the ring.  Ziggler goes back to the headlock which he seems to use a little too often.  Kofi begins fighting his way out and after dodging a diving turnbuckle splash from Ziggler he begins throwing some chops and a nice dropkick.  Kofi lands the Boom Boom Legdrop then comes out of the corner, missing the trouble in Paradise, which Ziggler turns into a sleeper hold.  Kofi rolls out of it, kicks Ziggler in the corner and then missing a crossbody off the top rope.  Ziggler lands a modified “fameAsser” but only gets a two count.   Kofi misses the SOS and Ziggler lands lands the Zig Zag for the win in 10:47.

OneCountKickout:  Decent match between these two.  A few botches here and there, and the match started off a little too slow.  However, these two have proven they can put on some killer matches when they are afforded that opportunity. 

@Nuer0tica: “At least Dolph is blonde again. I know that’s old news but it’s awesome enough to mention again”
@iHartMiz: “I hate kofi’s tights”
@dasharpshooters: “The Vickie/Ziggler relationship has gone on far too long.”

A small video airs showing Alex Riley attacking the Miz last night and Michael Cole says he will get Riley to apologize, then they repeat the main event for tonight: John Cena vs R-Truth.

[Commercial break 3]

We return from commercial, Ricardo Rodriguez introduces Alberto Del Rio.  Del Rio enters the ring to a lot of booing from the crowd and introduces himself, but you already know that.  He begins talking about last week and they air a recap of when the Big Show and Kane losing their tag team titles and then when Big Show got hit by the car. They show us that it was Ricardo driving the car that hit him.  Del Rio says it was an accident.  He says he is a nice guy but business is business and thats why Big Show owes him money for damaging his car.    He then wishes Big Show to get well soon.

OneCountKickout:  ADR is a very talented performer, and I’m sure he can make a feud with Kane / Big Show interesting but one has to hope it doesn’t last too long as he definitely deserves to be in the world title picture.

@CandiAddict_: “They made Big Show sound like a dying grizzly bear…”
@The1truBME: “Big Show sounds like a bear shot in the ass with a dart.:-) ”
@SullivanBooks: “Hard to believe Alberto Del Rio used to wear a mask. His facial expressions are amazing.”
@ILoVeTheCORRE: “I’m marking out! I love this man!”

They promote CM Punk vs Rey Mysterio later tonight, and then we see Eve and Kelly Kelly backstage.  They will be facing the Bella twins next.

[Commercial break 4]

We return from commercial and the Bella’s are already in the ring.  Kelly Kelly and Eve come out together.

Match 2:  Kelly Kelly and Eve vs The Bella Twins: [Two minutes and fifty-three seconds]
Eve starts off in the ring against Brie.  Eve throws Brie around, goes for a sunset flip and then locks in a submission.  At this point Kelly Kelly distracts the referee and Nikki Bella comes in, breaks up the submission hold and then Nikki is legally tagged in.  At this point the Bellas double team Eve with a few moves, slamming her down.  Eventually Eve is able to fight out and crawls to the corner tagging in Kelly Kelly who goes for a Lou Thesz press.  Kelly dominates and takes out one of the Bella’s, slamming her face first for the win in 2:53.

OneCountKickout:  There wasn’t much to this match, fairly typical of the way WWE treats diva matches.  Kelly Kelly performed the same four or five moves she always does, the Bellas continue to do “twin magic” and not much is shown to actually make the general fan care.  Shame, really.

@The_Epic_Show: “This match is reffed by Nunzio”
@SandoraElite: “I’m sorry WWE but Brie Bella can’t even hold her title without boring me. All she does is hold it straight up. Seriously? Show me somethin”
@Divadirt: “So… the stinkface is back. Kelly wins. Longer than usual. Decent little match. Thumbs up or thumbs down?”

[Commercial break 5]

We return from commercial where they continue to show people barbequing outside in Omaha, saying it is the “vacation and grill out” capital of America.  Michael Cole is in the ring, giving us a recap of the drama between the Miz and Alex Riley last week.  He compares Alex Riley to Benedict Arnold and Sammy the Bull and they air video of last week with Riley flipping out n the Miz and beating him down.  Alex Riley has his own music and comes out to mild cheering from the crowd.  Michael Cole says there has never been an act of such backstabbing in WWE before.  Cole tells Riley that Miz did so much for him and he repays him by attacking “your mentor.”  Cole tells Riley that Miz was hurt by this, the Miz thought of Riley as a brother.  He asks Riley how he justifies his actions and Riley says “I’ve never felt better in my life.”  Cole recommends that Riley kneel and beg the Miz for forgiveness.  Riley tells Cole to shut up, which gets a loud pop from the crowd.  He begins comparing the Miz to Michael Cole.  Cole says that Alex Riley is a “bastard.”  Riley grabs Cole and throws him down, screaming at him.  He begins choking Cole when Suddenly the Miz runs out and begins beating Riley down.  As Miz is beating him down he is screaming “I made you!”  Riley begins fighting back, and Miz rolls out of the ring.  Riley tackles him in the aisle and continues the beatdown before throwing him over the barricade and then jumping on him.  Miz ends up thrown across the announcers table before making his escape into the crowd.

OneCountKickout:  Not really sure why they continue to display Miz as the weak link here.  Although this isn’t inconsistent with how they showed him as a WWE champion either.  Hopefully this feud will move to a PPV match and we will get to see what these guys can do together without damaging either of them too much.  They have the potential to catapult Riley into stardom, while keeping the Miz as a top heel if done correctly.

@RealMickFoley: “How about the fire that Riley showed last week? Vaulted way past just about everybody’s expectations..including mine. Go A-Ri!”
@NoDQdotcom: “Good to see Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler so peaceful together after six months of feuding. :-)”
@HitTheRopes: “Having Miz and Cole verbally attack Riley shows the WWE really is behind the guy.”
@WrestlingCritic: “Come on let the Miz come out and beat the crap out of Riley.”
@JmarksPHD: “Again Miz is doing an awesome job of putting Riley over…even I have to give him props for that”
@Lagana: “Interested to see Alex Riley as a babyface in matches but they’re building him very nicely”

Cole and Lawler point out that CM Punk vs Rey Mysterio is next.

[Commercial break 6]

We return from a commercial which recaps last weeks main event with Rey Mysterio and Bret Hart beating down CM Punk which apparently spawned tonight’s match.  CM Punk’s music hits first and he makes his way to the ring with Mason Ryan.

Match 3:  Rey Mysterio vs CM Punk (With Mason Ryan): [Nine minutes and six seconds]
The match begins with CM Punk talking smack to Mysterio and then delivering a kick to the stomach and stomping him down in the corner.  Mysterio fights back, throwing Punk with a flying head scissor but Punk catches him with another boot and throws him out of the ring.  Mysterio fights on the apron with a few shoulder blocks and while the referee is distracted, Mason Ryan runs up and slams Rey into the ringpost.

[Commercial break 7]

We return from commercial and Punk is in the ring holding Mysterio in a submission hold which he quickly fights out of.  Punk goes back to dominating, with Mysterio showing small offense here and there until Rey kicks does a flying dive through the ropes knocking CM Punk over the announce table.  Both men are down.  Punk moves back into the ring and turns right into a seated senton from Mysterio followed by a flying crossbody.  Rey goes for a victory roll but Punk kicks out, dodging a kick from Mysterio and landing a backbreaker.  Punk throws Mysterio on his shoulders, going for the GTS but Rey knocks him onto the ropes.  However when he goes for the 619, Mason Ryan distracts him.  Punk catches Mysterio with a kick to the back of the head getting the win in 9:06

OneCountKickout:  Great match between these two, which we’ve grown use to.  Think it could have done without the Mason Ryan interference, though it is nice to see CM Punk get the victory.  WWE knows when they throw these two in the ring they’re going to get it done and they’re going to get it done right.  Punk is an amazing performer and I for one and truly hoping WWE gets him to sign a new contract.

@Nuer0tica: “Ugh. Punk is WAY too good to be stuck wrestling against Rey. Is this really the best they could come up with?”
@TheMizMagnet: “I think this would be a better main event match than Truth v Cena.”
@WWE_Creative: “There is no one in the business that can stand there and look as intimidating and orange as Mason Ryan.”
@WrestleMatters: “CM Punk could wrestle the turnbuckle and it would be Match of the Year material”
@Mrs619: “Rey + Punk = BRILLIANT MATCHES”

We got to a video package showing Stone Cold Steve Austin appearing on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last week talking about Tough Enough.
Up next Kharma will come out and tell us what happened to her last week.

[Commercial break 8]

We return from commercial being shown a recap of Kharma’s breakdown last week (which is apparently the “Slam of the week.”)  When we cut live to Raw, Kharma is standing in the ring with a microphone.  She says ever since she was a kid she had two dreams, and the first was to become a WWE Superstar.  Kharma says she went out for season 2 of Tough Enough and Jim Ross told her she was too fat to ever be a WWE Diva.  She says she went to Japan to become a wrestling master and moved on to every wrestling promotion until finally WWE welcomed her.  The crowd definitely seems to be in favor of her.  Kharma then says she has also always wanted to be a mother, which prompts cheers.  She explains she is currently pregnant but she cannot compete while she is pregnant, but she will be back and she wants to thank all of the fans for sharing her dream.  Suddenly the Bella Twin’s music hits, and they come out laughing at her.  The Bellas begin poking fun at her weight, and telling her she is not diva material.  They tell her she can’t do anything to them because of what her doctor said, and they continue to make fun of her.  When she moves toward them, they run into the corners.  Kharma tells them she hopes when she comes back they’re still here because “Now, I’ve got a new dream.”

OneCountKickout:  WWE took a risk here and had Kharma come out and just say the truth.  No storyline, no lies, no fantasy.  She’s pregnant, she wants to be a mother and she wants to be a diva.  She will be back in a year.  I think this was a truly awesome way to handle it, it didn’t talk down to the fans, the fans didn’t get angry about it.  Honestly I don’t think they could have handled this any better than they did.  Truly wishing Kharma the best of health with her pregnancy and looking forward to her return.

@CandiAddict_: “The Bellas, again?”
@HitTheRopes: “It’s the time many of us have been waiting for.”
@FatFinley: “Has she ever spoke in TNA Wrestling? Because I am shock how well she is speaking. Glad they are just telling us the truth about this.”
@Wnewsarena: “Kharma says she always wanted to be a wrestler, and talks how JR told her she was too big to be a diva. She worked in Japan”
@feelingventi: “Whether u call her kharma or kong she will always b awesome! ”
@RealMickFoley: “Yeah, @kharma – we will see you next year. All the best to you and your child my friend.”
@JRsBBQ: “Kharma will never be a standard issue wwe diva. She’s a wrestler. And a keeper. JR shout outs always welcome on Raw. :)”

Next up they air another silly dream sequence involving Barack O’Bama talking about the upcoming June PPV, Capital Punishment before reminding us that John Cena vs R-Truth is the main event.

[Commercial Break 9]

We return from commercial to see Jack Swagger making his way to the ring and a recap of Evan Bourne kicking him after their match last week which caused him to flip out.

Match 4:  Jack Swagger vs  Evan Bourne: [3 minutes and 43 seconds]
Swagger looks angry and is talking smack to Bourne.  Swagger throws a few hard kicks knocking Bourne down and then puts his knee across his throat.  Swagger is yelling and banging his chest.  He begins beating Bourne down, and then picks him up but both men spill over the top rope.  Swagger runs Bourne into the ring apron before throwing him back in.  Swagger puts his hands on Bourne’s back and begins doing push-ups.  Swagger smacks Bourne in the head a few times, but Bourne fights back with some kicks before getting caught in a side slam.  Bourne reverses a pickup, rolls up Swagger and gets the pin in 3:43.

OneCountKickout:  Decent short match, predictable, probably building up to a small feud between these two.  Not much to say, sadly Bourne is never really used to the best of his ability and Swagger lingers in the mid-card when he could be at the top.

@TheUnratedEXP: “So Evan Bourne can only win a match via roll up these days.”
@SMARKRAGE: “Holy fuck @findevan got a win on raw!”
@Smarkingout: “Wait, a vanilla midget won a match over a normal sized guy?”

We see R-Truth backstage talking to himself, and Cena walking through the backstage area.  He runs into Zak Ryder who is filming something.

[Commercial break 10]

We return from commercial and R-Truth is making his entrance.  The crowd is booing him hard, he definitely has gotten some great heat in the past few weeks.  We get a recap of earlier in the night when Truth was in the merchandise booth, with audio this time.  John Cena comes out, and gives a hug to a soldier in fatigues in the front row.

Match 5:  R-Truth vs John Cena: [4 minutes and 5 seconds]

The match begins with R-Truth locking Cena into a headlock but Cena fights out and Truth rolls out of the ring.  Truth comes back in, kicks Cena in the stomach and begins kicking him in the corner.  Cena reverses the irish whip, lands a bulldog and R-Truth rolls to the outside again.  Truth begins yelling at random fans before coming back to the ring.  We get battling “Lets go Cena” “Cena sucks” chants.  Truth goes for a kick but Cena answers with a clothesline and then lands a side slam setting up for and delivering the five knuckle shuffle.  Truth once again rolls outside the ring.  Truth wanders into the crowd, but Cena comes out and throws him over the barricade.  Truth knocks Cena down, runs back to the ring and the referee counts John Cena out at 4:05

OneCountKickout:  Really not much of a match here, not main event material.  Sure it succeeds in giving R-Truth more heat, and a win over Cena, though it would seem more intelligent to have an actual match where Truth scores a pinfall even if he has to cheat doing it.  Seems like WWE is attempting to protect Cena by not having him actually job for Truth who is on a rocketship with his heat right now.  I suppose we’ll find out more next week.

@PinfallMagazine:  “I LOVE that R-Truth doesn’t have entrance music.”
@Smarkingout: “R-Truth is awesome. He’s finally acting like a former NWA champion.”
@CamelClutchBlog:  “I love the R Truth push. Too bad it ends in a couple weeks at #WWECapitol Combat.”
@WEFWrestling: “Are you freaking kidding me R-truth wins -_-”

Truth wanders back into the crowd and steals a drink from a child, then throws it in his father’s face before running off.  Cena comes out and chases Truth who disappears behind the titantron.  Cena apologizes to the fan, drying his face for him.  The show ends with Cena shaking the man’s hand.

OneCountKickout:  Decent Raw, many high points tonight and a decent amount of wrestling.  Hurt only slightly by the less than stellar ending but in the end that may work to make R-Truth have more impact in the future.  Three out of four stars for Raw tonight. 


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