Monday Night Raw Review – May 23rd

Raw opens with a graphic:  In Memory of Macho Man Randy Savage.

Live from Portland Oregon.
Josh Matthews on commentary.  Jerry Lawler makes his entrance to join him.

Lawler stops in the ring and grabs the mic saying “Finally our long national nightmare is over, Michael Cole has been beaten.  Now you know, I knew that Michael Cole would have some sort of plan where he would try to weasel out of kissing my foot so I had an ace up my sleeve.  Actually, I had a Hart up my sleeve.”  Bret “Hitman” Hart’s entrance music hits and he comes out to the ring.  Bret takes the microphone: “Hello Portland!  Long time, no see.  I just want to say that it always makes me happy to be back on Monday Night Raw.  I just want to say that over the years, Jerry Lawler, you and I have had our differences but every time I fought you I always respected you for being the competitor you are and just like everyone else on the planet I got zero respect for Michael Cole.”
R-Truth comes out, interupting Bret.  Truth yells at the crowd to “Shut up.”  R-Truth tells Bret to ask him how many championship matches he had, which is reminicent to Bret Hart doing the same thing in WCW.  Truth says it is because he spent so much time dancing around for all the “Little Jimmys.”  He goes to the crowd looking for a “Little Jimmy.”  He selects a child, puts his arm around him and says he should be next for a title match.  The crowd breaks out into chants of “You suck.”  Truth tells Bret that actions speak louder than words and that he needs to beat up on a Hall of Famer.  Bret responds “You want a piece of me, take your best shot.”  Bret explains he got championship matches because he is the best there is, the best there was and the best there never will be and that Truth doesn’t get matches because he’s a “freakin’ lunatic.”  Truth says he won’t be disrespected and goes to leave when John Cena’s music hits.

Cena grabs the mic and calls R-Truth back to the ring.  Cena tells R-Truth to hold his thought, and turns to welcome Bret back to Monday Night Raw and shakes his hand.  Bret congratulates him on his win and Cena turns back to Truth.  Cena asks whats up with him, why he’s changed.  Truth tells him they’re not cool and that the whole conspiracy is about John Cena.  Truth tells Cena he and Bret are just propaganda machines designed to make people feel good but he doesn’t care about the people.  Cena threatens to knock some sense into Truth, anonymous GM chimes in.

Anonymous GM:  “R-Truth, you’ve been impressive but I need to see a little more before I can grant you a WWE championship match.  Therefore I’ll be paying close attention to tonights tag team main event.  R-Truth and CM Punk vs Rey Mysterio and John Cena.  And the special guest referee will be Bret “Hitman” Hart.”  Truth storms out of the ring.

@WrestlingFemme:  Does R-Truth even know what Lunatic means?
@FatFinley: I want a R-Truth “Resident Lunatic” shirt!
@WWFRAWISWAR: Odd Bret Hart was gone from WWE for 13 Years and now is perhaps the most loyal Legend they call upon to make appearances.
@Vixentye:  hehe you have to love Rtruth ghetto fabulous heel turn lol… he’s actually a decent turn

We see Kane and the Big show backstage, Show is sitting on Alberto Del Rio’s car.  Ricardo Rodriguez starts yelling at them, in Spanish, so they push him on the floor.  Del Rio comes over and gets in their faces next.  They both just walk away.

[Commercial break 1]

We come back from commercial and they introduce our first match.

Match 1:  WWE Tag Team Title Match:  Big Show and Kane vs David Otunga and Michael McGillicutty [8 minutes 49 seconds]
Punk and Mason Ryan come out with them, Punk joining the commentary team.  Big Show and Kane control the match beating down Otunga until he sneaks away and tags in Michael.  Show throws McGillicutty outside the ring, Mason Ryan and David Otunga come to his side.

[Commercial break 2.]

We come back from commercial and Otunga is beating on Kane who is down on the mat.  Punk claims his loss at Over the Limit was due to a 120 degree fever.  Kane starts coming back, finally making a tag to Big Show who cleans house.  The referee gets taken out accidentally, CM Punk hops in the ring and attacks Big show allowing McGillicutty to get the pin.  Your winners in 8:49 and New tag team champions:  Otunga and McGillicutty.

@dawns89: For how much I don’t care about CM Punk, I’ll take him any day over Michael Cole on commentary!
@xWinterRaynex: Otunga and McGillicutty are champions? Really? REALLY? -___-
@SMARKRAGE: its ok those titles aint meant shit in 15 yrs

[Commercial break 3]

Returning from break they promote the main event tag team match and show off the ridiculous poster for their next PPV, Capital Punishment.

They cut to a video packet showing Randy Orton who is promoting his movie, “Thats what I am”, with an autograph signing at Walmart.
They show a backstage interview with Kane and Big Show, Big show is freaking out when Del Rio runs over and smacks him.  Big Show chases Del Rio who apparently runs over the Big Show’s leg.  Kane begins calling for help.  EMT’s come to his side, Big Show is screaming in pain.[Commercial break 4]
We come back from commercial to find Big Show still getting worked on.@Lagana: They have him attached to a HEART MONITOR. The car ran over his leg… not his heart
@thatdariachick: Does anyone else notice there is no dent in the car?
@xTheViperettexx: Big Show in pain sounds like freaking Chewbacca!!Match 2:  Jack Swagger vs Evan Bourne [2 minutes and 6 seconds.]
Swagger comes out swinging and begins dominating Bourne from the get go.  Bourne begins fighting back, rolls up Swagger but he kicks out.  Swagger picks up Evan and plants him with the gutwrench powerbomb.  WINNER: Jack Swagger in 2:06
After the match Evan Bourne knocks Swagger down while he is running around doing his victory lap.  Swagger gets pissed and begins hitting the ringside barricade.@PinfallMagazine:  That match was pretty lame (arm/shoulder work?), but everything post-match was awesomeWe see Michael Cole walking around backstage.  All the Divas standing there laughing.  He goes to shake Eve’s hand, she offers him her foot.[Commercial break 5]Back from commercial and Lawler / Matthews joke around about Michael Cole and then they congratulate the Rock on the success of his film “Fast Five.”The Ring announcer tells us to welcome “The voice of the WWE, Michael Cole” who comes shuffling out quietly with his hands in his pockets.   The crowd begins chanting “you suck toes” while Cole grabs a mic and asks for their attention.  Cole explains that he came out to put everything behind them, he apologizes to Lawler, Josh, Justin Roberts, the timekeeper, everyone in the arena and everyone at home.  Says he wants to “come back home” and do commentary again.  “No more Colemines, no more matches between me and you.  I am beginning all of you to please accept my apology.”  The crowd isn’t having it.  Lawler gets on the mic and says it all sounds really good to him.  Lawler makes fun of him a bit but Cole joins them on commentary again.

Miz’s music hits, he and Riley come out to the ring.   Miz says there is only one reason he didn’t win last night, that reason “is you, Alex Riley.”  Miz begins running down Alex Riley and blaming him for not only last nights loss, but losing the title in the first place.  Miz aks the anonymous GM for another chance, a one on one title match against John Cena with Alex Riley banned from ringside.  Says he’ll await his decision.  Miz says Cena wasn’t in a handicapped match last night, he was with how unhelpful Alex Riley was.  Miz says he will not leave the ring until the GM chimes in.  A few moments later he does.
Anonymous GM:  “Miz I heard your request for another championship match and it is denied.  You lost last night Miz, so as far as I’m concerned you are done with John Cena.”  Miz stands there looking angry and turns his attention to Alex Riley.  Riley begins apologizing, but Miz says “This is all your fault.  If it wasn’t for you I would be WWE Champion right now you worthless waste of space.”  He asks Riley for an explanation.  Riley responds “I wasn’t the one who said ‘I quit.'”  The crowd begins chanting “You quit.”  Miz flips out on Riley and then fires him.  Riley hits Miz and Miz rolls out of the ring, they fight on the outside.  Riley throws the Miz back in the ring and leaves him beaten down.

@StrykerSays: Fuckin title shots, how do they work?
@BryanisWWE: Good, I’d rather hear from @wwejoshmathews announce for the Anonymous Raw General Manager then Cole announcing for the GM
@SandoraElite:  When are we going to reveal the fucking GM already? This has gone on long enough
@Feelingventi: Alex Riley heel 2 face in 2 seconds flat!

[Commerial break 6]

Match 3:  Bella twins, Maryse and Melina vs Kelly Kelly, Gail Kim, Beth Phoenix and Eve [27 seconds]
Kelly Kelly starts out against one of the Bella’s, smacking her around. Suddenly Kharma’s music hits effectively ending the match after 27 seconds. All of the divas circle up to stand against Kharma.  She stands at ringside looking up at all the divas and jumps up onto the apron.  She enters the ring and they all surround her.  Kharma begins shaking, then looking very sad she gets down on her knees and starts crying.   Kharma appears to be saying something to herself.

@Cynicjrh : I’m as confused as a blindfolded Jane Lynch in a fish market
@nuer0tica: So WWE drops the ball again?
@divadirt: Well, don’t just stand there… give her a hug!
@FemmeJoMo: What is going on here? What the hell is this? Why is she not kicking their asses?

[Commercial break 7]

Back from commercial and they recap Kharma’s emotional breakdown.  Then we go to the WWE Slam of the week which is Sheamus losing the US Title to Kofi Kingston at Extreme Rules (Even though that was 3 weeks ago.)

Match 4:  Kofi Kingston vs Drew McIntyre [ 3 minutes and 52 seconds.]
Match begins very much back and forth before McIntyre gets the upperhand.  Very quickly the announcers begin saying Kofi appears to have hurt his knee and McIntyre begins slamming it into the ringpost and then does the old school Bret Hart, figure four on the ringpost.  Kofi begins fighting back with come punches.  Kingston lands his leg drop but due to his injury he can’t perform his finisher.  Kofi fights back and gets the pin, your WINNER Kofi Kingston in 3:52.

@IAmWWEman: McIntyre has pyro now!
@smarkingout: Russian Leg Sweep!!! I’m seriously marking out right now!
@JoeyStyles: Kofi’s trunks and kick pads were created by 6 year old Luke M. of Alberta, Canada who won @WWEMagazine‘s WWE Kids Magazine contest.
@PinfallMagazine: Look at Kofi sell and finish. Well done

After the match they show a terribly corny dream sequence of President Obama talking about WWE.
We see Otunga and McGillicutty backstage who are apparently still celebrating their win.

[Commercial break 8]

We return from commercial and they once again show us Big Show getting hit by a car.  We see Alberto Del Rio talking to the backstage interviewer.  He says Big Show brought this to himself and if you disrespect Del Rio you have to pay.  He then blames Ricardo for this and says he had nothing to do with it.

Finally Jerry Lawler brings up the Macho Man and says how we’ve sadly lost him and calls him a “Hall of Famer” no matter what.  A tribute video airs.  Very touching tribute.   A lot of great memories, a lot of great moments.  If you’d like to read my thoughts on Randy Savage, see my earlier blog entry:  Macho Madness Lives Forever

@C_Moe_Go: I laughed, smiled then couldn’t help but cry. Thank u @WWE for the tribute. I love u & RIP macho man, childhood hero never to ne forgotten.
@Seventeenblack: The Miss Elizabeth/Macho Man clips really remind me what is missing nowadays. iwantwrestling w/a really good story & emotional connection

[Commercial break 9]

Bret Hart’s music hits as he comes out to be the special guest referee for the main event:
Match 5:  Rey Mysterio & John Cena vs R-Truth & CM Punk w/ Bret Hart as referee [9 minutes and 42 seconds]
CM Punk is wearing trunks very similar to those of the Macho Man to pay tribute to him tonight.  R-Truth and John Cena start the match off in the ring.  Cena throws Truth outside the ring.

[Commercial break 10]

When we come back from commercial Punk is in the ring, hiding behind Bret Hart.  He runs over and tags out to Truth who comes in and stomps Cena.  Punk overheard at one point yelling to Bret Hart “Where did you learn how to count, Canada?”  Punk continues the beatdown before once again tagging in Truth who gets in Bret Hart’s face before going back to work on Cena who has spent the majority of this night on the mat.  CM Punk comes back in.  Cena fights back and gets the tag to Mysterio who comes flying in and whipping Punk around the ring.  Pin attempt broken up by R-Truth.  Cena comes in to clear him out but Truth lays him out, however Mysterio then kicks him into the ropes.  Punk grabs him but Mysterio lands the 619 on Punk who then gets punched by Bret Hart and Bret Locks the Sharpshooter in on CM punk while Mysterio leg drops him and gets the pin.  Your WINNERS in 9:42 John Cena & Rey Mysterio.

Both Cena and Mysterio hold up Bret’s hands after the match.  Raw goes off the air with all three celebrating in the ring.

@dasharpshooters: CM Punk is just the greatest. Macho Man tights? How can you hate this man?
@The_Epic_Show: Did anyone notice Punk wearing Savage tights?
@oldiesMike: I like that R-Truth doesn’t come out to music now. Different. Sets him apart. Needed in today’s product
@PinfallMagazine: CM Punk chants instead of Cena? Wow
@Wnewsarena: Mysterio hits 619, then Bret Hart applies the sharpshooter to Punk. Mysterio then covers Punk for the win.

Decent Raw, somewhat short main event.  The tribute to Randy Savage was very touching and indeed earned.  Cena / Truth feud is hinted at.  Del Rio / Big Show / Kane feud also.  Always good to see Bret Hart there.  Three out of five stars tonight.


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