King of Hearts

Twelve years ago today the world of wrestling was grieving at the tragic passing of Owen Hart.  Having grown up as a major fan of his brother, Bret “Hitman” Hart most of my favorite memories of my early wrestling years are tied around this family and to this day one of my all-time favorite feuds is the brother vs brother storyline.  Everything from the Survivor Series match that planted the seeds to the Royal Rumble tag title match when Owen finally attacked his brother was so intricate and, pardon the pun, excellently executed.  Though Bret was my guy growing up, anyone who saw those matches could not ignore the incredible skill which Owen possessed.

As time went on, rather than finding myself booing Owen I was cheering him.  When I’d see him step in that ring I was waiting to see him throw that sick Enziguri or use that class flip combo to reverse an arm ringer.  Though Bret had the crowd, and was undeniably one of the most talented performers to ever step foot inside a ring, there is an argument to be made that if Bret was part teacher and Owen were part student, the student certainly had the ability to surpass the teacher.  Youtube is a wonderful thing when it comes down to it, especially for going back and watching classic promos and matches involving Owen.  He truly was gifted in the ring and from all accounts, not only was he respected as a worker but admired as a man.  I have never heard a single negative work spoken about him and all who knew him share one trait in common:  they smile when they tell stories about him.

In light of recent events, the passing of Randy Savage, one is forced to reflect upon their time here and those they choose to surround themselves with.  In the end we are left with memories and it is the weight of those memories that can pull us up or drag us down.  Owen Hart will always uplift us, stories of his behind the scenes antics, his pranks will always make us smile.  His matches are better in retrospect then they were live and it is always difficult when a future so bright is snuffed out.  Owen will never be forgotten and his legacy will continue and transcend the wrestling industry.


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