WWE Over the Limit Predictions

We are just a few hours away from WWE Over the Limit.  The show is most likely being headlined by the Miz vs John Cena in an I Quit match.  I thought I’d give you the rundown on my predictions for this evening from the bottom up.

Sin Cara vs Chavo Guerrero:     This match will revolve around showing off the abilities of Sin Cara and be designed as a platform to elevate him to greater talent matches in the future.  Chavo is experienced and skilled and will make Cara look great.  Definitely a match to keep your eyes on as I’m sure there will be some tremendous moves and showings of athleticism shown off here.
WINNER:  Sin Cara.

Rey Mysterio vs R-Truth:  Not so easy to predict.  On the one hand Mysterio is a major babyface on the Raw brand and more than likely this match was originally intended to be John Morrison vs R-Truth.  However due to Morrison’s subsequent injury, Mysterio has been factored in which could change things.  R-Truth has been getting a lot of television time lately and WWE seems behind giving him a hard heel push so I’m going to have to go with R-Truth, who will probably win by cheating in some way.
WINNER:  R-Truth.

Bella vs Kelly Kelly (Diva’s Title):  The Diva’s title doesn’t seam to mean much to the WWE so it’s hard to imagine they’re wanting to keep this on the Bella’s for any real reason.  The main thing which plays into this is Kharma.  They are clearly building up some sort of angle between Kharma and Kelly Kelly which would likely lead to a match between the two of them, and what better way to get the strap on Kharma then to have her face Kelly Kelly for it.  I think there is a possibility here that Kelly Kelly wins clean, but I wouldn’t surprised to see Kharma assist her so she can face her for the title.
WINNER:  Kelly Kelly.

Michael Cole vs Jerry Lawler:  If there is one match on this card that is tired it is certainly this one.  The Cole / Lawler angle ran its course back at Wrestlemania, and for it to still be going is utterly ridiculous.  God willing Lawler wins this match and we can stop having to listen to Cole and his ridiculously annoying commentary week in and week out.  However, WWE has thrown us curve balls with this before, and though it may make me a fool in the end, for the third PPV in a row I’m going with what I hope for.
WINNER:  Jerry Lawler.

Big Show & Kane vs CM Punk & Mason Ryan (Tag Title):  How the mighty have fallen.  CM Punk is way too talented to be wasted in this match but alas this is where we find ourselves.  Punk has a good thing going with Nexus, and with all the rumors of his contract being up soon, I find it hard to believe that WWE is going to put the titles on him and Ryan, especially considering Kane and Big Show really don’t have anything better to do so I’m going with the champs here.
WINNERS:  Kane and Big Show.

Wade Barret vs Ezekiel Jackson (Intercontinental Title):  Hard to imagine Barrett not winning this match, but if you look back its hard to imagine Barrett being relegated to such a small place on the card.  He is an interesting study, one week seeming to get pushed and the next week he is ignored.  Ezekiel has a good look but does he have the skill?  This remains to be seen but I don’t think tonight will be his night.
WINNER:  Wade Barrett.

Randy Orton vs Christian (World Heavyweight Title):  What a controversy here.  Christian wins the title in one of the feel good moments of the year and loses the title to Orton less than a week later.  The internet explodes with anger over it and then things calmed down and we got handed this match.  WWE has faith in Orton, despite falling ratings on Smackdown and perhaps rightfully so.  Either way, as much as I’d love to see Christian win I just can’t see it happening.  Not without a turn at least.  Maybe if this storyline continues and Christian turns heel we’ll get a title change but for now, the strap stays where it is.
WINNER:  Randy Orton.

John Cena vs the Miz (WWE Title):  Finally we come down to the WWE title match.  Miz and Cena face off in an “I Quit” match which doesn’t bode well for Miz.  Let’s face it, Cena will never ever say “I quit.”  Rumors are circulating that Miz will do something like play a recording of Cena saying “I quit” or perhaps threaten to hurt someone Cena cares about in order to win.  I find the first plausible, as it’s been used before, but the latter unlikely.  I’d love to see the Miz win this match but I can’t see it happening.  At most perhaps the Miz wins, but the anonymous GM orders the match to restart or reverses the decision.  Dislike Cena as I do, I can’t see Superman giving in.
WINNER:  John Cena.

There you have it, my predictions for Over the Limit.  WWE can be unpredictable.  Most of the time I have a 75% accuracy rating for my PPV predictions but every once in a while they throw in some curve balls.  Remains to be seen.  Who do you think the winners will be?  Comment, email, message me on twitter OneCountKickout  Enjoy the PPV folks.


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