Raw Review

RAW, live from San Antonio, Texas.

John Cena opens the show, Alex Riley interupts and basically says
all the things Cena was going to say anyway. A video package plays
showing all the times Miz has beat Cena down over the past few
months. Miz comes out and heads to the ring with Riley. Riley
says the Miz will never say “I quit.” Riley is pretty good here,
and then Cena responds with a bunch of silly jokes that get the kids
laughing. Cena says the reason he chose an I quit match is because
Miz is afraid of one. Tells him he won’t be saying “I’m the Miz and
I’m awesome” after over the limit, he’ll be saying “I’m the Miz and
I quit.” Anonymous GM emails and says since Cena got to pick the
stipulation, then Miz gets to choose the type of match and
opponent for Cena tonight. Miz says he will let us know later
and its going to be “Awesome.”

-Decent opening segment, luckily Cena didn’t get to say a whole lot.
Riley actually seems like a decent equal to Cena on the mic.
Still think Miz is better off without him, though. Here are
some tweets regarding this segment:

@Mrs619 “What a shit way to start it.”
@SullivanBooks “WWE is making The Miz a bigger star with each
passing week. Brilliant.”
@Mccall316 “Sure Miz is going to make Cena say I quit and on
Wednesday I will win the lottery”
@GlamAddict4lyf “Cena’s jokes are not funny anymore… Sorry #RAW”

Match 1: United States Champion Kofi Kingston vs CM Punk.
(3 minutes, 52 seconds.)
Punk is joined by members of the new Nexus, but has them wait at
the top of the entrance ramp. They show a recap of Big Show
hitting Punk with the knockout punch last week. Match starts
off with Kofi getting in some offense and Punk rolling to the
outside. Punk comes back in and takes control, but when Punk
goes to the top rope Kofi is able to turn things around and lands
a massive cross body. Kofi lands the boom boom leg drop, but
misses trouble in paradise. Punk lands GTS and wins in 3:52.
Punk grabs the mic and says he won’t stop until Nexus is the most
dominant force the WWE Universe has ever seen.

-Good match, Kofi and Punk compliment each other well. This small
preview shows what these two could do if given a full fifteen on a

@ddw4e “This Kofi/Punk match should be good. #WWE #RAW”
@vixentye “#wwe #raw A real wrestling match on RAW.. Punk vs
Kofi… stoked!”
@PinfallMagazine “Love Punk, but letting him go over the US Champ
clean that quickly just isn’t cool. #Raw #WWE”

We see Miz backstage with Alex Riley talking to Vickie Guerrero.
[Commercial break.]

Slam of the Week airs showing Kharma destroying Eve on Raw last

Match 2: Kelly Kelly vs Brie Bella (2 minutes, 47 seconds)
Kelly Kelly comes out for a divas match, her opponent is Brie
Bella. Josh Matthews tells us tickets are on sale for WWE
Money in the Bank. Kelly starts off with the offense,
Brie takes over and Nikki gets involved behind the refs back.
Back and forth match, Kelly Kelly gets the win in 2:47 and
the Bellas attack her afterward. Kharma’s music hits and
the crowd pops. The Bellas attack Kharma but to no avail.
Kharma lands the implant buster on one, the other runs away.
Kharma then turns her attention to Kelly Kelly, gives her a
staredown then flicks her in the forehead and walks away

-Kharma is over, her entire gimmick of coming in and
destroying the divas is great plus it seems as though they’re
planning something between her and Kelly Kelly. Definitely
helps to revitalize the Divas division a little bit.

@wnewsarena “Time for some Kharma!”
@dasharpshooters “I forgot that the bella twins are divas
champion. #wwe #raw”
@TrueMaryseFan “Wonder when @Kharma will come out? …..
@thatdariachick “Kharma pretty much told Kelly, “You’re
not worth the time.”

We see the Miz backstage talking to the Big Show.
[Commercial break 2.]

We return with a promo for WWE’s film “Thats what I am.”

Match 3: Rey Mysterio vs Alberto Del Rio
(9 minutes, 24 seconds.)
Rey Mysterio comes out to a large pop from the crowd.
They show a recap of R-Truth attack Rey from behind last
week. Rey addresses the crowd and talks about Truth
losing it on him last week. He challenges Truth to come
out and face him.
[Commercial break 3.]

Back from commercial, Mysterio still waiting for Truth to come out.
Suddenly Alberto Del Rio’s music hits. He tells us his name, in
case we forgot. He calls Mysterio a chihuahua and accuses
Mysterio of costing him the match last week. Del Rio gets heat
saying he’s a true mexican unlike the people in San Antonio. They
exchange insults in Spanish, Mysterio says if R-Truth isn’t going
to show up he has no problem shutting Del Rio’s mouth. The match
is fast paced and high flying at first.
[Commercial break 4.]

When we come back and Del Rio is dominating the match.
Mysterio begins to fight back but Del Rio counters and regains
control with a near fall. Del Rio begins yanking on Mysterio’s
mask. This match carries us into the second hour of Raw. Rey
finally begins coming back, dumping Del Rio to the outside of
the ring but R-Truth interupts from in the crowd calling
Mysterio a thief because he stole Truth’s spot in last weeks
match. Mysterio hits a crossbody, Del Rio kicks out but falls
victim to a seated senton from the top rope which leads to an
attempted 619 but Ricardo Rodriguez interferes at 9:24
giving Mysterio the victory. Del Rio, however, continues to
beat down Mysterio afterwards, attempting to steal his mask,
but then leaving. R-Truth comes running out of the crowd and
gives Mysterio a major beatdown. Truth grabs a microphone
and tells Rey that “No one challenges the Truth.” And then
he tells Mysterio “This Sunday, you going to get got.”

-Del Rio and Mysterio put on a hell of a ten minute match.
These two can execute well together. The crowd was definitely
into this. The R-Truth feud with Mysterio is heating up,
and Truth is scooping up a lot of heat. Should be an
interesting match between these two.

@BryanIsWWE “#RAW I guess R-Truth isn’t here yet because we
go to commercial before Truth comes out to accept”
@OriginalKingD “Del Rio, how do I say this… I actually
wanted to see R-Truth tonight,
but I guess its latino night, can a brotha get some love #wwe”
@KiyasUniverse “English please. #WWE #Raw”
@IAmWWEman “Excellent Promo by Rey Mysterio! So much heart
put into it! Loved it!
@gimicks247 “AND THAT’S THE TRUTH!!!!! #WWE #RAW #R-TRUTH”

We see the Miz backstage talking to CM Punk and Mason Ryan.
Up next is the contract signing between Michael Cole and
Jerry Lawler.
[Commercial break 5.]

We come back and Swagger and Cole are in the ring with
Jerry Lawler, there is a table between them with the
contract on it. Cole says he will only sign the contract
if Lawler tells the people that he will give him his hall
of fame ring if he wins at Over the Limit. Both men sign
the contract but Cole says he believes in full disclosure,
says Lawler didn’t read the fine print, this match will
not be ordinary. It will be a kiss my foot match.
They show a recap of last month when Jim Ross had to kiss
Michael Cole’s foot. They show footage of the last kiss
my foot match when Bret Hart defeated Lawler. Lawler
points out that Cole is no Bret Hart, and he’s no Jack
Swagger. He says how Cole has turned Swagger from a
former world champion into a lowly sidekick. Cole
says no one even remembers Swagger being a world
champion, and that him being his sidekick is the best
thing to happen to him in his career. Swagger, visibly
angry, comes up behind Cole and gets in his face.
Swagger walks off and leaves Cole alone with Lawler.
Cole tries to back pedal out of the match, says everything
was all a joke. Cole tells Lawler he
respects him but Lawler tells him to stuff it, he then
grabs Cole’s ties and smashes him into the table.”Sunday,
I’m gonna stick my foot in your mouth and close it”
says Jerry.

-We’ve seen enough of this. The Lawler and Cole feud has
run its course. Everyone I know is hoping this ends at
Over the Limit, myself included. It isn’t intriguing,
it isn’t exciting. It is very annoying and it makes
Raw extremely difficult to watch. That being said, Cole
has a lot of heat and Lawler gets insane pops when he
takes a little action against Cole.

@WrestlingRants “This crowd, much like the rest of the
world, has lost interest in
Cole-Lawler angle.”
@WWFRAWISWAR “A Kiss my foot match ? That was almost
funny in 1995”
@Smarkingout “Kiss My Foot match? Fucking kill me now”
@Bitterforsweet “Oh fuck this.”
@WrestlingFemme “Something is terribly wrong when your
biggest heel is not even a wrestler. Oops… I meant to
say entertainer. #WWERaw”

We see Miz backstage talking to Kane, who then walks
off with Big Show.
[Commercial break 6.]

Match 4: Tag Team Champions Kane and Big Show vs
David Otunga and Michael McGillicutty
(4 minutes, 27 seconds.)
Nexus accompanies them to the ring, Kane and Big
Show look angry. The entire time Lawler keeps
telling Michael Cole to shut up. Kane and Michael
begin in the ring. Kane takes over and tags in Big
Show who begins chopping Michael with the crowd WOOing.
Otunga comes in and takes down Big Show before
tagging Michael back in. Michael gets Big Show down
and locks in a spinning toe hold but Big Show counters
with a boot to the face. Big Show finally gets the tag
to Kane who comes in and cleans house. Otunga runs in but
catches a boot to the face, Mason Ryan hops in, but rolls
out of the ring and gets hit by Big Show. While the ref
is distracted, CM Punk hits Kane and costs
them the match in 4:27

-Formulaic match, not much thought put into it. Decent
enough to watch, though predictable and just to setup
Nexus vs Kane and Big Show on Sunday. Definitely
strange seeing Big Show as the victim in this match.

@neur0tica “Is #WWE trying to see how bad they can make
things tonight? I mean, why do I
have to watch Otunga/McG/Show? I’d almost rather see
Cena. #raw”
@thatdariachick “Can it be? Otunga is actually wrestling?”
@TheHistoryofWWE “Me thinks the company has some big
plans for Mason Ryan #WWE #Raw”
@JohnReport “Got to love how Big Show is the babyface
in peril in this match. He’s such an underdog haha.”
@Mr_Oh_So_Pretty “Well, this Nexus vs Show/Kane match should
be interesting. Can’t wait to see Over the Limit. #wwe is
really putting on a great show”

We see Miz backstage talking to R-Truth.
[Commercial break 7.]

We come back and they have a little promo for WWE Over
the Limit. Kane and Big Show are backstage getting
interviewed. Big Show says the loss doesn’t change
anything and they’re still going to win at Over the
Limit. Kane says Punk is in all his glory, but
Sunday will be his, and all of Nexus’ annihilation.

We see John Cena walking to the ring. Zak Ryder is
there, and he gives Cena a t-shirt.
[Commercial break 8.]

We come back to a recap of John Cena beating down Alex
Riley from last week. Miz’s music plays, he and Alex
come out to the entrance ramp. Miz says he has decided
that tonights main event will be a No Holds Barred match.
He then tells Cena to come out, and Cena complies.
Jack Swagger comes running out and beats down Cena, at which
point Miz says this is his oponent tonight.

Match 5: Jack Swagger vs John Cena. (11 minutes and 19 seconds.)
Swagger throws Cena in the ring and begins beating him down in
the corner. Swagger continues the beatdown, Cena fights back
long enough to get his t-shirt off but then Swagger takes over
again. Very loud chants in the crowd, battling between “Lets go
Cena” and “Cena sucks.”
[Commercial break 9.]

We come back from the break and Swagger has Cena down on
the mat. Miz and Riley continue to watch from the entrance
ramp. The match moves to the outside of the ring where
Swagger throws Cena into the barrier where he’s pulled the
padding off the metal. He rolls Cena back in the ring for
the nearfall. Swagger grabs a chair and whacks Cena hard on
the back. Cena kicks out at 2. Swagger lands the Swagger
bomb on Cena who has a chair draped across his chest but
still only a 2 count. Cena begins fighting back but Swagger
catches him and drops him on his face. Swagger locks in
the ankle lock but Cena gets out of it and then Swagger
runs himself into a chair in the corner. Cena begins his
five moves of doom and lands the five knuckle shuffle. Cena
goes for the Attitude Adjustment, lands it, locks in the
STF and Swagger taps at 11:19.

Miz gets on the mic and tells Cena to cherish the victory
because Sunday he’ll be feeling regret, emptiness and
disappointment. Miz tells Cena he could do many things to
him, and then begins slamming a camera into the ramp as an
example. He sends Riley to find something useful, which
turns out to be a pipe from under the ring. Miz says he’s
found a way to make Cena tap out that Cena hasn’t ever seen
before. He guarentees he will be the new WWE Champion Sunday.
Miz gets in the ring and begins beating down Cena with the
pipe. Cena fights back and beats down Miz and Riley. Cena
grabs the mic and tells the Miz he has a hurting coming and
at Over the Limit he will say “I quit.”

-Good match between Swagger and Cena. Intense and brutal,
Swagger can realy bring it when he wants to. The chairshots
were nice for a a Raw main event, even if the ending was
predictable. Miz continues to get better and better on the
microphone and though I don’t know anyone who has even the
slightest doubt that Cena will win this Sunday, they did an
excellent job of making you want to pay to see the match.

Decent edition of Raw, had it’s ups and down.
3 out of a possible 5 stars.

@PhoenixLives_ “Swagger really? Lol”
@Lagana “So they turned Swagger on Cole only to have him
work with Cena? #IWantWrestling”
@FearlessRiOT “[gasp] Swagger broke The Cena Sequence!
Reward him with something! #WWE #RAW”
@Michael_Serio “FFS, Cena. Learn to sell an injury,
fuckface. #WWE #Raw”
@HeadshotZombie “Really? Whose dick is Cena sucking off to
be able to be winning all matches
like this and being in the main event all the time #WWE #RAW”


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